Submissive Dirty Talking Women

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be submissive whores too. In fact, I will argue we make the best dirty talkers because we add on yes sir or yes daddy. I have a real-life master and many phone ones. I have a phone daddy that loves to hear my dirty mouth for hours. I must tell him detailed stories of when my own father abused me as a young girl. It gets his cock hard to hear the fear in my voice as I recount being daddy’s slave. Daddy was my first master. He is the reason I am a submissive whore. My phone master beats his dick as I tell him about the first-time daddy took my ass. I remember the night like it was yesterday, and I am 42.  Daddy was drunk. I could smell him before he came into my room. I pretended to be asleep because he scared me. I could hear him grunting. I knew he was playing with himself. I held my eyes tight as he pulled the covers off me. I was scared. I curled up in a ball, but nothing stopped daddy. He ripped my panties off and got on top of me. He forced his big dick into my tiny asshole because he didn’t want to get me pregnant. He was grunting like a pig. He passed out on me. I pushed him off me and slept the rest of the night in the bathtub. I was sore and bleeding. I was scared. Scared of my own father. That night was the first of many. I got less scared of daddy as the months passed, but I was not his daughter anymore. I was just his whore and his punching bag. Daddy used me for his pleasure. I ran away from home eventually. Ran right into the arms of men just like daddy. Now, I am your whore.

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