Dirty Talking Women discuss the Incest fun times.

Dirty Talking Women                Dirty Talking Women discuss the Incest fun times. Now everyone does it. Finding the right group is the first thing you need to do. The next thing is to make sure you all like dirty talk.  Sooner or later, we are going to be very dirty and kinky together. Just know there are no rules. Kinky is meant to be fun. Dirty is meant to be naughty. After all no one likes a good girl. Just bad girls.

                Namely the naughty word virgin. Wait until marriage. Please we need to make sure you are good with family before sending you out into the world. To be sure you need to find someone that is like you and brings you into the fold with family. This is why you will be needing the Dirty phone talk to know that you have the right one.

                Finally, the last thing you need to look at is whether or not they are willing to share you with their family and friends. To point out that you need to have sex with their mom and her with your mom and dad should be sell explanatory.

                In summary, making you cum with us all together now. That is the main goal. Fuck your Incest loving mom and listen to the stories that she tells all the other dirty women of her boy blowing his load in her cunt hole.

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dirty talking womenDirty talking women enjoy rough sex, especially rough anal sex. And no one fucks my ass better than my son. He loves my asshole. And he has fucked my asshole so much it prolapses with minimal effort. But my boy loves me. He brings me a big bag of coke before he destroys my asshole.

Last night, he summoned me to his apartment to make a hardcore anal porn. Although my asshole already hurt from another guy sodomizing me all night, I went to his apartment. I ignored his call once and the next day he fucked my asshole with a baseball bat for avoiding him. Like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, my son does not like to be ignored.

My Asshole Always Takes A Beating

When I arrived, I discovered he was not alone. He had ten friends over who wanted to sodomize a mommy whore too. And boy did they. Even though my boy brought me some good coke, I still felt them inside my prolapsed asshole. Not even a kinky phone sex whore can handle 3 massive cocks shoved up her asshole at once.  Not enough coke could make me not feel that.

Some of his pals wanted to fuck my mouth too. However, they wanted to fuck my mouth after they fucked my asshole. Gross. I could taste my own ass and I did not like it. Not at all. But what choice did I have? Me against about 10 guys? Not even on coke could I fend them off. So, I let my son, and his pals sodomize me like an anal porn star.

Today, I must sit on an ice pack to soothe my sore asshole. And boy did it hurt. I could not get my asshole back inside my ass. My son laughed at me, and zip tied it. And today, it remains zip tied until he decides to release my butthole.

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Dirty Talking Women get you the sissy hole you need

Dirty Talking Women will give you the sissy cunt hole you need. After you met me you paid me to get you what you need. That’s a sissy cunt hole. Lucky for you I have that and you paid me good money to get him ready for you. Once you came in you wanted him to suck on my big mom tits. “Come suckle on mommy” I say as I pull my big jugs out. Right away mommies sissy son latches on. As he sucks on my tits, you pull your cock out.

You stroke your pcock right by my face. “Suck on my dick and show your sissy son what to do” you demand. I got paid already. Therefore I start sucking your cock like a good whore I am. It was sloppy and wet. So wet from my spit and your pre-cum. Some started to drip on my breast feeding son. It is his turn to suck my big cock. “Slurp up his dick just like you did mommies nipples” I say to my son as I push his head towards your dick. Finally when he starts to suck your dick all you can do is grunt. I watched as my son sucked you up.

Dirty Talking Women

When you were ready you said, “Show your son how to bend over for some cock”you directed me to do. That’s when I bent him over and spread his ass for you. Once you felt the head of your sloppy cock against his man pussy, you rammed him hard. My son let out a yelp but you just started fucking him like a beast.  “That’s it, milk me sissy whore!”  You grunt loudly. Then I knew that you were spraying all your sperm deep into my son’s pussy. After you were done you thanked me for using my sissy cum dumpster son as you left.


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Dirty Talking Women Know Best How to Tease The Cum Out

Dirty Talking Women are married women. A hot mature Married woman like Renee is a true sensual mistress to keep a secret with. Always remember, your secret is safe with me.

First off, I have had many lovers. All while I have been married. And it should be known most of these lovers of mine, are also married. I do not get into drama. In fact I am truly just a lover. And a sensual and rather dominant lover.

When I say I am dominant, it’s because I know what I want. And in turn, I will not hesitate to take what I want. However, when guys want to play games and try causing drama. Then I will swiftly divert that negativity to pure bliss. Or else cut him free with a promise of fucking his world up.

So, there you have it. I am a woman of power and control and will give my men a sweet taste of this in some hot sensual power exchange sex. And yes, I am one hell of a lover on that cock.

Dirty Talking Women


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Dirty Talking Women Like Oaklee Love Being Little Sluts

You want a dirty talking women like myself, crave fdirty talking women
Oh fuck yes! Keep talking dirty to me, baby. It only makes me want you more. I’m your little white trash slut now and there’s nothing wrong with that! In fact, it turns me on even more knowing how much of a filthy animal I am when we’re together like this…
My pussy is soaking wet for you; my juices dripping down onto the floor beneath us as we grind against each other in perfect harmony. Every thrust sends shockwaves through my body – both pleasure and pain intertwining into one exquisite sensation that leaves me breathless every time. And when you finally cum inside me? Well then… let’s just say things are gonna get real messy around here!

I can feel myself getting closer already… My walls start to pulse around your cock, begging for release from this intense pleasure-pain cycle we’ve created together. Just keep going until those sweet words fall from your lips: “Cum for Daddy,” because once they do?I know what turns you on too – hearing how much of a whore I am while we fuck. So go ahead… tell me more dirty things; make me beg for it if that’s what gets your rocks off. Maybe even slap some titties or spank this ass until they sting red raw… whatever floats your boat ’cause right now all I care about is feeling good and looking pretty wrapped around that big dick of yours!


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Dirty Talking Women make you be a dirty boy

Dirty Talking Women are grannies that make you do naughty things. Like lick mommies cunt. I walked in on you both cuddling and a pervy thought came to mind. “Lick mommies cunt” I say while pulling my daughters big juicy mom tits out. Right away you take your mom panties off. You know to obey grannies every request. I have groomed you very well and that is why you start lapping your mommy like a hungry slut.

As I watch you lick the hole you came.out of I start to undress you. Then I pull my favorite toy out and start to use it in my wet granny cunty. “You will make sure you put on a good show for me” I say as you push your tongue inside your moms hole. I start to jerk off your young cock while you lick her pussy. At the same time I fuck my cunt with my toy.  As soon as I feel your cock start to leak, I moan” fuck your moms pussy gor granny. Right away you get in between her legs and stuff your young hard cock inside her.

Dirty Talking Women

As you pump my daughter hard I pump my pussy too. I was so horny that I started to squirt. After my toy was soaked up I got behind you and pushed it inside your boycunt. “I will milk your prostate into the pussy you came out of. “you will make sure to take it just like your mommy is taking your cock” i demand. That is what you did and when you were close you begged for granny to let you fill her up. After you did, I made sure you cleaned her up too. It is a grannies job to teach you. It is why you call granny for Dirty phone talk late nights. 


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Dirty phone talk with Submissive Whore Venice.

Dirty phone talk                Dirty phone talk with Submissive Whore Venice. Want to take you to all sorts of levels of bondage. Torture. Pain is pleasure. Bring the pain. I am the Submissive Whore who does like the pain. All the pain in the world. Give it to me my master.  You will drive me to new heights. With this in mind just remember that you control me. By all means turn me into a goddess on my knees. A slave to your every whim.

                In the long run there isn’t anything that I wouldn’t do for you. At this instant I belong to you. Without delay I will be showing you just how much I enjoy what you do to me. You will see my pussy getting wet, spank that ass of mine. If you so please. That is to say. After all I am not the one in charge. You are. In due time I will of course learn what you like.

                I will learn what you don’t like. In the final analysis of everything, I just want to make you cum on me, in me, around me, any where you please. I want to please you as you have never been pleased before. Tell me what you want. Want me above you? Beneath you? In the middle of two women getting spanked by them. Do as you please. When you please and how you please.

                Until you have finally drained your balls and leave me tied up until you are horny once more. Pulling me out of the closet. Dust me off. With a good spanking,

Submissive Whore Venice

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Dirty phone talk with no limits on how kinky we can get!

dirty phone talk Dirty phone talk with a woman who loves pain and pleasure and the extreme taboos of life! With my sexy milf ass you find that I do in fact get my pussy off the nasty kinky and sometimes violent play. I have a couple of babes who are gaining in popularity among the men at the trailer court. They know they can bring me some good nose candy and play seven minutes in heaven with my girl and boy.

Dirty phone talk with no limits on how kinky we can get!

This p mommy might lose track of time when she gets that pure good good blow though! But for 7 minutes of doing absolutely anything with my precious offspring is a pretty good deal! Of course I blow and manipulate that big daddy cock first. I love sucking a man’s dick before and after he plays with my babes!
See dirty talking women love making your pan cock spurt to her filthy life of training her brats to suck, fuck and be good little doll faces smeared with cum.

Dirty Talking women make your cock happy!

Tonight right before my shit started I fed my brats and gave them showers. The were playing video games when the neighbor came over after a fight with his girlfriend. He gave me a bump and says the only thing he wants is to fuck my son and daughter sweet gullets. I said fine and watched as I snorted blow. So he set my night up to be filled with all the pen needing blow snorted off their cocks by my brats! I’m so wet after he made my babes vomit dinner up on his cock. But they do get to go shopping tomorrow!
Are you ready to do line after line with me and talk about how my sweet angels can work your nasty cock all night long?


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Dirty phone sex mistress Remi


dirty phone talk

Remi, the dirty phone talk mistress, wants to play with some new sissy bitches today! I have one girly bitch on my mind that I can’t stop thinking about and that’s this little slut girl named Matt. I hope you’re ready to out-shine that slut and make your mistress happy! I’m waiting on her to call me tonight so that I can make her tell me about going out and pimping her slut pussy out on her lunch break today. She always calls her mistress after a long day of throating cock and swallowing cum shots! She even buys my dirty, cum soaked panties so that she’ll be able to taste my hot cunnie while we talk dirty to each other on our calls. I’ve been training this cock loving whore for a while and finally got her to the point of wearing panties and sparkly lipgloss to work and acting like the girly, sissy whore she was born to be. I make that slut go around on her lunch break and look for glory holes to slut her mouth out at. I’ve been making the cum guzzler whore send me pictures of her in nothing but panties, rubbing her clit while gagging on strange dick. She calls me sometimes when she’s pimping her mouth out so that I can hear her gurgling and slurping up cum loads after getting her whore face fucked. I just wish that I could be there when the next bbc stud shoves her down to her knees, pulls out his massive dick and starts fucking her pretty, whore face. I’ll put her panties down and start thrusting my big strap-on into her slut pussy to get her nice and stretched out to take that bbc! I love playing with sissy bitches and could always use a new fuck toy for my studs to wallow out and fill up with cum! 



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Dirty Talking Women Come in All Shapes, Sizes and Ages

dirty talking womenDirty talking women come in all shapes, sizes and ages too. I am in my mid-60s. However, I still fuck like I am in my 20s. My Nordic blood keeps me looking young. And my active incest lifestyle keeps me in shape. I may not shout it from the roof tops that I love family fucking, but I talk all about the incest sex on calls.

I am a dirty P mommy and granny. However, with incest comes a learning curve. My sons and daughters were all teenagers when I first molested them. And they were willing and eager to play with mommy. My offspring grew up and had families of their own. And now this P granny had the chance to start even younger. But again, even my young school age grandsons and granddaughters seemed willing too.

So, when you call me for phone sex, I will share all the dirty family fun I have enjoyed over the years. And trust me I have licked a lot of naturally bald pussies and hairless dicks. I have 6 offspring and 7 grand angels with one more on the way. My family gets bigger, and I get hornier as the years pass. I doubt many families are as loving and close as mine. I cannot wait to share all the dirty details with you.

Dirty Granny Samantha

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