Dirty Talking Women Will Have You Needing More

Dirty Talking Women Dirty Talking Women is something I know you love. We know exactly how to satisfy your kinky needs. You will be begging for more. I like hearing you be. It gets my pussy dripping wet and ready to fuck. Lucky for you I will drink and get high to the point that you can do whatever you want to me. Waking up and having a cummy filled cunt is something I love having, your cum drip down my legs and oozing out of me is what I want. I’ll use it to play with my pussy as I try to remember all the nasty filthy things you did to me.  If you fuck me in my ass, I want to feel the soreness from your pounding. I want to be able to feel your cum ooze out of my ass too. Knowing I went to sleep with cum taste still in my mouth and cum filled pussy and ass is why I love getting high and drunk so you can use and abuse me. That is why I will give myself to you, and I know you will be begging for more and needing Dirty Talking Women like me. 


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Dirty Talking Women Are Mommy’s

dirty talking womenDo you like dirty talking women whose pussies get wet just talking to you? Then Lilly is all that you need for a good time. I love to be your mommy and take care of my sweet baby boy’s deepest darkest desires. I know exactly how to make your cock hard by telling you how I would love to put it in my mouth and blow you. Licking and sucking you until you are rock hard. Who does not want a sexy Milf on the end of your dick? And when you get ready to cum, I don’t care if you unload in my throat or pull out and squirt all over my face. And once I get you hard again, I want you to stick it in my juicy wet pussy and go balls deep in my cunt. As hard and fast as you can. Beating your balls against my ass with every pound. Or maybe you are an ass guy? I will gladly back up and spread my cheeks for you so that you can bury your rock-hard cock deep in my tight asshole. So, what are you waiting for baby? Give me a call and let us have some dirty phone talk.


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There are no Safe Words in Dirty Phone Talk

You are a bad little boy, aren’t you!

And bad little boys deserve to be spanked!

That is why you call Dirty Talking Women like me….to give you the punishment you crave!Dirty Talking Women

I will have you bound and gagged, collared and on your knees, pleading for another lashing!

There are no safe words on  these Kinky Phone Sex lines!

You belong to me and you will be a very obedient submissive…if you know what is good for you!

There is a lot of work to do for naughty little boys like you!

You will look like the prettiest little maid in your leather uniform….black corset cinched tight, a cock cage to keep those boys in check and a sweet little apron tied in a pretty little bow above the crack of that cute little ass, as you are on your knees licking the floor clean!

You can’t expect a Goddess like me to walk on such filth!

Every inch needs to be mopped with your tongue and if you miss even the tiniest speck of dirt….

A nice sharp Smack on that ass should correct that deviant behavior!

When you are finished, I may let you stroke that cock a few times!

Just until it drips!

I wouldn’t want you to cum all over these nice clean floors!

You will need to ask permission to unload that mess in the toilet and you know you will have to lick that clean when you have finished!

Now, let’s get this Dirty Phone Talk started!


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Dirty talking women rule your mind

dirty talking women

The love you have for dirty talking women is justified. We know how to push your buttons and make you crave more. It’s okay to be on your knees begging a goddess like me to let you have a chance. I don’t see why you shouldn’t beg. I’m a perfect princess who is willing to make you show off how much you are obsessed with me.

I love to hear all about what you will do if you could have the privilege even to lick my boots. I like to tell you exactly how I like to be fucked. I know you might have your short cummings 😉

but I still want you to give it your best shot. I want to see how much of a man you can be, and if you lack, I will try to help you because that’s who I am I want to make sure you perform your best. If you still have no progress, then at that point, I will only humiliate you while you watch me rub my pussy.


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Dirty phone sex slut doll Janie

dirty phone sex


Last week, I had such a wild and kinky time at work. The weekly conference call quickly turned into a wild and nasty, dirty phone talk threesome! I found myself in my cubicle, at my desk with my hand in my panties, playing with my hot, wet pussy. The president and CEO of the company I work for, were on the phone, listening to my moans and telling me how they wanted to take turns ramming me with their hard dicks! They know how much I love being the naughty little secretary slut that gets passed around the office. Everyone is always in a race to be the first one to fill my fuck holes with hot cum before the work week starts. These guys had my pussy pulsing and craving cock the way they were talking about shoving their throbbing dicks down my throat and in wet holes. I might just party with them all weekend and get a nasty jump start to my week! Everyone else in the office is worried about their weekly quota, while I’m only worried about meeting my cum quota!


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Skanks are Dirty Talking women

dirty talking womenDirty Talking women will do anything for some great coke or crystal. I grew up with a drug dealer for a father and my brother helps me find “clients” for my drug habit. I just want to party with you and do a rail off your cock! Can you blame this hot whore for wanting to feel good while she makes big fat dick feel so good? MMM, the cocks I sucked and took deep into my tight rose bud asshole! What’s your preferred drug of choice tonight? I have all of the party favors we need, I have been working overtime with my cunt! Don’t you want to see how far my pussy and ass could stretch around your man meat? Just a little snow and this sluts milf cunt will be dripping wet in anticipation of getting a hot ropey cum load.

I am always so horny and I can get lots of free lines and bumps being a total skank gangbang whore!

Albeit a hot skank whore, but still my point is made!

I love it honestly, trading my body to get high. I let men degrade me and abuse me in every way imaginable. My daddy knew he was raising a piece of fucking shit drug addict whore and he got on this slut fuck train early! After hitting my first line many years ago, I just kept riding and sucking dick for my high every since then. Its a fucking Pleasure to stay so cum filled and high all the time. everything just blends together. It’s almost as if I cannot cum unless 3 or more cocks are fucking me, using me, draining their big full balls in me. I like being treated like complete trash, I am the a true dirty phone sex skank! And I love Cum!

Hardcore Hadley

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Dirty phone talk slut Quinn

dirty phone talk


Dirty phone talk slut Quinn is looking for a hot and nasty time tonight. Everyone knows that I’m a dirty party slut who never says no, no matter what. All you have to do is get me fucked up and then anything is possible, I won’t remember it anyway. There’s nothing I love more than getting shit faced and taking a hot load across my perky tits. I’ll spend hours, bent over getting my cummy cunt slammed by every dick at the party. I love being the nasty cum dump slut that all the guys run to when they want to fuck. Being on my knees surrounded by thick, hard cocks spurting cum all over my face is my idea of a perfect night. I don’t know if I forget my panties or if some guy takes them but I almost always wake up without any on the next day. I’m getting ready to go out and get fucked all night. Guess I’ll leave my panties behind and see what happens.


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Dirty Talking Women Are Evil

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be the most fun and the most evil. I love to have some hot roleplay with a depraved guy whose mind is just like mine. Does torture and evil fantasies fill your head and make your dick hard? They fill my head and make my pussy drip. That is one of the reasons I am here I need to find people just as sick and dirty as I am. The kind of fun that is so not legal and would definitely get me put in an orange jumpsuit for a while. But you fun naughty sick boys fulfill my desires and let me act out my fantasies. So, love if you are a sick fuck like me and blood and gore and whips and chains and ropes and locks and knives get you as excited as they do me then we are going to have a lot of fun. So, what do you say? Want to give my hot kinky ass a call so we can have some dirty phone talk and plan and conspire all the things we want to do to people? I know you do, and I will be here waiting for your call.


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Dirty Talking Women are Cock Whores

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women have all the fun. This morning, my best friend’s son stopped by. I knew he wanted something. I mean why else would he be there?  He tried to convince me we should fuck. He knows I like younger men. He found my phone fun sex site and learned I was a size queen too.  He bragged that he has a decent sized cock. He is college aged now, but his mother would never approve of her 50 something friend fucking her son. But I was intrigued by his bravado. If he really had a big dick, there would be no harm in looking, right? I was skeptical at first, but when he pulled his cock out, it was bigger than I imagined. I got out my ruler and measured it. He was already hard. His was just shy of a foot long. He was thick too. I was on his dick like a dirty whore, not thinking once about my friend. I did not spend my usual quality time sucking his cock because he was already hard and I was ready to fuck at one look.

I hopped on his throbbing member and rode him like a cat in heat. I was squirting on his cock when his mother called me. OMG. I freaked out thinking does she know what I am doing to her son? I answered the call and tried not to make sexy moaning noises as I was bouncing on her son’s big cock. He came inside me as I hung up with her. She wanted a lunch date. I knew there was no way that she knew but it was odd timing.  My cougar cunt was overflowing with cum because he gave me the biggest cum shot.  Every 50 something woman should fuck a 20 something boy, even if that boy is the son of her best friend.

Sexy MILF Farah

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Kinky Dirty Talking Women

dirty talking women

If you think that an innocent looking cutie like me can’t be included in the category of dirty talking women, you are sadly mistaken. I’ve been dirty ever since I went through puberty and started feeling all of those hormones. I wasn’t one of those girls who wanted to save myself for marriage. I wanted to have as many dicks inside my tight little pussy as I could. I could tell you who the first man to let me play with his cock was, but I think it would be more fun to tell you when you call me. 

I really can’t wait to be a slut for you. When we are on the phone, I want you to close your eyes and listen to me tell you all of the kinky, nasty, twisted things that we will be doing together. Everything we do will be so much more fun than what you do with your girlfriend or wife. They have probably gotten pretty stale and boring by now, right? I like to keep things fresh and spicy, so you’re guaranteed to always have a really fucking good time with me. What are you waiting for, pervert. You’ll love stroking that cock to my voice.


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