Dirty phone talk Mutt Momma

dirty phone talkI’m not one to ever say no to a dirty phone talk fetish! I have my run ins with mutt fucking when i was younger and being an all around dirty GILF now days! See, Fido is my stud and he is always horny! And my little grandbrast are so curious about his big wanky always hanging out. The female that we were going to breed got preggers by a common mutt, so poor big wanky had no loving. Sometimes fate has a way of introducing perverted fetishes on young ones and i thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show my little ladies all about the joys of mutt fucking.

Dirty talking women are mutt fuckers

And this woman is an older coked up whore who needs to see her grandbrast get fucked by Fido. That red rocket is aching for my ass and Mommy Carmen knew my girls would benefit from watching this old gal get down with some mutt dick! I called big wanky in and had him line up to me. I dropped my pantiesd and let Him mount me. I was so thrilled to be servicing my furry friend with the big red rocket dick in front of my granddaughters. I explained that he would jump up and use my granny ass to fuck the living hell out of me! Oh how it felt good when that pointy tip went through my sphincter! I was in heaven having that dirty boy root and rutt inside my butt!

My young ladies clapped and said Go Granny go! I told them all the strip down so they could mastrabte for me while i got mutt fucked! It was so exhilarating as my youngest passed my dope pipe to me and I let that knot go deep inside my ass hole! Granny loves a furry friend mutt butt fuck!

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