Meet a Dirty Talking Asian

dirty talking womenTime for a slow sensual massage and a dirty talking Asian. Let my soft voice wash over you as I slide a finger into your ass, reaching for that secret place. I am trained in erotic arts and edging. Relax and enjoy some rimming and prostate play. Bring your favorite toy and probe that puckered hole as I instruct you in reaching your ultimate release.

 Let me bathe you, washing your cock and balls gently. I slowly stroke the flesh between them, making your cock jerk. My soapy finger touches your starfish and I press the tip inside. Your moan makes me wet and I press gently until your inner muscle relaxes. I move just a bit faster, reaching inward as you stroke your cock slowly. I find your secret place, your man clit. It throbs under my touch, craving the attention. I place my tongue to the tip of your cock, tasting your pre-cum. I watch your face as I take it all into my mouth and begin to move my finger in unison with my tongue. I hear you gasp as the feelings overcome you and your hips buck wildly. With loud moans, you fill my hot little Asian mouth with gushes of fuck sauce.

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