Sadistic Dirty Talking Women

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be sadistic bitches too. I do more than dirty talk, I encourage bad behavior. When John called me, he had castration fantasies. I wanted him to get rid of his nuts. He sent me pictures of his junk. He had bells around his balls and a fucking bow on his cock. He made it look like it was a fucking present, but it was a joke. The pathetic loser actually believed he had something I would want to fuck. His fantasy was out there. He thought I would be like a praying mantis. I would fuck him and bite his balls off. I wouldn’t put my lips around his tiny balls if he paid me. I don’t fuck losers and losers put bows on their stupid little dicks. I hurled a ton of small dick humiliation jokes at him. I told him he was worthless and there was no way he was worthy to be in my sadistic snatch. By the time I was done with him he was asking how he could castrate himself. I had him convinced that he had no right to have testicles. Without balls, he couldn’t reproduce. He sent me a time stamped photo holding his gnarly balls. Made my day to know a pathetic loser finally understood he should be without balls.

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