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Dirty Talking Women with Hairy Pussies

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women have hairy pussies. Hair is coming back into style. I was told the other day I had a nice retro bush. I almost lost it. I was laughing so hard. I think of my pussy as a classic beauty.  Before 1995 almost all women were what you call bushy beauties. I am proud of my pussy. It is a real woman’s pussy. I am all natural. I do not dye my hair. I do not Botox. I do not shave my pussy either. I may trim it, but I love being a novelty. I enjoy being a pleasant surprise to a young man who has only seen hairy beavers in old 70s and 80s porn. I picked up a high school boy the other day at the park. He was wanting some of what this phone sex milf was offering. I needed his cock. I sucked his cock, so he felt obliged to return the favor. Most young men do not know how to eat pussy, and here was this teen boy wanting to lick me back. Of course, I let him. I told myself, if he fucks it up, I can teach him some things.  When I pulled my panties off, he was amazed. He had not seen a woman with a hairy snatch except on old porn. He called my pussy, “So retro.” I told him the classic style never goes out of favor. He buried his tongue in my twat like he was looking for gold. Hot damn, it felt good. I enjoyed him. I enjoyed his young hard cock. I enjoyed his cunt licking skills. And I enjoyed his love for my retro hairy pussy. So, tell me. Do you enjoy a hairy beaver too? I bet my furry pussy reminds you of dear old mom.

Sexy MILF Esmerelda

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Dirty Phone Talk Cum Dump

dirty phone talk

I’m a dirty phone talk come dump who is happy to take care of loads of every fucking hole I have. Women like me love to tell you how filthy we like it there’s no whole thing back when it comes to getting up big cock right up my crack! You guessed it that means I like it in the ass Tell me like you are fucking oil rig worker and you’re going for that black gold. That’s all right boys sure know how to fucking put it on you I’ve been hanging out of the truck stops and lately I’ve been going down south to the oil rigs to find me some dirty mother fucking dick. Can you imagine all the slowly men meeting to release some of that hard earned semen built up in those balls. And you know they’re making money and I need somewhere to spend it and that’s where I got her slut like me times in to play. Dirty talking women such as myself know that we got to give that ass that pussy that throwed up and anything else they fucking want these are hard-working men help bent on coming in something. And by God the thing they’re going to come and it’s going to be me. 


I’m a no-holds-barred whore!

Hardcore Hadley they call me! 


Just fucking nasty cunt who needs to be dumped in! Are you going to come and play with me now?  I have done the most disgusting shit on a planet in order to get my cunt off and all that means is I’m going to do the most disgusting shit to get your cock off. I want to be a cream pie for days laying out on the oil rig taking turns with dozens of men You can come see me before or after It really doesn’t matter baby, cream pies for everyone! 

Hardcore Hadley

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Dirty Talking Women Will Take Your Balls

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be sadistic bitches too. Take me for example. I do not do the traditional pillow talk. I am not your girlfriend. I am not your lover. I am not your whore. You are my victim or my accomplice. There is no gray area in between. I am primarily on a snuff site.  I am on it for a reason too. I have no sensor. Some sad sack, lovelorn loser starts saying he loves me, and I want to take his balls away from him. I do a lot of phone castrations, but you would be surprised how many guys I meet at Goth bars who think I will run off and marry them. I was at my local watering hole late last night. It is a Goth bar. This is not the bar where you will find cute coeds looking for sugar daddies. I had a stage 4 clinger though. He wanted to buy me drinks. I never let a man buy me drinks because he thinks that means I am obligated to fuck him. I do not let any man have power over me. I refused his drinks, but he still tried to make idle chit chat with me. Do I look like I do idle chit chat? When I shut the loser down, he tried to spike my drink. I do not let men drug me. I am too smart for that. I played along. Acted like I was drunk driving home. I knew he was following me. He pushed me into my house as I fake fumbled for my keys. He was my victim, not the other way around. As I laid on my bed acting drugged, I waited to get the upper hand. Once I turned the tables, I castrated him. He did not deserve balls. Nothing but a loser force fucker. I took his balls. Castrated him in my bed, in my house. I called the cops because I have cameras in the front of the house that would show him pushing his way in. I merely stopped a tool from sexually assaulting me. I will be a hero to women everywhere. He was carted off in handcuffs by ambulance. This loser lost his balls and maybe his freedom for years. No man ever wins against me.

Taboo Bitch Venus

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Dirty Talking Women Train Sissies

Dirty Talking Women
Honestly I know you love degradation at the hands of dirty talking women. It’s there, written all over your face. You’re desperate to be told you’re a little dick loser who has absolutely no chance at pleasing any woman, especially me. I’m a cock size queen and you evidently are just not up to snuff.

Then again, you knew that when you called me, didn’t you? Such a sweet sissyish boy. You make me want to pull out a pair of my dirty lace panties and tuck that oversized clitty in. You may need stockings, a garter belt, and of course a brassiere. No femme fag is complete without those. Oh and heels! Make up! We’ll skip the wig for now.

You’re going to have to earn it. I don’t just give things away to sissy gay boys. You have to pay to play.

Sissy Trainer Reesa

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Dirty talking women sure do get nasty

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women sure do get nasty. I have a potty mouth like you won’t believe it. Fuck is actually my favorite word. It’s so hot to be able to get my dad so excited and ready to pound my brains out. He always cringes when I go out in slutty attire. I smile at him and let him know he’s the one that owns this pussy. The others are renting it. He’s the owner. Daddy doesn’t love it, but he knows it will keep me coming back to his dick. Daddy knows how to fuck me and has shown me how to be a perfect cum slut. There’s nothing better than to be spread eagle and let a man with a gnarly huge dick plow me and let me shake away. My body begins to freak. My little body was made to be fucked and used. It is so nice to have an open-minded family, and I don’t take that for granted at all. I’m truly a lucky girl and plan to always come back home after having had plenty of cocks and let daddy have his way with me. I like to make it up to him.


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Dirty Talking Women Dominate

Dirty Talking Women
Being a phone chat whore is more than just being dirty talking women. I’m a purebred Hungarian honey who’s eager to be pleased. I’m strictly a dominant woman, and only allow the best cocks to fuck this powerful pussy.

My little honey pot is sticky, and needs a slave to give it a good tongue bath. That’s right sweetie, lick up all my cum, and those thick cum loads I’ve taken. Make me fresh and clean again so I can get back out there and bend over. I’m horny as ever, and I can’t seem to get enough cock.

Oh no honey, I won’t be fucking you. That little cock is an embarrassment. Sorry to say, it won’t please me or any other woman. Best resign to your fate as a little shrimp dick slave boy.

Mean Bitch Reesa

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Dirty Talking Women get you in the mood

dirty talking women

Dirty Talking Women get you in the mood. You can’t fool me at all. As much as you may want to try, you can’t deny you have an appetite for some good fucking. I’m not here to blame you; I know you won’t stop yourself from cumming whenever you think about my pink pussy. Your tongue deep in my honey pot is what you want. Give me that sloppy wet licks and tingle my pussy with your magical tongue. Watch me beg you to go deeper and harder. Let me soak in all my juices and your drool. It feels so wonderful to be the satisfaction you need to unload your cum. I know you want me to be all yours. There is no place you would rather be than to be between my legs, giving me the best orgasm I have ever had.

Wait till you hear me go deeper and ram yourself in my twat fuck your seed into me. Give me that cum batter because I am so obsessed with it and want you to breed me.


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Dirty Talking Women Are Sissy Trainers

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are sissy trainers too. I love my online sissy boys. I love my sissy sons more though. I have twin boys. While I was training sissies online, they were playing in my panties. They were discreet, so it took me a year to realize I had sissy boy wannabes. Once I knew what was going on with them, I went into sissy training mode. I dressed them. Frilly dresses with petticoats and bloomers. I did their make-up. I taught them how to cross their legs like a lady. I also taught them how to suck cock. You cannot be a true sissy and not suck dick. I took them to a glory hole for some dick action. I did not want strangers realizing the dick sucker on the other side of the wall was a young schoolboy. That first day, they became cock sucking faggots for life. Once I realized they were natural cock suckers, I started bringing men over for us to share. I wanted to perfect their cock sucking techniques. A good sissy is a great cock sucker. And a great cock sucker is in high demand. My sons never want for cock. Even if one of my lovers does not want to fuck one of my sissy boys, they can still eat the cum from mommy’s cunt and get their jizz fix. If I trained my two sissy boys, I can train you too.

Sissy Mom Coraline

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Dirty phone talk will make you swoon

dirty phone talk

Dirty phone talk will make you swoon. A nasty young cheerleader that wants you to stroke your cock right by your wife’s bedside. Close your eyes and think about my sweet sexy voice. Fuck me, daddy in my cheerleader outfit. Let’s see if you can jizz all over my cheerleading uniform. The thought about my cheer-out fit being sprayed by jizz and watching copious amounts of it drizzle down like icing is the best.

You can’t help but want to fuck my young holes. Your cock barely ever gets satisfaction, and I, for one, want to make sure to save you from a daunting sex life. Let tempest rescue you and help you live out those fantasies. It is the closest thing you will have to my perfect young pussy. Roleplaying isn’t really technically cheating. Although it has its benefits of giving you the best orgasm ever, realize that you can do it anywhere and anytime pretty much. I’m only a phone call away. Let us explore together and live out those tempting fantasies. I want to satisfy your desires so badly.


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dirty talking women fuck better

Dirty Talking women

Dirty talking women fuck better than any girl you will ever know. As long as they can back it up. I can surely back it up, baby. There’s no problem there. You will be hooked on me and will never want to fuck another girl.

I can show you how to make me squirt. There’s an art to it, and most men can make it happen. Once you have me, once you are the king of fucking. I can show you how to get a girl wanting you only. A woman needs a good dick, and she will be acting some way. Yes, you can indeed make a girl cum so hard that she loses her mind. Let me show you. First and foremost fuck her nice and slow, then hit that g spot, pump it sternly, and pinch her nipples. You will hear her weep and moan, but she’s not in too much pain because pleasure overpowers. Stick in deeper and deeper follow that rhythm, and You might need a little boost if she first-time squirter, so make sure her clit is stimulated with a toy, then she will explode. You’re welcome 😉


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