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Dirty Talking Women Love Being Druggy Hookers

Dirty Talking Women

Dirty Talking Women love to do rails and get blown. I got a room and told my dealer I was ready to get some blow and make a deal with him. When I opened the door, it was him and his friends. Being a hooker, I knew I was going to have to suck their cocks off or fuck them until all their nut was drained from their balls. I told them I am not going to give my holes up for free. I am a hooker not a charity case. They gave me a bag of blow and I made some lines. Snorted all I wanted and as soon as I felt the rush of it running through my veins, I got naked and started pulling at their pants. I wanted cock now that I was high, they pulled their big fat cocks out and like hooker slut I sucked them up until they were hard. I did more blow and I bent over and showed them my wet bald pussy. One by one they took their turns fucking my whore cunt until they filled me up and their balls were empty.


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Dirty Talking Women are Size Queens

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are the best kind of women. I heard once that women who swear are the best lovers. I think I am pretty awesome in bed. I think most guys agree with me. The only men who have complained about me, did so afterwards and because I kicked them to the curb for their little dicks. I am a size queen. For me to be good in bed, you must have a big cock. I am not pulling out my best moves or showing off my great skills for a shrimp dick. Why would I? I was in the VIP room of the strip club last night giving my best dance moves to a rich guy. He wanted to fuck me, but he had his cock out while I was dancing, and it was underwhelming. I do love a sugar daddy, but I want something I can feel. Money can only go so far. Now, some women will tell you that money is more important. Those women grow old and sad and lonely. I am holding out for big and rich. It exists. I have met some very wealthy and extremely endowed men. This guy was not one of them. I told him the club has very strict rules. I blamed the club. I wanted his money, not his small wiener. I know how to make losers feel like kings. I milked his wallet dry but sent him home with blue balls. I will do the same to you too. Size matters to this dirty talking chick.

Sexy Slut Cassandra

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Dirty Talking Women Can Get Away with Murder

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be quite evil. Take me for example. I was a bad seed. Do you know what that means? That means that even as a schoolgirl, I had evil impulses. It is in my DNA. My grandfather on my father’s side was a serial killer. He got away with all his kills and he taught me how to get away with murder before I was licensed to drive.  He ran a private prison, but he experimented on inmates because he was a fan of torture. He would take me to crime sites as a little girl. We would watch serial killer documentaries and I would take notes. He taught me how to never get caught. I am in my early 30s now. I have killed hundreds and never once have I come under the radar of the police. That is because I do not kill people who I have any kind of relationship with. I never kill the same way twice. I have no type. I never kill in my place that leaves DNA. Ted Bundy had a type. John Wayne Gacy had a type and buried the bodies in his house.  Many serial killers get caught because they have a type, and they kill in the same fashion over and over. If there is no pattern, no one, not even the FBI, can link the murders. And, if there is never a body to find, there is no DNA or even proof of a crime. I am smart. I can train you how to get away with murder too. Join me  on the dark side.

Sadistic Bitch Venus

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Dirty Talking Women Who Strip!

Dirty Talking Women

I’m a natural cum slut who strips for money and I love being used like a filthy little cock sleeve! At my job all I do is drink, do coke and dance all night on the pole for money. It makes my cunt so fucking wet when I see guys admiring me on stage and begging for a lap dance after. It’s easy money for me to strip but I also like to host a kinky gangbang at my trailer occasionally for some extra cash. I charge at the door and any sexy man with a hard cock can come in and pound my holes until they fill me up with cum. Sometimes I even invite one of my fellow stripper girlfriends to take some cock with me, we make so much money fucking and getting covered in cum all night long!


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Dirty Talking Women With Big Veiny Dicks

Dirty Talking Women have big veiny tranny cocks you can suck. I love pulling my big Shemale dick and shoving it down your throat. It turns me on when I see your little dick grow because you are sucking mine. I don’t stop there; I invite my tranny girls over so we can have a good time with you.

Dirty Talking Women

I love stroking my tranny dick as I watch my shemale friends gangbang you. I know you love getting your pussy filled over and over again. I love watching the big loads of jizz dripping out of you. When I’m ready, I will stroke my tranny cock in your face until I cum. I’ll make sure to spray you with every single drop if my thick nut. I want your face dripping with gooey cum, just like you man pussy hole is every time you leave my house.  Whenever you can’t get to me you call me for some Dirty phone talk and beg for me to set up another gangbang for you.  


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Dirty Phone Talk Trashy Whore

The best fun is with a dirty phone talk trashy whore that knows how to please. Filling and draining balls are parts of my skill set. My very fixation on helping men produce fat gooey loads makes things explosive.

Slowly teasing the head and lapping at the piss you start to dribble is the beginning of some true filthy fun. My breasts exposed and that stream building up and unloading on my tits. Golden piss is the lube for this cock sucking session. Lapping and sucking all that nectar.

Your piss is only the start. I get those balls warmed up with mouth. Sucking and licking as I stroke that stiff hard cock. I am sucking that cock now nice and deep. Taking every inch in my whore mouth. Gagging and drooling all over it. I am ready for the breast basting good times of draining every drop of your man seed.

Fuck my holes back and forth. Pound my ass and prolapse it out. Beat off inside my whore cunt already gooey with the last man’s load. Fuck me crazy as you pump my holes full. I am the filthy milf of your dreams. This is what Dirty Talking Women are best for.

Dirty Phone Talk

Trashy Whore BJ

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Dirty Talking Women are P Grannies Too

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be old broads like me. I am a p mommy and grandma who loves fucking her grand angels. I just like them young. I cannot get enough of my grand angels. My second youngest grand girl is at that age my callers just love to talk about. You know what age I mean. No hair on their pussies yet. No tits. A cute little bubble butt. And the best part is that age is so easy to corrupt. I am showing her how to please her dirty grandma. I showed her all my special spots and how to make them purr like the kitty when petted. I told her good girls get presents and treats. I had her take her little fingers and poke around my pussy and ass. I encouraged her to taste my sexy granny pussy. She scooped it out like it was cotton candy. It was her uncle’s cum inside me. She ate it off her fingers and never grimaced once. I like getting the young girls accustomed to the taste of cum at a young age. That is how you make a great cum whore like my daughters. My young grand girl is going to be a natural jizz junkie. Once she started eating her uncle’s cum from my cunt, I squirted all over her little face. She smiled and giggled. She thought I peed on her. That age is so much fun to play with.

Dirty Granny Samantha

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Dirty Talking Women Get Off On Rape Fantasies

Dirty Talking Women love helping you with your rape fantasies. Being a submissive whore has taught me to get used to getting tied up and fucked. If you have wanted to make your rape fantasy come true, a submissive whore is perfect for you. I am used to getting my holes used and fucked. When you tied me up and told me I was going to take your big cock no matter what, it turned my cunt on. You forced your cock in my mouth and chocked me. It only made you harder and leak your pre-cum down my throat.

Dirty Talking Women

Quickly you pulled your dick out of my mouth and bent me over ripping my asshole as you shoved your cock deep in me. You shove my head down telling me I am just a hole for you to use and nut in and it gets me off. I feel my pussy squeeze and cream your cock. You knowing I wanted you to fulfill your rape fantasy with me and that I came so hard got you off. You filled my hole up until I was leaking your nut out. That is why I love Dirty phone talk I get to fulfill all you want while I get off.  


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Dirty Talking women LUV Car sex

dirty talking women


Dirty talking women always fuck the best! 

I met this man last night as I was leaving the strip club. He was telling me that he loved my tits and wanted to fuck my ass right there. I looked him up and down and said if he could handle a whore like me he would have to pay. The only reason I would fuck him is if he had a nice thick and long cock. I waited for his response and he laughed as he pulled out a baggy filled with white powder and opened his car door. He remarked at how filthy my mouth was. I knew he just wanted to see how far down I could slob his knob! With A  line of blow off the dashboard I began to unzip his pants. What came bouncing out was a nice long dick! I smeared a little cocaine around the tip of that dick and began making work of deepthroating him. This man pulled my hair and moaned so loud as I squeezed his balls and gave him a sloppy ass blow job! The doep was good and my pussy was already slippery and making it known she needed some cock! 


Dirty phone talk slut fucks in the car!


My stranger fuck with the  large cock and cocaine pulled around to the back of the lot. I wiggled out of my panties and bra and crawled over into the back seat. But that kinky fucker stuck his fingers in my ass hole liek a bwling ball. So, here I am ass to the world, pussy on display getting finger fucked between the front seats! You know i love being on display and all, but I so needed to be fucked. My new friend enjoyed how I bucked back with my ass hole. And I knew that he needed a good hole for anal fucking! Beep-Beep!


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Dirty Talking Woman Are Perfect Submissive Whores

Dirty Talking Women

Dirty Talking Woman will be a perfect Submissive Whore. I love knowing I take all my master has to give me. I was caged up by my last master, only to come out for him to use my holes. He loved sticking his cock between the cage bars and would me make suck and choke on his dick until it leaked. Then he let me out only to bend me over and fuck my pussy hole. He loved jack hammering his dick in me until my cunt was raw and red. If he didn’t nut yet that is when he would stick his dick deep in my ass.  after all the times he fucked my ass hard and deep I ended up loving it. Especially when I could feel his cock pulse from pumping his thick gooey nut in me. During Dirty phone talk I get to go back to those times I was in the cage and out of it.   


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