My Dirty Phone Talk Will Get You Off

Dirty Talking WomenBaby what you need is some dirty talking women to get you through this whole quarantine mess. Anna loves to get down and dirty with you. I would love to talk to you about all the naughty things I would like to do to you. Let’s say I saw you out at a bar and your big fat bulge caught my eye. I would definitely make eye contact with you and casually and “accidentally” brush up against you. Flirting with you until you followed me to a dark corner or a far back table. I would start rubbing your fat cock until it was busting out of your pants. Then I would unleash that monster and jack you off right at the table. When you were about to cum, I would slowly lower my head and finish you off, taking all of your salty warm load into my mouth just like the nasty girl that I am. I wouldn’t be finished with you yet though. I would get you hard again and then take your hand and lead you into a dark corner or even the bathroom stall. We would unbuckle your pants and I would pull up my skirt and move my panties over, exposing my wet bald pussy. You could lift me onto your rock-hard cock, and I could ride you in front of everyone or maybe you would take me to a stall and bend me over and take me from behind. It wouldn’t matter which way you fucked me, we would both be so turned on by the public display that we would cum so hard and so fast. When we were done, I would pull my panties up, feeling your load leak from my sweet hole and rub against my clit, making me even hornier. We would part ways, but I would be back for round two in just a little while. If you love dirty phone talk then you will definitely love me.

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