Married couples yum

dirty phone talk 

  I love going to the bars and picking up married couples. Married couples are why I love being a whore, the experience for them is new, scary, fun super exciting when the wife gets her pussy eaten for the first time by a woman its just pure creamy pussy I drip. Last night was so much fun, we were dancing and she seemed so dirty but innocent all at the same time I saw her ring finger had a rind and I was some what upset I wanted this girl all to myself for the night, well he ended up making the night special. They had talked about picking a woman up sometime when they were ready .. Well she was ready and it was the perfect time,  we drank, went dancing and then they bought a hotel on the beach for us it was beautiful. They were some what shy but the liquor helped. We stripped each other and they started to kiss they pulled me in and just started to fill all over my body Vanessa’s humor, about this happening was cute and witty and it just turned me on even more she was so open to having a woman feel on her and fuck her. We all had amazing night they both were amazing in bed. Van felt that she was not satisfying me by never being with a woman but her husband and I guided her teaching her was the best part of might. She is now a pro at eating and finger fucking pussy. We both got our assess bent over her husband banged our pussy’s until he came all over our titties. Messy night, and morning but amazing.

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