Sleepless nights..

Dirty Talking Women

Last night I woke up from a very weird dream. I had to go check on my girls. Make sure they were safe and sound in their beds, having sweet dreams. I love my little angles, I kissed each one of their heads and went back to my bed. I couldn’t fall asleep. I laid there thinking. Thinking about how different things would be if I had boys. Wondering how big their cocks would be. Would they be blessed like my side of the family? Would they have nice big cocks like my male family members? My train of thought went another way, I started thinking about each family member I have fucked and who the best one was.. My grandpa had a nice thick cock, but he just jammed it in my mouth a few times. My cousin’s had nice thick dicks. Oh god I loved it when they would share me. Having both of them inside of me at the same time. Just thinking about it was getting me to the edge. I started rubbing my clit and finger fucking my pussy. I started to cum when I thought about my daddy and his big cock. I squirted all over my bed when I reminisced about feeling him cum inside of me. Next thing I knew my angles were quietly talking about how mommy wet the bed.. I giggled to myself as they crawled in with me!

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