Sweetly Cruel Mommy dirty phone talk

dirty phone talk

I am a sweetly cruel P-mommy who loves dirty phone talk. Every fantasy is okay here with mommy Carmen! I love to humiliate and make grown men my sissies for mommy milk. Yes, my breast are full of milk from my littles and yes you can have some. I will even let you play with my littles if I deem you worthy my love.

My soft curvy body is very inviting for males of all ages and I do love my little boys and girls just as much as my grown men and women. But let’s be honest sometimes you need a cruel mommy to nurture your sissy faggy ways. I will make you take my brats and do things you never dreamed of. You might have thought once or twice but in my world of fantasy, everything becomes alive for you!

Dirty talking women come in all forms and I fucking love taking out my toy box and making myself cum as I make you my sweet sissy boy baby. Or I will cum telling you the nasty things I and my brats get into! I love licking cunny and sucking dickie. I would love to make you do the same pervert p-man things as you are under my mommy control.

I am very much a real and luscious mommy! My curves invite you in and my legs lock around you so you will stay between my legs until you give up that cum juice for Miz carmen. I know I seem centered on my own cum needs. But really is that all bad. I get off to some dirty shit and I think mommy should always cum first, Don’t worry mommy will always make sure her sexy boys’ cum for me! I await my nasty and naughty boys!

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