Winter Wonderland

Dirty phone talk

I just got back from the most fantastic 3 day weekend that I have ever had! A friend of mine offered to take me to Colorado to go skiing. We drove to Aspen, where he had rented a cabin for us and a couple other friends. We stopped at a dispensary on the way up to the cabin and loaded up on the good stuff. We had plenty of booze and munchies that we brought with, and were ready for a weekend of fun. Well, a giant blizzard hit and none of his friends were able to make it up to the cabin, and we were snowed in.

Fantasy phon sex

We had all of the weed, food, and booze that we could possibly want, the only tricky part was figuring out a way to pass the time. It didn’t take long before we were getting drunk playing strip poker, and the next thing I knew I was sucking on Mathew’s giant cock! I was so turned on knowing that I had a 3 day long fuck fest ahead of me! By the time we were able to leave the cabin I was exhausted! All I could think about on the ride home was how sore my pussy and ass were, and how much fun I had making them that way!

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