Milfs are Dirty Talking women

Dirty Talking Women

Dirty talking women are hot fucking milfs with a wild side. I might be a sub in the BDSM dynamic for most men, but I have my daughter on a tight leash! I have learned to swing a flogger and make her into the best slut! She does everything I tell her and isn’t afraid to get her face wet in my pussy! AM I a p-mommy yes, I am. Am I a mean mommy, I can be. If my little whores don’t perform I make sure they get the beatings they deserve. Cock pleasing is the only thing they are good for, and yes that includes my boy. I am setting my offspring up for a better life. I want little porn stars and sex workers. The good kind that have exceptional skills that will set them for life. Dirty phone talk makes mommy a living but the sex acts they perform help keep me in that good dope and my body on fire for them. And my motto is if a man wants something he will get it. The younger the more he is willing to pay. My older girl has to be very kinky like me to have men pay for her young cunt! I love piss play and bondage and being a bukkake whore. And she is following in my very whorish footsteps. I will be forever grateful for the John who told me to make a teen daughter a slave 24/7. Men Love a submissive pet who is very obedient. I wanted to be owned like her in my younger years but ended up knocked up and had to change the course of my submissiveness. So I began to whore my body to hot men who needed a sometime subby milf. And now my brats will be the best sexual performers ever!

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