Pervert loves dirty talking women

dirty talking womenThis pervert near me loves dirty talking women, I know that because he is always listening just outside my window when I am doing calls in here. I talk about some pretty kinky things so he must be a pervert just like me or he wouldn’t keep on coming back. I was tired of getting peeped on tho, I wanted him to come right out with it and ask me to talk dirty to him. I knew that I was going to have to “catch” him at it and invite him in so I pretended to be on a raunchy call to peak his interest. t worked, he snuck over and I was there waiting for him. He tried to run but I grabbed his hand and led him inside and once I saw him in the light it was clear to me that this was no man, this was a barely 18 year old boy! He was just curious about sex, that was all so I invited him in and gave him some experience. I sucked that young cock and clearly no one had ever done that before because he came almost immediately. His young cock stayed hard tho so I showed him how to fuck me. I told him afterwords that he could come by and listen in any time he wanted, maybe he will learn something good, you think?

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