Teen tease

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women need someone to put them in their place. I think I found my match with my much older next door neighbor. I was teasing the fella extra hard. I think he didn’t like that I was being such a tease. he held out as much a possible but it started to get so hard. I know he wanted my young tight twat and being half naked every day wasn’t helping him. I was prancing around naked basically with the smallest bikini. My neighbor had just about enough of that and decided it was time to show me a lesson. I came home one day after a workout session and I got in the shower and was ready to unwind. I went into my bedroom and there he was ready to take teasing young tight body. He said he heard me talking dirty to a friend and eavesdropped on me wanting to get pounded and basically have my fantasy rape become reality. It was hot having him duct tape me and pound me for being such a tease.

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