You’re gonna love our dirty talking women

dirty talking womenWho doesn’t love dirty talking women?? I know that for myself, it comes to me so naturally that I just can’t help it, I am a very sexual person anyway and pregnancy has only made it worse. It’s like all I can think of is sex, all I wanna do is fuck! It’s a good thing that I have so many little ones to play with right? Trust me, even tho my sons’ dicks are small they still satisfy me very well. Plus they know how to use those sweet little lips and tongues on me too and that makes me cum in an instant! It’s not just the boys tho, I love tasting my sweet girls’ pussies and fingering their tight little holes, shit here lately, I have even been teaching them to fuck mommy with a strap on cock! They look so adorable with those big ole rubber dicks on! And when they push those cocks inside me… omg it feels so so so amazing!! Every day is a learning experience for us and I love it that way, I really can not imagine my life any different. I want to be a dirty mommy forever and ever and ever!

dirty phone talk

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