Dirty Talking Women are What All Men Need Now

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are what men need in their lives. Everyone knows that women who talk dirty are the best in bed. I am not afraid to say things like, “eat my cunt,” or “lick my asshole.” I love cum. I love cock. I love to fuck. I talk dirty for a living, but that just makes me talk even dirtier at home fucking my family. All my young grand angels know what cock, cunt, pussy, ass, and fuck mean. That also know what snowballing and tea bagging mean too. I believe in teaching littles ones the basics before you start fucking them. I have an open family. Everyone fucks everyone and no one is too young for the family fun. I was late to the incest game with my sons and daughters, but I made up for that with their offspring. I am one dirty grandma. Last night, we had a sleep over at grandmas. We were up all night playing naughty games like naked Twister and guess the candy in granny’s cunt. I woke up with naked little ones in bed with me. I woke them up with my tongue on their little bald cunnies and my lips around hairless cocks. I love being a dirty talker. But what I really love is being a dirty P loving grandma.

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