It was the best movie date ever!

dirty talking womenDaddy bought me and my friend tickets to go watch a movie at this awesome theater. It was super fancy with reclining seats and small rooms so it was like really private too… but the movie sucked and we were bored as hell real quick. Well, what were we supposed to do? Just sit there being bored? Fuck that! We started making out instead! Next thing I knew we were on the floor, half naked licking each others pussies and cumming all over the place! It was way better than that boring movie, that’s for sure. I think daddy did it on purpose tho cus when we came back to my house he asked us what how the movie was… and he was not surprised at all when we told him all the naughty things we did. In fact, it turned him on so much that he had to fuck us both right there and then!

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