There were so many dirty talking women

dirty talking womenThere were so many dirty talking women around yesterday and I loved it! I was at a new friend’s house and it turns out that he knows a whole lot of kinky girls. These bitches were talking about things that would make a sailor blush! Honestly I felt more at home there than I ever had anywhere else, it was amazing. All that dirty talk was turning me on tho so I went up to one of the girls and just kissed her. She was a little surprised but very receptive and kissed me back. The next thing I knew we were all in a pile kissing and stripping and getting real dirty. Girls were licking each others pussies and my guy friend was watching it all with his dick in his hand just loving life. I wanted some of that cock too tho so I pulled him down to join our little pile. He had the time of his life fucking us all, it was the hottest night I’ve had in a long while.

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