Trashy Dirty Phone Talk

dirty phone talk

Trashy Nasty Dirty phone talk for my men who want to tear my pussy up. See I know that when dealing with a white trash whore you want it to be dirty nasty and extreme. I am your coke loving cum guzzling stripper whore. I mean I did pick up a big black dick when I was turning tricks tonight. He took me to a cheap room and demanded me on my knees before he gave me a line or any cash. I am a dumb whore that way. I figure they will keep me high once they know my big dick sucking skills. I took that anaconda 11-inch dick down my throat and while I was lost in gulping that snake down my throat three more naked very hung negro boys showed up and started jacking off all over my body. I was put in the position to make them hard again before I got a line that was on the table before me. So covered in cum I sucked jacked and rubbed my ass and pussy until all four were ready to dump creamy negro loads in my whore cum bucket holes. Wanna know just how nasty I got? Call me baby, It will make you jizz so hard. 

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