Pull my hair and fuck me

Dirty talking women

I’m naturally a submissive. Being dominated by someone stronger and powerful makes my pussy drip. I love it when Daddy roughs me up when he fucks me. I don’t want gentle romantic sex, I want to be fucked like a bitch in heat. Leave scratches, bruises, and bite marks on me. It’s so hot when Daddy grabs me by the hair and roughly bends me over and jams his cock into one of my holes. He can fuck my pussy or my ass, the choice is his. He snatches me by the back of my hair so I keep my back arched sexily like a good little slut. If I start to lose posture, he gives my hair another yank until I’m back in position. Don’t worry about hurting me, I don’t mind. The rougher you are with me, the wetter my cunt will be.

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