Dirty Talking women Love the obscene

dirty talking womenDirty Talking women love the obscene. And I do mean the most obscene sexual shit in the world. My Granddaughter was recently accosted by a man pretending to be a young girl on her Animal crossing game. This led to text messages and even a “play date” being set up. Now, I had gotten suspicious when the “girls” questions on text had turned to talking about each of their bodies. I knew something was amiss. Girls the age of my Granddaughter just don’t have the vocabulary to describe, flat sweet little chest with nubby nipples that are suckable. Intrigued I let it go and just monitored the situation. 


But there is one thing this horny granny did! 


On the day of the play date I dressed my Grand Baby In the sluttiest little girl wear I could. A skirt too short, she had grown out of, and a pair of tights with some small silk panties. And of course a tank top with no training bra! Her Nubbys were on complete display! 


Now, I seen the dad and knew from the way he looked at my granddaughter that he had been catfishing my baby girl! 

It was time for me to do more than a dirty phone talk. It was in person finding out what he likes to do with young darlings like mine! 

Don’t get me wrong I love my phone men and the dirty secrets and confessions about little girls, but this was a full P daddy investigation. One where my cougar cunt was drenched with every cock reaction he had to my questions. 

  1. Do you still take a bath with your little one? 

A: Yes, I have to make sure she is clean, she is too little to do it herself. 

  1. Do you bathe with her

A: Yes, we have a lovely daddy and daughter time. 

  1. Have you ever touched her improperly? 

A: he stutters and says playtime is over! 


But I am going to make him show me all the sexual things he does with his little one with my grandaughters body!

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