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Dirty Talking Women is Something to Be Thankful For

dirty talking women

Be thankful this year for dirty talking women. We help make your life great. A woman like me knows how to get you to explore your hottest taboo fantasies too. When David called me, he wanted a mommy call. But I could sense he wanted more of a family call. However, he seemed shy to tell me he had age play fantasies too. I can tell when a guy has an interest in my offspring. It’s in the questions that they ask.

So, I asked the right questions. And before long David’s dream came true. His real dream. He may have said he wanted to be my mother fucker. But I knew mommy phone sex was not all he wanted. So, I let him explore something kinkier than mommy son sex. I let him fuck his daughter we had from incest. When I told him he knocked up mommy and now we had a daughter who needed his cock too, I could hear him slapping his meat even harder.

He even asked me, “How did I know.” I told him it is my job to pick up the cues and innuendo. Many guys are afraid to say what they want, but there is no need to be afraid or embarrassed. I am a no taboos phone mommy. Nothing will ever be off limits with me.

Dirty Mom Lilibeth

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Dirty Talking Women are nasty mommies who will help you jackoff

Dirty Talking Women know how to get a young cock off. I woke him up with my hands sliding up his leg. First I pull my tits out, “wake up, mommy needs you to give her what she wants” I say as you open your eyes. Mommy needs you to stroke that dick for her and lick this mommy cunt. “Yes ma’am” my son says as he slides down to my spread legs.

Dirty Talking Women

“Eat me like you are hungry” is what I moan out as I spread my pussy lips. Therefore you start slurping away at my wet cunt. “Start stroking your cock slowly” I instruct him to do. I could feel how he was spending up his stroke, because he was speeding up his licking. “That’s it, you know what mommy likes”. “Don’t stop until you feel mommy’s pussy tighten up. “Mommy knows you love licking her”.

“Ever since you were little” I moan out as my mommy pussy squeezes hard. Finally I squirt all in your young hungry mouth. Then you squirted hard all over your hands. I could see you had a big load you needed to explode from. Mommy gets what she wants and you get Dirty phone talk while eating my cunt. Plus a big load of jizz milked out your balls.


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Dirty Talking Women are Submissive Whores in Need of Cock

Dirty Talking Women are also very Submissive. I am a Submissive Whore named Eliana and I love getting used. Seriously just do whatever you want with all three of my holes. My face hole, my cunt hole and my asshole, are all for your use.

Obviously as a girl of taller stature, at nearly 6 feet tall, guys can feel weak. And of course I am also very dominant, mostly. But when I was forced into submitting and exploring the submissive side of domination… I could not resist!

Often times I like the idea of just not being the one in control. Many guys expect that from a tall chick. My expectations from shorter Masters are that they better just enjoy using a taller whore. Let’s be honest a woman hovering over you makes you instantly small.

Finally you should really revel in this height difference. That is if you are a shorter guy. And really make me the small one. I hope you are up for the challenge, little man!

Dirty Talking Women

Submissive Kinky Eliana

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Dirty Talking Women Can Be Sexy T-Girls Too

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be transexuals too. I talk like a sailor. And I fuck like one too. Perhaps it is my 10-inch cock, LOL. Although I have a big cock, I am feminine. I enjoy looking good and perfecting my femininity. When I met Marc, I was honest about my special nature. Panty surprises seem risky in today’s climate.

However, Marc did not know what a T-girl really was. He thought I just dressed up like a girl. Many men make that mistake. That is a drag queen or a transvestite. A shemale lives her life as a woman. But with one glaring exception, I am all woman. I have breasts and long hair. I wear make-up too. But Marc was confused. He tried to pull my hair off because he thought I was a transvestite. This is no wig.

I brought him home. Even though I knew it was risky, I wanted to give him a proper education on shemales. An education that included a hardcore ass fucking. Marc deserved it. Some of the questions he asked me were just ignorant. Not that I am a politically correct person. Not by a long shot. But he questioned my dick. He assumed I must have a tiny limp one.

Most Men Want My Big She-Cock

And I felt the need to show him that I possess a ten-inch hard cock. As I figured, my cock was bigger than his. Way bigger too. My dick can handle any ass too. Marc found out. Now, this hot phonesex babe knows not all men want a ten-inch cock in their assholes, but I do not always care.

 Although I used lube, he still screamed like a bitch. Perhaps I gave it to him harder than I would you, but he questioned my cock’s ability to work. I had to show him. And show him I did. I fucked his ass for hours. Now, Marc will think twice before he questions a shemale again.

Sexy Shemale Carla

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Dirty Talking Women are nasty grannies that make money of young cunt

Dirty Talk Women will sell their grandbrats to pervy cocks who love young grandbrats. I caught you stroking your cock to my brat and was able to bribe you and have you follow me home. “For a fee you can have what you have been wanting”  I wink at you and tell you how much you need to pay. You have dreampt about this for so long.

Therefore you pay me what I ask for. “Pull your cock out” I say as I undress my grandbrat. She is used to me using her and does whatever I ask for. “Now you can jack off in peace to the band cunty you need” I say while I giggle. After I say that you don’t waste any time and jerk off hard and fast in her face. “You see this big cock little slut” you say as you rub your prenut all over her face.

Dirty Talking Women

“Why don’t you bend over and spread your legs for me” you ask her. Then I help her bend over and spread her cheeks. Once you see her pussy you get close. The moment your cock feels the heat from her pussy on your dick, you explode all over her little ass. “Maybe next time you can feel it I say with a big smile on my face”. “That cost extra bit it is worth it” I tell you while you put your cock away.


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Dirty Talking Women give head and candy for Halloween

Dirty Talking Women know that boys need more than candy on Halloween they need mommy to suck their meat. “Will you feed mommy a big load?” I ask my boy as I shove his dick in my mouth. “Yes mommy I big load” you say as you pop some candy from your treat bag into your mouth. My mouth slurped up his cock and pushed it deep in my throat like I want it in my cunt. He loves my big mom jugs, that is why I use them to squeeze his cock. But I haven’t let my son cum yet.

Dirty Talking Women

First I want to ride his cock and make my mom cunt squirt. As you feel my pussy riding you, your mouth latches onto my nipples. “Suck on me son keep going mommy will cum soon” I moan out as I keep riding you. Finally my pussy starts to twitch and squeeze. “I’m coming son!” Is all I can say. Then just like he wanted he starts filling his mommy’s pussy up with all his sperm. The Dirty phone talk I was giving him while cuming made him bust hard. What he loves is knowing his sperm swims up into my womb and could get me pregnant.


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Dirty Talking Women are nasty aunties

Dirty talking women like your aunty know how to milk a young boy cock. First you have to make aunty feel good. “Come lick aunties cunty” I ask of you. Your tongue knows what I like now, after years of me training you to please any woman like your aunty. “Good job nephew, you know how to use your tongue on me” I cheer you on as you continue to lick my aunty hole. “Now pull your cock out and stroke it”.

Dirty Talking Women

“Aunty wants to see how much you love licking her juices”. Then I see you pull that young nephew hard cock out and you stroke it. “Oh your cock needs a wet gooey hole doesn’t it” I ask you. After you nod, I grab your dick and guide it into my cunt while saying “fuck aunty like I showed you”. Since I am ready to cum, I bounce my pussy while I rub my clit.

Then when I feel like I am close to orgasm, I wrap my legs around you and squeeze your tight inside. “Oh aunty I feel you squeezing my dick”. “I can’t hold my nut” you say as your body tenses up. Finally your cock starts pumping that young strong semen inside me. “I bet you will get knocked up from that one” you say as you kiss aunty to thank her. 


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Dirty Talking Women sell bald cunty

Dirty Talking Women know how to use their young sluts to make money of pcocks who need a bald cunty. “This way, she is waiting for you” I said as I led you to your paid price.  Then your mouth drops to the floor when you see her naked body and spread legs. Your hands grope her perky tits and I can see your cock pushing on your pants making a big tent. “Let me help you baby” I say as I let your boner lose.

Dirty Talking Women

 Your fingers slide down to her bald cunty as you poke your cock to her mouth. “Open up little slut and suck on pdaddies cock”. After she hears that her little mouth opens wide taking your cock in deep. “ you have taught this little whore well” you compliment me as you use her mouth to jack your peacock off. “ I have been wanting a little slut to feed for a long time”. “Are you ready to be fed?” Is what you ask her as you fuck her little throat.

Even after she has tears streaming down her cheeks, you keep fucking her mouth hard. “Bend her over ” you demand of me and I bend her pretty ass over quickly. I don’t care since I am getting paid. Your cock slammed in her cunt hard. After moaning for a bit I know you are ready to cum. “It is extra if you fill her up” i make it known. But instead of filling her up you pull your cock out and push it back in her mouth. “Eat my load pretty bitch” you tell her as you fill her tummy up with semen.


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Dirty Talking Women Can Castrate You Even If You Don’t Ask


dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be sadistic as fuck or as loving as a mommy. I am in the sadistic as fuck category. I do not do mommy calls or gfe calls. Hell, I am not the typical dirty talking woman at all. I work for the snuff site of the company because I do not play well with others. Oh, and I enjoy castrating men and killing anyone who annoys the fuck out of me. And with a few exceptions, that would be most people.

No one crosses me, fucks me over or annoys me twice. You might say I have a killer reputation. Just the other day, I castrated a man in a bar who attempted to roofie my drink. He thought I did not notice. But I notice everything. Absolutely everything. Nothing ever escapes me. In my defense, you must be a moron to come into a Goth bar and try to roofie a girl who looks like Wednesday Addams.

No One Crosses Me and Lives for Long

I switched the drinks when he turned away, and when he started acting drunk, I knew the roofie kicked in. I escorted him to the bathroom and castrated him in the stall. No one will report me in that bar. The patrons there all have my back. I’ve been going there since I turned 18 over a decade ago. We do not take kindly to men who think Goth girls are disposable. I know we are not and so do fellow Goth men.

I always keep a knife on me. So, I sat him on the commode, yanked his jeans down and severed his balls. He will wake up in a pool of his vomit and blood and see his balls removed. I cauterized the wound so he would not die on the premises. If we had been anywhere else, I would have killed him. Although he might think he was unlucky, it turned out to be his lucky day. I’ve done worse to men who did less than him.

Dark Bitch Venus

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Dirty Talking Women love young cock pounding

Dirty Talking Women love to fuck a young cock. I know that young dick always need a fantasy momma to fuck them hard. That is what my son always needs now that his cock gets hard. His little hands aren’t enough for him since the first time I let him feel my cunt. First I make him lick my pussy hole. He must shoved his tongue in my pussy hole and wiggle it hard as I rub on my cunt.

Dirty Talking women

My cunt drips so much when I make you lick my pussy. “Come on son, my cunt is ready” is all you hear. Then I take your cock in my hand and slide it in this cunt. Mommy cunt fucks you hard and fast and you love it. You tell me you don’t want anyone but mommy. That you will grow up just fucking mommy. That makes me happy and even wetter.

“That’s it son, fuck mommy just like that”. Hearing that makes you so hard and excited. Your stroke gets even better after that. Finally you feel my pussy clench and I start cuming on your young cock meat. “Oh yes mommy that feels good” you moan out as you start filling me up with that strong thick sperm. “Good job baby, I bet that you will get me pregnant from that”. 


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