Incest dirty phone talk Carmen

dirty phone talkWhen I was 36 I discovered I had a life that made me perfect for dirty phone talk. I had lived a life that had changed my perkey C cup tist into DD mommy milkers. My barbell nipple piercings long removed from my young days as I had brats to feed. I was once a small gymnastics fiend, and now my body was rounder and my tattoos covered stretch marks. I was with a hardcore Dominant man at the time he was fifty five and enjoyed hearing about my young incest days. I was into anal as a teen and would give my ass to my own daddy. Sure, I would have to make excuses why I had to go with daddy everywhere he went, but he would always stop by this abandoned barn to fuck my tight girl ass hole! We Would watch porn and I always ended up with him pounding my ass and jizzing straight down my throat tasting my own ass juices, How is that for some ass to mouth!

Dirty talking women have incest pasts!

So yeah I was a young incest whore. I was being fiercely dominated and doing age play with much older men. Until my own sluts got old enough to draw attention. Punishment nights were full of him humiliating me and telling me what a dirty cokc slut I was for being addicted to my own daddies molesting cock! My son was nineteen at the time and he would come and stay with us every other weekend. And the day came that my Old man boyfriend caught me in video surveillance fucking my son! He had enough of my filthy pervert ways and told me I had to stop fucking my son. Long story short I still fuck my son but now I tell every man what a filthy incest mommy phone sex whore I am!

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