Mean Mommy Dirty Phone Talk

dirty phone talk

I can be a very mean dirty phone talk mommy. Little Elisa had brought me her little boy toy flavor of the week. Such A cute and sexy blonde I wanted to leave a good impression on my new young teen. I took John by his hand and whispered to meet me in my hot tub in five minutes. My tits almost in his face and my hands grabbing him to make him harden. I told him not to worry as Elisa would be shopping and never know anything. That sexy young man was naked in the water before I could lock the doors. I stripped bare right there and slipped in the water as well. My mommy tits engulfed him as I began to jack his sweet young fuckmeat under the water. My Elisa sprung open the door and demanded what the hell was going on. Poor John Tried to get away from me but I wouldn’t stop toying with his dick.

My Blonde tiny girl jumped in after shedding all her clothes. That body and bald cunt had this mommy pussy dripping. I abandoned Johns dick and pulled Elisa in for a deep tongue kiss. My fingers spreading her fat baby girl cunt to diddle her clit. I sat her on the side of the tub and laid her back and began licking her sweet teen phone sex snatch. John had his dick in his hand creeping closer. Oh, but this mommy had his teen girlfriend so preoccupied he wasn’t getting any attention. That sweet hairless cunt fit so good around my fingers as I pumped and pumped her little pussy. Her moans made me fuck her even harder. Poor John wanted to stick his dick in a hole but I enjoyed teasing him while getting my cunny fix. My face was glazed by young pussy juice I told John It was time to go. His face was priceless as he quickly made an exit. I whispered to Elisa as she left that he would surely last more than four minutes tonight just keep teasing him! Don’t you love a good mommy fuck to teach the boys a dick lesson? teen phone sex


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