We’re The Dirty Talking Women

Dirty Talking Women
We’re the dirty talking women your mother warned you about. The slick mouth, red lipstick whores who hung out on Broadway corners. I have a cunt that’s wetter than a Mississippi May, and I’m needing it used right. I’ve got a sloppy mouth, and I know how to use it in any circumstance. My oral fuck hole is honestly constantly wide open and ready for a fat cock to slide into.

I’ve made my way as a Dominatrix, but that doesn’t mean I won’t act like a hooker slut. I cam guzzle cum with the best of those bitches. We’re the dirty talking women your mother didn’t want you to bring home. The loose lipped whores, and your mother never meant their mouths. Let me take real good care of you, if you’ve been looking for a hot, nasty time.

I get really filthy baby, so just tell me what your limits are so i don’t cross them. Nothing is too much for me. I promise I’ll go above and beyond to deliver this delicious slice of dirty whore pussy directly into your desperate mouth.

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