Dirty talking women know how to fuck you over

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women know how to manipulate you. I love to make a man so weak he gorgets his damn name. I want to have you wanting to have a piece of me and laughing because you will never get this sweet pussy. See, I am sadistic, and you will have to be just as extreme for you even to have a shot with me.

I love a partner in crime. I like to get high and fuck rough. I do keep you under my spell to show you my body and keep you thinking you are the special one that has won me over. I wouldn’t say I like a whiney, needy loser, so that I will toy with you a bit.

Then when I’ve had my fun, I will inflict some good fashion pain on you. I want you to know that I will be fucking other guys in front of you and making you see what I really need.

Get ready to know that I will forever show you that I am the best little sadistic slut that’s going to make you fall into her trap so easy you won’t know what hits you. I love weak men to ruin, and I like to make you think you are special.

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