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Dirty Talking Women Are Family Sluts!

Dirty Talking Women

Have you ever had a filthy family fantasy? I have them all the time, I love thinking about daddy’s hard cock sliding into my wet thirsty cunny, or thinking about my brother and sister sharing my holes and making them cum for me. My mommy has the wettest pussy and daddy loves fucking her right there in front of us while we play with each other and have a hot nasty family orgy. Teaching my little sister how to properly drain daddy’s balls was one of my favorite memories with my family, she started sucking cock like a pro when I taught her on our brothers cock too. If you love thinking about all the naughty family fun I do, call me! I’m your incest phone sex princess who can’t get enough family cock!


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dirty talking women want to be fucked hard

dirty talking women

I am so sick of not getting dicked down right. I want to be the true dirty talking women who don’t fear voicing her feelings. I want to be fucked like a slut and be used as a cum fuck.

Im sick of these prim and proper men putting on a show and only trying to get to bed and fuck me like some simple girl. Im a slut who wants to be wine and dined but wants to be fucked like a rockstar.

I’m all in for some entertaining dirty adventures. I want to be a bukkake slut and have a couple of guys fuck me and run a train on me. I am too sophisticated for that, but sometimes a lady wants to be a slut. I’m in that kind of mood tonight and won’t be accepting anything but the best cocks deep inside me.

I do not want anyone minute, man. Give me cock like my life depended on it, and im going to be ready to climax all over the place.


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dirty talking women are hot

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women love to fuck, and I am no different. I am currently fucking my brother-in-law and my father-in-law. im so tired of my husband staying out in the office. the fucker is probably cheating on me. My husband constantly shames me for being a former stripper. I want to show him that I can do what I want, and if he doesn’t like it, he can go to hell. I won’t stop whoring.

My pussy comes first, and it is all that will rule my life. I can fuck my brother-in-law and father-in-law because they know how to give me attention, and that’s what I want over everything.

My husband has no clue, but to be honest, his dad’s dick is the best its so thick and shoots so much cum, and I love to lick it and swallow it and juggle it in my mouth.

I love being a cheating slut and won’t ever stop.

Let me be a little cheating whore and take every cock in sight till I am pleased to the max.


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dirty talking women know how to fuck

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women know how to fuck. I’m such a good slut that I can show you why I am a freaky whore in an instant second. My dad came over with his friends, and I did what I knew best. I got right front and center of them and began to undress. Daddy kept telling me to go ahead and strip down and finger fuck myself. I won’t deny the satisfaction that completely took over was hypnotizing.

My pretty wet cunt on display is quite the view. My asshole next, I must show my tight ass for everyone to see. I slip a finger inside my butthole, and then I drop a second—a third one and then a fourth one. Before I know it, my whole fist is deep in my ass. Who would have even considered a sweet petite princess could do something so raunchy and nasty.

I enjoy the attention and will keep going till my pussy and ass and mouth can take no more. It is like the best feeling ever to orgasm like a whore like me.


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Dirty Phone Talk From Teen Slut Summer

Dirty Phone Talk

I’d just finished some hot dirty phone talk. My fingers kept rubbing my clit even though I knew I should stop. I was playing with fire, way too close to the edge of squirting all over my sheets. But it felt so good and my teen slut body was just so horny!

What I needed was a cock, but it was so late and none of my usual fuck buddies were answering my texts. So I laid back on the pillow and ran my soft fingertips down my body to tweak my pretty pink nipples, and to dip slowly below my panty line.

Teasing my body to life, I was so close to cumming when my phone rang. It was so hard to rip my hand away, but that lucky pervert was going to listen to a sexy little teen cum all over, and he was going to like it.

I was in luck because he wanted to do a sexy pussy eating fantasy. I threw my head back, and enjoyed every flick of his tongue and the taunting of his breathy voice in my ear. When i came, it gushed out of my hole and made a huge mess all over my bed.

He said that’s what he calls the good use of a phone sex special.

Teen Phone Sex

Teen Slut, Summer

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Dirty Talking Women With No Limits

dirty talking women

When you think of dirty talking women, I hope that my name is at the top of that list. You know that I like to push your limits and get you to do things you never thought you’d do in a million years. Just when you think you’ve gotten so kinky that I might not be cool talking about it – think again. I think you should add a little more to it. Make it nastier. I don’t think you can be too extreme for me. I do love it when guys call me and try, though. Sometimes they teach me, but sometimes I teach them.

I gotta say that I love talking to guys who are new to the kinky lifestyle. Maybe you have just given into one of your longtime desires and you want to talk to someone about it… that’s what I love! Have you just decided to be a full time sissy? Did you finally say yes when your wife asked if you wanted to eat another man’s cum from her pussy? I love all of that and then some. If you like them dirty, wild, and ready to push limits, then get on the phone and say hi!


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Party Cum Whore

dirty talking womenI remembering meeting him at a party, they told us to play truth or dare but without the truth. Every ball into every cup and the hotter it would get. I soon lost my panties and my top before being forced to crawl around on my hands and knees for him and his friends. I was used all night as a toy. He threw me over his lap and pushed my head into the floor as he spanked me until I was crying and begging and until my pussy was dripping so wet. He caught me in the bathroom trying to get myself off but I wasn’t allowed to cum unless it was him making me scream in pleasure. I had my hands tied behind my back as his friends circled around me with their hard cocks out. I sucked them all off and swallowed all of their cum loads until finally, he took me over to the bed as they all watched. I had been humiliated, taunted, and degraded all night long by them and him. I have bent over again and told to finger myself for them. My finger pulled out every time with more of my wet arousal every time. I tried to rub myself off but he wouldn’t let me cum. His cock was hard and soon forced down my throat as I choked and swallowed. I was untied and massaging his balls to build up his explosion. I knew the night was far from over, no one was finished using me as a sexy cum dumpster. I was fucked by every single one of them. My count was dripping wet in my horny juices and their cum, still not allowed to cum. Finally, he laid me on the bed and toyed, pinched, and pulled on my nipples. I felt him force his cock into me hard and fast. I finally screamed in pleasure as he fucked me into the bed. I felt myself cum so fast as he held me down by my throat and fucked me like he’s hated me for years. I came again and again against him and all over his cock until I was squirting.

Dirty Talking Women Chloe

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Dirty Talking Women Train Sissies

Dirty Talking Women
Honestly I know you love degradation at the hands of dirty talking women. It’s there, written all over your face. You’re desperate to be told you’re a little dick loser who has absolutely no chance at pleasing any woman, especially me. I’m a cock size queen and you evidently are just not up to snuff.

Then again, you knew that when you called me, didn’t you? Such a sweet sissyish boy. You make me want to pull out a pair of my dirty lace panties and tuck that oversized clitty in. You may need stockings, a garter belt, and of course a brassiere. No femme fag is complete without those. Oh and heels! Make up! We’ll skip the wig for now.

You’re going to have to earn it. I don’t just give things away to sissy gay boys. You have to pay to play.

Sissy Trainer Reesa

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Dirty Talking Women In Charge

dirty talking women

I can’t believe that there are still sissies out there who have never sucked a real cock.  Strap-ons absolutely do not count and there’s no way you are a good cock sucking slut unless you’ve had a real one shoot a juicy load down your throat.  I would absolutely love to see a sissy whore get all dressed up and then go down to a truck stop and see if she could work her magic. I have no doubt, that with my help, you will be the most popular sissy at the glory hole.  Word travels fast, and pretty soon people everywhere will know your dirty mouth. Doesn’t that sound really fucking delightful?

Are you ready to be transformed into a cock sucking sissy whore? Pretty soon you’ll be able to take one one on your cunt and one in your mouth. Make sure you talk dirty while you’re getting your hole pumped. Men love it! Soon we will both be dirty talking women. So if you’re ready to learn how to be the perfect whore, call me now so that we can get you primed and ready for a real cock. I’m ready and waiting for you now, you dirty slut!


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Dirty Talking Women Dominate Men

I will guide you into pure ecstasy the way only Dirty Talking Women can. My domineering ways will make you a weak in the knees little bitch. I want to collar you and make you beg for my pussy.

Can you get into fucking that ass of yours with a dildo or maybe a cucumber for me? I want you to fuck your man pussy and think about my strap-on exploring your insides. I will own your ass and your soul. You will surrender to me because I am beautiful, sexy and in Charge!

I bet you are a powerful professional that gets weak for a domineering young woman. I am that woman. I will dominate you and give you the pleasure you crave. You just sit back and follow my lead. I will make you surrender yourself to that hot secretary of yours.

After hours she is there in her stockings, her heels kicked off. Her blouse unbuttoned and her sexy cami top exposed. This secretary is your weakness. Her panties you once found in a drawer of hers are all you think about. You sneak to her desk and kneel down to sniff her chair. When she slips into her workout clothes for the gym you find her stockings and have to stroke with them.

You see I know and understand all of these things. As do those secretaries that would love to catch you so they can dominate you too.

Dirty Talking Women

Dirty Talking Gemini

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