P-momma dirty phone talk

dirty phone talk

Dirty phone talk with a nasty p mommy turned p- granny. I raised my daughters right and now they have provided me with some sweet little cunny and dicklettes to play with and sell to men for drugs! I work these lines to get close to my perverts and sickos. I will be your sexy naughty Gilf to guide you cocks right in sweet tight holes. I know what men like you need. A druggy whore to get real nasty with. I specialize in toilet play, K-9 freaky shit and men who need it rough and sadistic with some little brats from the wrong side of the tracks. What does your cock need today? Does it need a very raunchy session with the a p-mommy of dirty talking women? 


My daughters keep popping brats out and they have mouths that need to be fed. 


And how we feed them is all up to you. I love dressing them up and seducing men at the grocery store and at the discount clothing places. 


Imagine how insane our conversations can get as your jacking that p-cock to our fantasy roleplays. Or maybe you’re into an older woman who just loves to smoke meth and talk about her experiences growing up in the deep south and breeding all these sweet fuck dolls. I know your probably wondering about me and my sons and if any of these sweet bratkins are a product of mommy son incest fucking. Short answer is yes and i would love to tell you about it in a kinky phone sex session with sexy older Momma Carmen! 

Mommy and son, mommy and daughters, family orgies and everything in between to get you a big fat dick off for me tonight. What’s your fantasy baby? Nasty Momma Carmen can make it all better!

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