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Dirty Talking Women love Dirty phone talk. We get to hear Erotic sex stories while we get our cock sucked. Yes, baby I am a special type of woman, i have a big extra tool that i will use to break you in. you have dreamt about being dominated and forced to get fucked. You want to know how it feels to be used by Dirty talking Women with cocks. I got you on your back very easily after forcing my cock in your throat, you were weak from me using your mouth. You barely put up a fight when I spread your legs and shoved my cock deep in your virgin man pussy.  You watched as my cock disappeared inside you and you begged for me to make you mine. I jacked you off as I pounded you hard and when you were about to cum.

Dirty Talking Women

I aimed your cock to your face. I watched as your nut sprayed all over your face. You opened your mouth and swallowed some of your nut. That was hot. I made you into a cum loving whore and I couldn’t help but cum inside you. I made a good sissy cum whore out of you.


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Dirty talking women manipulate

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women have a way of manipulating you that they will make you believe in magic. My latest pay slave tells me he believes me when I talk about my cult. Truly the cult is about worshiping me, and that is what I want you to do. I will call you a cuck, a loser, a sissy, and everything under the stars. If you don’t have deep pockets and a cock that can fuck deep, you will become my bitch.

As my bitch you do as I say when I say. Sissies know how to be beta bitches. The number one sissy that bothers me is those who don’t want to admit what they are. They know they are sissies but do not want to succumb to the truth.

It’s time you submit to the hottest goddess who will manipulate and degrade you in ways you can’t even imagine.



Dirty Talking Women are No Taboo Submissive Whores Too

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be submissive whores too. I am a seasoned old whore. I am 40 now but just as submissive as I was when I was a little girl. My father tied me up and fucked me silly many times a day when I was just a schoolgirl. I thought I could leave my submissive life behind me when I grew up, but here I am still serving men. I have a master who is much older than me. He has been my master for almost 20 years, but I have a son who is 20 now. He has grown up watching his mother be a whore for everyone else, so as he grew older, he decided he should be able to fuck me too. He hates me most of the time. He is not my master, but he does own me. He had some friends over last night. They were drinking and doing pot and got horny. I was the only woman in the house, so that meant I was in trouble. They gang banged me. A cock was in every hole, sometimes I had two cocks in a hole at once. These were drunk boys with horny cocks.  I was hoping for drunk dick, but age was in their favor. They were drunk and hard. Hard enough to be able to fuck me for hours. I just laid there until they were done. I could not fight them. My son will smack me around if I give him any attitude. Sucks for me, but they eventually were done and left me in a pool of cum. Now, I am sore and just waiting for some one else to use me. Maybe that will be you? Think you are game to fucking abuse a dirty old whore?

Submissive Whore Bernice

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Dirty phone talk with Lucy

dirty phone talk


I had a dream last night that I was getting fucked by my brother and now, I can’t stop thinking about it. I keep rubbing my cunt and thinking about how hot my dream was. I think some dirty phone talk with you is the perfect way to get my brother’s dick off of my mind. You can roleplay as my sexy, older brother and wake me up ramming your dick into me! Your big cock feels so good that I won’t even care that you’re my brother or that our parents are asleep in the next room. I want you to pound my pussy and make me scream and squirt for you. Let’s try to wake Daddy up with my moans, so that we can have him fuck my mouth while you cream my cunt. This hot, wet pussy is waiting for you!


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Dirty Talking Women Get Rough Asshole Fucking

Dirty Talking Women love to hear Erotic sex stories while they finger fuck their pussy hard and shove a dildo in their asshole. I get fucked in my asshole and it makes me squirt.

Dirty Talking Women

Last night I got master’s whippings because he had a bad day. When he was done my body was red and welted. It made my pussy wet when I saw the pleasure he was getting and how much his cock was poking out his pants. So, when he laid me on my back, I felt like my pussy was going to be pounded too. He lifted my legs and spread them and while staring me straight in the eyes, to see if I would flinch, he shoved his cock in my asshole. I tried to keep a straight face, but I couldn’t. It only made him more excited, and he fucked my asshole harder and harder. He then started spanking my pussy hard as he pounded me. The feel of his hand on my pussy and clit drove me over the top and I came hard. Seeing my pussy cream from his cunt spankings he started pumping my asshole with all his semen. I love being able to go on Dirty phone talk so I can relive every moment I have with my master. 


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Dirty phone talk with Lucy the slut

dirty phone talk

Lucy the cum dump cutie is back for some more dirty phone talk with a kinky daddy like you! I’m a freaky, little slut. At least that’s what my Daddy always tells me, after I ride his big dick and drain his balls. My mom ran off when I was just a little thing. That’s when Daddy started teaching me to take her place as his cum rag slut. He would wake me up in the middle of the night, playing with my tiny cunnie and shoving his hard dick in my mouth. I learned to take care of him and also got hooked on the taste of cum, all before I was even old enough to go outside by myself. I miss the way my Daddy would fuck me and tell me to be his good, little slut and take his cum. I hope I can find a sexy Daddy like you, to use me like a little whore tonight.



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dirty talking women rule baby

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women are nasty everywhere. I’m a good slut in school and a great slut at home. I love to play with daddy and all of his drug dealer friends. Are you doing any drugs tonight?! What kind are you doing? I’m doing some weed gummies and getting high. I hope you are getting intoxicated too and horny as fuck as well.

All in all, let’s have some incestuous fun, daddy. I want you to fuck my holes. Every one of them. My mouth loves cum, and I need plenty of jizz in my asshole, too. It will make me a bad girl to be around daddy’s friends and pops. They all gangbang me all night long. Don’t leave any holes undone. Please use me up and fuck me, silly. Never turn a slut like me down because it will drive me crazy.

My roommate’s boyfriend walked in on me in the tub. I couldn’t stop thinking of his face when he saw me butt naked. So I went to seduce him right after and had his cock.


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Dirty Talking Women Can be Sexy Transsexuals Too

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women can be transsexuals too. I have a fowl mouth and a killer body. I love to being a shemale phone sex slut. Now, when I say slut understand I am not a beta bitch. I am a sexy dominant tranny. I am clear about that on the phone and in person. I have a ten-inch cock and I am in my thirties. I call the shots. That does not mean I cannot be equal with a worthy man. It just means I will not be a bottom for an unworthy man. Sometimes, I meet assholes like Jerry who need to understand that what I say is law. I do not play games. I do not play hard to get either. For me, it is about respect. A sexy shemale with a hard, working, ten-inch cock deserves respect. A man with a limp 4-inch nub does not. So, I showed Jerry who the bigger man was when he got disrespectful. Out of about every 100 guys I meet, I meet one who thinks his cock is bigger than it actually is. I am not playing the beta bitch to appease the ego of a man who should not have that ego to begin with. When Jerry resorted to name calling because I would not let him worm his shrimp dick in my asshole, I showed him how to really fuck an ass. My sexy tranny cock can do some damage. A little flaccid dick cannot. Now, it is Jerry sitting on an inner tube licking his wounds. Now at least though he understands he is a beta bitch for life.

Sexy Shemale Carla

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Dirty Talking Women Kelly

Dirty Talking Women

I have heard the stories from other dirty talking women. Apparently, they always come back crazy and different after he takes them to a faraway place. Sometimes they return after a day, sometimes a week, even months. But, they always come back broken with pussies full of cum. I was worried when he came for me next. But, I can’t deny that my pussy wasn’t wet, and excited to see what was in store for me at this faraway place. He had busted down the door with his dark smile, dark eyes, and dark hair. My world went black the moment I saw him and when I woke up, I was chained to a bed and there were two boys who looked nearly identical with their cocks out for me. I thought I was seeing double until I noticed one had a shaved cock and the other didn’t. I didn’t fight it either, they liked this. I opened my mouth and felt one cock hit the back of my throat while his brother grabbed a fistful of my hair and helped him fuck my face. The one with hair on his cock crawled up onto his knees and onto the bed with his cock centered between my pussy lips. that was when I noticed the man from before watching me in the corner while fisting his cock. A whimper escaped as my throat continued to be fucked. Another man was watching in a different corner with white hair and black eyes. He didn’t have his cock out but, I could see him struggling to keep it in his pants. I felt the cock in my throat cum a heavy load into my mouth and I was sure to swallow it all. As I do he pulls out and the other behind me, thrusts into my pussy! I let out a scream and my pussy grows wetter knowing I’m being fucked in front of all of them like a whore. What else will they do to break me?

Dirty Talking Women Kelly

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dirty talking women with no regrets

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women are a delicacy, in my opinion. We are evolving as the world and allowing sexuality to be forefront, and I love it so much. I enjoy being a sexy vixen who loves to show her sexual desires. Come over to my house for some one-on-one fun. I love the boys and the girls and everything in between. You know I am a tranny loving girl too. I love chicks with dicks. Since porn has become a fun hobby, I’ve learned much about myself and don’t plan to change. I’m a momma, I know, but I am also a woman who is allowed to express herself and enjoy herself. Whenever someone tells me I shouldn’t be so open with my sexuality, I pay them no mind and show them firsthand how their opinions don’t matter. my friend Esther told me id burn in hell, so instead of telling her off, I fucked her husband and son. Haha, I guess I got the last laugh, and like my nana told me, the last laugh is the best!


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