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Dirty Talking Women discuss the art of castration.

Dirty talking women                Dirty Talking Women discuss the art of castration. Now that is not the only thing but at the same time it is important to know what methods should be deployed.  A group discussion means everyone has an understanding. We can make it painful. Who uses what. What has been tried and true. Like the castration clippers, the elastrator (with the bands), the CBT, are normally among the favorites. Personally, I am for the pain. That is to say, a dull rusty knife will cause infection and pain.

                At the same time, I won’t always use a rusty knife for it would make a great appetizer for the two of us. Share some cock. They say oysters are an aphrodisiac. Join me in a slice of cock. We don’t hold to boundaries or limits. No, not at all. The Dirty phone talk will have you wanting to cum. Going to tie up those balls and keep it in. Once the castration is complete then you wouldn’t be able to cum at all. No balls, no cum, no cock you have a slit. Just cum out of your ass.

                That is to say if you want me to feed that to you as well. After all the oysters are working and making me even kinkier and dirtier. This dirty minded bitch is called the Snuff Queen Killer Bee for a reason. Stings are deadly. In the mood someone who is nasty and evil then I am here.

Snuff Queen Angie

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Dirty phone talk includes accomplice and victim play with me!

dirty phone talkDirty phone talk includes accomplice and victim play with me! Slutty little teen with a big mean streak so determined to milk your cock for all the perverse scenes imaginable! When you call me you know that I am an open book and Have a few scenes ready to go for you. Adaptable is my trademark.

I can gut and help you with teen rape porn, just as well being your piece of meat to filet. Have you ever done something so dirty that you have kept it to yourself all these years? I might be young but I’m indoctrinated into the world of smutt and p-men already.


Dirty phone talk Harper Likes it dark


I also know that using dope and how it makes one have really evil thoughts to jack off too. Sometimes you just need a skinny young looking fertile whore to use and discard. I will be that for you. Dirty talking women have secrets too, you know? Like how my own daddy had me help him carry out diabolical lust of the flesh! He used me and my sisters like flesh lites and never felt bad for it.

But It’s a good thing for you. Because I really want to do anything to keep an evil cock happy now! Open up to me and let me wiggle my sinful nature around in your brain when you’re the most vulnerable. Little bitch Harper deserves pain, but she can also hash violence with the best of them! I enjoy blasphemy play and good men turned evil. Rip a story out of the headlines and immerse yourself in it. Let’s make the scenes as real as possible. We can do whatever it takes to make you feel good. Let’s explore the darkest corners and enjoy the sadistic pleasures that come with it.


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Dirty Talking Women will breed their young sluts for the right price

Dirty Talking Women are nasty mommies that sell their offspring to dirty daddies. What they really want is to be able to breed a young cunty. Knowing they took their pcock deep into a young ripe slut and fertilize her. After he paid me more than I needed for a few years of living, he right away had me undress her. “Bend over and help her spread her ass,” he says to us.

Dirty Talking Women

As soon as you see her spread ass, you five right in. I watch as you feed off my daughter’s hole. It is like you want to taste inside her womb. I just rub on my clit and hers. Her cunt is hot and she is moaning like a bitch in heat. You quickly stand up and pull your pdick out. It is throbbing and bouncing eagerly wanting to fuck her young body. Finally you pushed up inside her and started humping her hard. “You will have my baby” he moans over and over as he fucks her.

Then my pussy tightens, so I shove my fingers inside my mommy cunt. Hard and fuck myself just like you were fucking my daughter. My pussy doesn’t take long to squirt. This nasty mommy loves seeing tight holes fucked. “Take every drop” you moan out as you start to pump your load inside her. “Squeeze that young cunt and hold my cum inside you” you say as you pull your leaking cock out. I just love when I get Dirty phone talk, where I get to breed my young slut.


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Dirty phone talk fun with Tasha the tease

dirty phone talk

This dirty phone talk princess is going to blow your mind and make you blow your load tonight! I’m a young, slutty blonde with perky tits and a tight cunnie, what more could you possibly want? Get on that phone, dial me up and tell me all of your nastiest fantasies so that I have something kinky and hot to rub my pretty pussy to! Start stroking your hard dick for me and let’s cum together talking about what turns on us the most. My favorite phone fantasy is playing Daddy’s secret fuck toy and teasing him until he can’t take it anymore. You can be my Daddy. What’s going to happen when you sneak into my room to play with my little cunnie and find me fucking myself with a dildo, Daddy? You thought I would be asleep by now but I’ve been rubbing my pussy for hours, hoping you would come play with me. I’ll rub all over my little clit, pump that dildo in and out of my wet cunnie and tell you how much I want you to fuck me. Don’t even try to act like you don’t want to feel my hot, young pussy around your cock because we both know it’s all you’ve been thinking about all day! When I open my legs to let you plunge your thick meat stick into my cunnie, the cum spilling out will let you know that you’re not the first man to have me today. I’ve been home alone with my brother all day but I’m not going to tell you that it’s your own son’s cum you’re eating out of me. I’ll just let you enjoy that sticky, gooey creampie from my young, hot pussy. You’re a filthy, old man Daddy and you’re cum thirsty princess is right here waiting for you. I have my dildo in one hand and I’m spreading my beautiful pussy lips open with the other, just waiting for you to open that door!


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Dirty Talking Women were raised with family fuck

Dirty Talking Women have been in family fucking all their lives. That is what my daddy raised me in. Now I love incest fucking and getting a belly full of sperm from my offspring. Whenever I am in the mood to suck cock, I just go to one of my sons’ rooms. “Mommy needs to eat” I say to them. After years of grooming they do anything mommy wants. So I don’t have to help him pull his cock out.

I just get on my knees and start sucking his big son cock. My mom tits are big and juicy. Like ready to burst utters. Since I have been sucking his cock for a while I know what he likes and what gets him off. Therefore after taking his cock deep in my throat and rubbing on his balls, he sprays my mouth with a big load of thick young son cock sperm. “Mmm mommy loves to taste you” I moaned after swallowing every drop of cum you gave me.

Dirty Talking Women

All the cum you fed me and cock sucking you gave me, made my mommy cunt water. Luckily for me he is young so his cock stays hard. That is why I bent over and showed my wet cunt. “Come fuck mommy” I moan as I rub my clit. I even fuck my pussy back on my sons cock. Finally my pussy started to squeeze on your cock. My cunt squirting on my son’s cock made his balls tighten up. Then my son started to spray inside me and fill me up. My cunt and belly were full of my son’s cum and that is what I love. It is what I was raised on and it is what I raise my offspring to love as well.


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Dirty Talking Women Like Rebecca Getting Cocks Off

Dirty talking womenDirty talking women are all over our sites, and I love all our dirty sluts chatting it up!

Well, darlin’, I ain’t no angel when it comes to talkin’ dirty. I’ve said more filthy things on the phone than I can count. But if you’re lookin’ for a specific number, I’d say I’ve got at least a couple hundred dirty things under my belt.

Now, let me tell ya what kinda things I like to say to get a guy all hot and bothered. First off, I ain’t shy about talkin’ about my body parts. I’ll mention my big tits, my fat ass, and even my juicy pussy. Then, I’ll start in on the dirty stuff. I’ll tell ’em how much I love gettin’ fucked in the ass.

And how much I wanna feel their cock stretchin’ me out.
I’ll moan and groan into the phone, pretendin’ like I’m already gettin’ fucked. I’ll tell ’em how much I wanna taste their cum, and how I’ll do anything to get it all over my face. I’ll even promise to swallow it all if that’s what they want. And let me tell ya, that’s one promise I’ve kept more than once.

Now, when it comes down to it, I ain’t picky. I’ll say whatever it takes to get that guy off. I’ll call ’em names, tell ’em how much I love their big cock, and even beg for them to cum all over my face. It’s all part of the fun, ya know?

So, there ya go. That’s about how many dirty things I’ve said on the phone to get a guy to cum in my face. And trust me, I ain’t done yet. I’m always up for a new dirty trick or a filthy word to add to my repertoire. Oh, and don’t forget, I’m always down for a good fuck too. If you’re looking for someone to get down and dirty with, you know where to find me. Just don’t be shy about askin’, ya hear?


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Who Doesn’t Love Dirty Talking Women Like Lacey Getting It In All Holes

Last night was a blur of hard cocks and dirty talking women, but one thing stands out clearly – the pounding I took from my partner. He was relentless in his pursuit of filling every inch of me with his thick girth. As he thrust into my tight asshole, it felt like he was trying to reach something deep inside me that only he could touch. His hips slapped against my ass cheeks as if they were begging for more while his hands held onto those huge tits of mine, squeezing them roughly as if they were just another part of this twisted game we were playing.

His cock throbbed against my G-spot again and again until I couldn’t take anymore; then he’d pull out only to shove it back in even deeper than before! It felt like being taken by force – which is exactly what I needed at that moment because let’s face it when you want it rough and nasty, there’s no better way than having someone who doesn’t care about your feelings fuck you senseless! The pain mixed with pleasure made me cum harder than ever before; hot sticky juices dri ping down my thighs as he continued to pound away at both holes. By the end of it all, I was a sweaty mess covered in his cum and spit – but strangely enough, that only turned me on more. He left me aching for more which is why when morning came around, I found myself searching for another cock to satisfy this newfound craving within me.

I’m not sure what happened last night or who this person was that took control over my body but one thing’s for certain they made an anal sex queen whore out of me!Dirty talking women

Lacey Rough and Nasty Perfect Slut

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Dirty Talking Women love watching family fun

Dirty talking woman love to see young family members getting fucked. Just like I got rammed by mine. So when I heard noises and whimpering moans coming from my son’s room, I went to investigate. When I took a peek through the door I could see my son was rucking his youngest cousin. She is a small little thing and her holes are even smaller. But somehow my son had forced his cock into her tight bald cunty.

My son was ramming her hard. You would have thought he was fucking his paid hooker. But it was his young little cousin and she was taking it. It was as if they had done this before. Therefore I kept watching. My son grabbed her by the hair and was using that to pull her back onto his cock even more. As if he was making sure he got deep in her guts. No wonder she was whimpering and moaning. you could see his big cock poking out her body. My cunt was moist and starting to drip.

Dirty Talking Women

That is why I just starred to ginger fuck myself to the view of her little hole getting stretched out. My fingers started pumping my mom cunt just like my son was doing to his little cousin’s pussy. Finally I thought he was going to cum. Instead he pulled his cock out and started to rub her clitty while rubbing his cock on her little asshole. So I walked in and positioned myself right by her mouth. “Lick aunty little whore” I say as my son started to push inside her butt hole.

As soon as he was all the way deep in her butt, my son started ramming her hard just like he was doing her pussy. “Show me how you take it and make me cum too” i moan as my son fucks her butt hard.  Finally my son moans out “mom I’m about to fill her up”. Then he started pumping his sperm in her booty. “You’re not done yet” I moaned as I grabbed my niece’s head and pushed it into my pussy more. I wasn’t going to let her stop until I gave her a mouth full.


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Dirty Talking Women like to discuss Sissy bitches.

              Dirty Talking Women like to discuss Sissy bitches.  Next thing you know going to be making you, my bitch. That little slut bag that can take a cock of any size. We all sit and fuck our dildo and decide who has the biggest and then who is the trainer who can make our Sissy bitch into the loosest bitch among all the others. I won! Hands down, taking you through the paces. Showing what I made you into.

                Laughing. To point out that I won means that I am the one that will be tying up any one of the women. Tell you all about it in a Dirty phone talk session that will tell you exactly what I will be doing to you as well. As long as you are the Sissy fucking bitch, and I am the one in control you are going to be taking the huge fucking cocks. Going to be talking them into doing all sorts of nasty things to you.

                All in all, you are going to be fucked like no sissy bitch whore has ever been fucked before. To point out that you are going to be pulled apart, stretched, and completely screwed in every which way possible. That is until you have finally succumbed and willing to be the little sissy whore forever more. Going to be talking to all the other Dirty women about you and what a good Sissy bitch whore you have become.Dirty Talking Women

Nasty Hot Trainer Francine

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Dirty phone talk with your BBW neighbor

dirty phone talkDirty phone talk with your BBW neighbor Catherine with the huge tits gets you off discreetly! You need a Big beautiful slut who knows how to talk dirty and tease you. My voice is sweet and sultry and makes you go into the dirty recesses of your mind conquering up images of me fucking you!
I know that my phone calls always leave you wanting more of me, I can’t help myself though!
My neighbor is hot to trot and I see you wanking on your porch even when the light is off. The silhouette of your cock handling only makes me want to show off more and more of my body. You are thesole reason I put those sheer curtains up and bring my fuck biddies to my house now. MMM, I need you to watch me get my big bouncy ass tapped while you fapp!

Dirty phone talk with your BBW neighbor

I want you to see me get fucked and I rub cum all over my huge tits! One thing though, I want you to know I watch you jerk off! I think about you blowing your load all over me. It is my ultimate fantasy to walk over there and tell your wife you’re mine now. Oh baby, we can play this game as long as you like. Ill leave my windows open so you can hear me doing dirty phone sex talking about you!

Big tits and ass with cute faces like mine bring all married men to my pussy! This BBW young seductress wants you to cum for me! Make no mistake My goal is for you to cum hard and give me your full load. Nope, I will never be satisfied until I am covered in your hot sticky cum ropes! Watch me enjoy myself as I feel it dripping down my face and your wife comes home!


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