My silent Assistant

Dirty Talking Women

Looking at me, you probably wouldn’t think that this simple single mommy loves to talk dirty on the phone!  Well maybe you can and I don’t give a fuck. I love to fuck and getting paid to fuck is so amazing! Laying on my king size bed all day long. Toys all around me and lube close by. I am always ready for a naughty boy to who wants to be punished by his mean mommy. When those phones don’t ring, my own son likes to play too. He loves to forced to lick my pussy as I talk dirty! I can talk dirty for hours just sitting on my boys face letting him lick my pussy till he gets lock jaw! HAHA I am such a naughty Mommy, I just can’t help myself! I am always so horny! I always want to have a nice big thick cock inside of me! My boy’s cock, well it isn’t very good but it does feel so good when he rubs his little dick against my clit! My boy knows how much I like to cum and he loves to make his mommy cum so hard! He is my perfect little assistant when I have my dirty talking sessions! He does anything and everything for his mommy.  When that phone rings he is silent! But he is there, sucking on my titties, rubbing his tiny cock and licking my pussy. He is the best! 

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