Toilet Slave To Dirty Phone Talk

Your a dirty boy and you need a dirty phone talk toilet session with a real dirty woman don’t you? I’m a dirty woman that loves a good toilet slave and worshipper. Worship my cunt and ass and everything I give you that comes from this fine ass and sweet cuny. You will beg to be my slave and worship every drop of golden pussy nectar that drips, and flows from this luscious pussy. I will sit on your face with my perfect tight ass on your mouth as you dive that tongue in this asshole and lick all this shit and cum from it. You will clean the cum laden impacted crap from this hole hrs after I took a bunch of cocks and cum in it. The ass presents have been nice and impacted from the poundings and I may require an enama. I want you to be the accepting receptacle for the explosive ass juices once the enema has been administered. Be my toilet slave.

Dirty phone talk

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