What’s that foul smell?

Dirty Talking Women

“You worthless piece of shit.” and a slap to the face makes my pussy drip. Something inside of me was broken a lot time ago. I crave being a dirty worthless whore for someone. My last master trained me to do nasty things. The things he loved to do. He would tie me up and put a gag in my mouth. He would cut my panties off and shove a massive tube in my ass. Then I would feel the warm water filling my asshole up. Slowly at first as he rubbed my clit. It would feel so fucking good. A very painful slap to the pussy as he let’s the enima fill me up completely! He shoves a huge big black anal plug into my tight asshole. Making me filled up as he slams his cock inside of my dirty wet pussy! He starts brutally fucking my pussy making that anal plug slip out of my asshole! I couldn’t hold it in anymore and as he started to cum he ripped out the anal plug. I had no control. I released my rotten foul smelling bowles all over him. 

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