I Love Dirty Phone Talk

dirty phone talkI love dirty phone talk. That is why my daughter suggested I became a phone whore. I was talking dirty with daddy in the 80s when I went to college. This was way before cell phones and video cam. I lived in a sorority house that had a pay phone booth. It was in a little closet on the first floor. We signed up for time slots and used calling cards to pay for our calls or called collect. I called collect and talked to my daddy as a college coed about how much I missed his cock. While my sorority sisters were waiting to talk to their parents about classes and such, I was masturbating with my dad. Flash forward several decades and now I am dirty talking to men half my age pretending to be their mommy. I have decades experience talking dirty from daddy to my son who is over seas. Just now I earn money being one of the many dirty talking women on the Internet. I love it. Modern technology allows me to talk to men like you naked from my bedroom. If my daddy was still alive, I would make sure he knew that he was the inspiration for my new job.

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