Sophisticated Dirty Phone Talk

dirty phone talk

Hey lover. Are you in the mood for some Saturday evening dirty phone talk? I sure am! It was a long week and I’m ready to unwind with you and relax a little bit. I’m not really sure what I am in the mood for, but maybe we can brainstorm and figure out what would get us both really excited. Do you like role playing? I do, and I bet we could find one that would get your motor running, too. Mmm there are so many different options that we can explore. Would you like to go on a journey with me?
We could pretend I’m the girl next door and you’re the dirty old man who has been spying on me for years. That could be so much fun. Or maybe you want to indulge in some family fun. That’s so taboo and always makes me feel like a naughty slut…and I like it. How about I’m the naughty nurse who comes in to give you that special kind of exam? I’m giddy just thinking of all the fun things we can do when you call me. Let me know what turns you on and we can get down to business.

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