Dirty Phone Talk Cum Dump

dirty phone talk

I’m a dirty phone talk come dump who is happy to take care of loads of every fucking hole I have. Women like me love to tell you how filthy we like it there’s no whole thing back when it comes to getting up big cock right up my crack! You guessed it that means I like it in the ass Tell me like you are fucking oil rig worker and you’re going for that black gold. That’s all right boys sure know how to fucking put it on you I’ve been hanging out of the truck stops and lately I’ve been going down south to the oil rigs to find me some dirty mother fucking dick. Can you imagine all the slowly men meeting to release some of that hard earned semen built up in those balls. And you know they’re making money and I need somewhere to spend it and that’s where I got her slut like me times in to play. Dirty talking women such as myself know that we got to give that ass that pussy that throwed up and anything else they fucking want these are hard-working men help bent on coming in something. And by God the thing they’re going to come and it’s going to be me. 


I’m a no-holds-barred whore!

Hardcore Hadley they call me! 


Just fucking nasty cunt who needs to be dumped in! Are you going to come and play with me now?  I have done the most disgusting shit on a planet in order to get my cunt off and all that means is I’m going to do the most disgusting shit to get your cock off. I want to be a cream pie for days laying out on the oil rig taking turns with dozens of men You can come see me before or after It really doesn’t matter baby, cream pies for everyone! 

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