Submissive Dirty Talking Women

dirty talking women

Hello, Sir. I know that I’m submissive, but I’m also one of the nastiest dirty talking women you’ll ever find. It’s honestly usually my mouth that gets me into trouble with my Master the most often. He tells me that sometimes he hears me talking to you guys on the phone and it makes him mad. He allows me to do it since it makes money for him, but that he doesn’t want to hear any of the filth coming out of my mouth. As you know, sometimes I get a little too excited and get loud. I can’t help it. I just want to do a good job and earn money for Master. After I’m done taking calls for the night, I always ask Master if I’ve been too loud. I am starting to think that he always says yes just so he can spank me or punish me in other ways. Because even when I know I’m doing my best to remain quiet enough so that he can’t hear me, he still says that he could. I think he stands outside the door with his ear pressed up against it so he can hear me moaning and talking dirty. Do you wanna be the reason I get punished today?

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