My dirty little secret

Dirty Talking Women

I’m going to let you guys on a little secret of mine. That secret is that looks can be deceiving. I know that I look like a nice, innocent, young woman that you can take advantage of, but deep down I truly am a complete slut. You think that you talked me in to sucking your dick until you fill my pretty little mouth up with cum, but really, I love every minute of it. I’m the perfect woman for you. On the outside you see my cute innocent smile as I’m about to take your throbbing cock in to my mouth, but really I’m smiling about how not only am I going to get all of my holes filled up and fucked hard, but there is also the thought that crossed my mind of how you will offer to pay my rent next month because you want to feel my tight little asshole milk all of the cum out of your cock. But hey, if we are both satisfied, what’s the harm? What sort of naughty things would you like to do with my tiny teeny body? Don’t make me wait too long before you call and tell me!

No limits phone sex

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