You Need To Be Controlled

I’m Gemini, a trashy talking classy fucking Bitch and I own the Bitch title. Your needing some dirty phone sex and I am needing a bitchboi to control. I want you worshiping my feet first. You will sniff, lick, suck and rub my feet. I want you to savor their smooth texture and peachy sweet scent. Slowly you will work your way up my legs and worship this fine piece of ass.

I will have you burying your face between these ass cheeks and work your tongue into this puckered tight hole. Lick my juicy fucking ass. Suck the loads of cum out as I push my musky brown gooey ass tinted cum. Suck the shitty cum from my ass and clean this hole up good. If you do good with these tasks we will see what comes next.

Dirty Phone Talk

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