Like Dirty Talking Women? Call Ellen!

Dirty Talking Women

Oh you like Dirty Talking Women? Well lucky for you I am a trashy dirty fucking whore. I have a nasty mouth that needs to be filled with a big hard cock. Is it my lucky day too? D you have a nice thick cock for me to suck on and make all slobbery? Oh yes baby I want your cock deep down my throat! Fuck me till I puke on your cock and watch me lick it all up! Oopps.. I puked chunks of my mcdouble on your cock..

No limits phone sex

hmm second lunch for me! Let me lick it up and chew all of those chunks up.. ooo I think some went down into your ass crack.. spread your dirty ass cheeks and let me lick that puke out of your ass crack.. Oopps my tongue slipped into your asshole. I can feel your cock throbbing a sI lick my vomit out of your asshole.. Your asshole is crusted with dry shit and has my vomit all over it.. I’m going to be down here a while cleaning you up.. why don’t you just use me as your toilet whore while  I clean you up! I told I was dirty.. hehe like me? Then make me puke on your cock!

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