Subby Lil Cocksucker

dirty talking women

He says he likes “dirty talking women” So I promise to say every disgusting fucking thing he wants me to say. I gargled on his cock  all night long while he rode my face and I told him how much of a dirty fucking whore I am while his balls pounded on my throat making me choke on that dick of his. He moved down my body and shoved his dick all the way up my asshole and then pushed his entire fist into my pussy without easing in or anything! My tight little whore cunt stung painfully as it spread out around his fist. But fuck, when he started to pump his hand in and out along with his cock plunging in my asshole, I was moaning and screaming for more!  He slapped my face and fucked me harder calling me a nasty prostitute whore and I felt myself cum hard on his dick and he laughed knowing I loved every second of being treated like this.

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