Submissive Mommy For Erotic Dirty Phone Talk

Dirty Phone talk

Your dirty phone talk Mommy whore has some Halloween adventures for you! This time last year I was a tied up slave and I loved it! I had gotten excited about my super girl outfit and was eager to show it off. So I made a little harvest pre Halloween party for my little ones. My daughter was a cat woman. Her little latex outfit was the tightest and the sexiest I had ever seen. My son was a little red riding hood, he was the doll of the party. Now, I know Halloween is for the littles but my brats were the only young ones this night. I had men from all over town excited to see my living dolls. Mommy was quite proud of the turn out. Now I know what your thinking, I had not planned on all of them fucking my little ones. This was a little show and tell and to put feelers out to the p-daddy community. I was without a master, and I need a master who won’t mind my own P-mom ideals. 

Well, I got mouthy at one point with a real Master, I had consumed too much tequila toward the end of the party. Four men were left and the night was young. This Dom man didn’t like dirty talking women and he slapped me hard. My pussy convulsed and I went on my knees instinctively. This man took control, the other men were told to leave as he was handling the situation now! They were reluctant and offered money to watch my submissive ways. An hour was paid for and I was tied up and made to service not one but four cocks. My son and daughter were watching the entire thing with mouths full of caramel apples. I will never forget the awe in each of my offspring’s eyes as Super girl took four cum loads and was begging for more! I know you want to know what happened after that hour was up, and i am ready to tell my erotic sex stories with you!

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