Lady In The Streets, Freak In The Sheets

dirty talking women

You’ve seen dirty talking women like me in your magazines; I could not be any more God damn sexy…Oh, but God, when I am being pounded so good all I can scream “Oh God YESSSSSSSS!” How can this feel so good? I’ve got the prettiest, pinkest pussy around and I can’t wait to fuck over and over again. You want me, I know you do, and I want you, I will do anything for that dick, you know it’s true. I’m a perfect girl next door kinda woman to everyone who doesn’t really know me, but you know me. You know how wet I get as soon as I hear your breathing get harder, how horny you make me when you tell me to call you “Yes Sir.” You don’t find a woman like me every day, I am the type of woman you can bring home, and fuck the shit out of for hours on end. My sex drive in endless, and I am shameless, with all my dirty thoughts. You want me to call you Daddy? No problem. You want to spread my legs wide and shove your dick into this tight pink pussy? I can’t wait!

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