The new neighbor loves dirty talking women

dirty talking womenTurns out that my new neighbor is a fan of dirty talking women, he overheard some of my conversations and came over to introduce himself. He had just heard me screaming thru the wall about how I love big black cock and he wanted to show me his… let me tell you this thing was HUGE! I had to have it so I got right down on  my knees like a shameless little whore and started sucking that big bad beast. He told me that I was a good little whore and he loved the way I sucked his dick but he wanted to fuck this pussy and this ass too. Well hearing that made my knees weak and my pussy gush so I flipped right on over and put my ass up in the air so he could fuck whatever he wanted to fuck. I knew that monster cock was gonna stretch me out but I didn’t care I wanted it bad! I swear I never came so hard in my life!! There really is nothing as good as a big black cock!

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