Submissive Dirty Phone Talk

Dirty Phone Talk
Dirty talking women tend to come with a price; I don’t. Master owns me, and I do whatever he says, whenever he says it. This year for Mother’s Day, Master gifted me to his beloved Mommy. She was a wanton old Domme who loves nothing more than to torment me sexually.

I’ve been a favorite toy of hers for several years; I’m obedient, with a clean fresh cunt, a tolerance to the pain, and a drive to serve deeper than any she’d seen before. Her sloppy old hairy pussy was so fucking delighted when Master brought me over in my cage, chained and collared like the good little kitten I am.

She immediately set me to cleaning up her cunt, and I used my tongue to make her cum once, and then again all over my slutty little face. Master just watched, stroking his cock as his pet fucked his Mother. I had two fingers furiously sliding in and out of her tight fucking snatch while I was sucking and nibbling on her clit.

She was writhing, ready to squirt right in my mouth when Master demanded I stop.

I did, so she slapped me and commanded me to keep going, so I did. Right before she came, Master made me stop again. Again, she slapped me harder, and made me continue.

He edged his Mommy using his little whore until I finally made her explode in the hot little way that he wanted.
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