Our sons love dirty talking women like us

dirty talking womenMary Anne and I have two things in common; we’re both dirty talking women and we both love to fuck our sons more than anything in the world. Yesterday those two things came together in a day filled with fucking, it was honestly the best day ever! See, Mary Anne and I got together for a little play date with our boys, it started out just for fun the boys were playing in the backyard and we were just talking but eventually the talk turned dirty and that got the boys attention quick. We were discussing all the filthy things we like to do to our sons, you know all the usual things like sucking their cocks and teaching them how to fuck our juicy mommy cunts. We didn’t even notice the boys listening at first but once they started pulling out those little boy cocks and stroking them we sure paid attention to that! We decided to switch things up a little and swap boys for the day, I got to fuck hers and she got to fuck mine. It turned into a mommy son orgy and we loved it! We are definitely gonna have to do this again real soon!

dirty phone talk

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