Dirty Talking Women Control Perverts

Dirty talking women

You admitting that you are a pervert is a good start. As one of the Dirty Talking Women I know how to control you and make you the perfect jerkoff boy. Your infatuation with my ass is something I put to my use. You need to get on all fours like a good pet.

Are you a good boy? Ok, I give you permission to crawl over to me. Assume the position, pet, and beg. I want you wagging your tongue, sniffering and whimpering with both paws up and on your knees. Good boy. Turning with my back to you I bend foreword. Are you looking at my ass, pet? Yes, go ahead and start sniffing like a good boy now, pet.

As you sniff my juicy gorgeous ass you notice the moistness against the butthole of my panties. It’s a strong sourish odor with a bit of ass juices. You know exactly what that is, cum whore. It’s so cute how your arousal has you getting more inquisitive. Does my pet want to get a lick? As that nose of yours start probing against my bum hole pushing my panties in you feel the most mancream oozing into my panties. Good pets get treats and I think you are doing good pervert. If you want a taste go ahead, and I peel my panties down and my sweet obedient pet can’t control his premature ejaculation. How pathetic you are!

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