Lets Get Wild Tonight


Dirty phone talk

Let me be your nasty slut I will be the one that you can fuck me in my soaking wet asshole you can tell me whatever I will believe it that’s just how gullible I am. I like to be loved hard. I like big fat dicks running straight down my throat I can take it yes I can. I love black dicks white dicks Spanish Dick I will even suck a Chinaman I don’t care what anyone thinks I’m nasty. I’m a fucking cum guzzling slut you can know it for sure I’ll let you down pure cum inside of my body over and over you and all your friends. Pull my hair slap my face make me feel like you’re going to go insane that’s what makes my pussy soaking wet. I am your lot lizard, and I love being that way. Slap me with your dick and then shove it down my throat. I like that kind of treatment. I’m an everything goes whore I will eat your wife’s hot cunt if you want me to a fucking pussy slut. Feed me dick’s feed me big fat football player cocks I want more I want them all night long. I like wearing no panties when I’m around all of the guys they need easy access so why give it to them. I’m wet I’m ready I’m so motherfucking horny I need cock I need so much cock right now.

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