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Dirty phone talk with young cock milking mommy

Dirty phone talk from a nasty mom like me will have you fulfilling your nasty mom fantasies. Like my son and his friends. “Hunny do you need any help?” I ask as I surprise my son’s friend who was masturbating in my bathroom. “Are those my panties?” I ask while pointing to what was wrapped around his cock. Then he just nodded his head.

After he did that I walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind me. “Let me help you” I say with a smile as I pull my tits out. “I won’t tell anyone what I saw if you do as I want” I say as I take my panties off.  I bend over and tell you to lick my pussy while spreading my ass cheeks. Therefore you start licking me without a clue on what to do.

Dirty phone talk

“Lick me like a Popsicle that’s melting” I say while pinching my nipples. After that he starts licking my pussy just like I told him to. Once I was wet and gooey I said “Now stick your young cock inside me”. Eagerly you pushed your cock inside me and started pumping at my hole.

I just rubbed my clit and let him fuck ne like a bunny rabbit. Finally my pussy clenched and I was squirting from my orgasm. My cunt squeezing him pushed him to orgasm and I could feel his cock pump inside my mommy cunt. “Wow that was better than using my hand” you say as you pull your dick out me.


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Colleen’s a Dirty Talking Women

Dirty talking womenColleen had been married for 20 years and had thought she had it all until her teenage daughter left home for college. All of a sudden she had too much time on her hands and began feeling neglected and lonely. She was a spirited woman in her 40’s and had always had a strong libido. She decided to dive into the online dating scene hoping to find what she was missing.

At first Colleen was just looking for someone to talk to, but it quickly became clear that she was in search of something more. She could sense a familiar excitement stirring deep within her as she flirted with the men she met in the chat rooms. They wanted to take things slowly, but Colleen was not content with that; she wanted more and craved the thrill of a new sexual conquest.

One night, she found herself in bed with a man she had just met online. They had both been drinking and their inhibitions were low. Colleen found herself completely caught up in the moment and didn’t even worry about the consequences of sleeping with a stranger.

The next morning she awoke feeling embarrassed and regretful, but she also couldn’t deny that she had enjoyed herself. She made a decision then and there to not let her loneliness and loneliness lead her astray again.

From then on, she limited herself to meeting people only in person and always insisting on getting to know them first before taking things any further. She may not have been able to keep all her hormones in check, but she was committed to not repeating the same mistake she had made that night.


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Phone sex milf and her mini-me ready to drain your big dick

Phone sex milfPhone sex has become my new addiction! My cunt drips wet from the Dark fantasies you perverts share with me. I cannot stop thinking about the last caller and how badly he wanted to hear my twit moan as I lathered her cunt in saliva. I slipped my finger into her shithole as he requested and had her slurping all her anal juices off of my fingertip. My girls naturally bald slit is beet red from the bruising it endured from the 7 inches used of my 13-inch dildo. She loves when I prepare her cunt before stretching her little hole…

She knows she is nothing but a cock socket during my Mommy phone sex ventures. I always make sure to put the phone on speaker so she can hear word for word how badly you would love to penetrate her shapeless body. She brushes her fingers up against her tiny nipples while I fuck her nice and slow. when I get overwhelmingly wet and have the urge for skin-to-skin contact… I have her bunch up her little first and use mommy like a fisting whore.

There is nothing like the orgasms I receive from her arm being forearm deep inside of me. My princess knows exactly what to do to get my knees buckling… My mini-me is even a squirter! She aspires to be a Phone sex milf like me someday but for now, she will just have to enjoy being momma’s backup dancer.

Fantasy mom Asia

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Collette was made for Dirty phone talk

Dirty phone talkCollette had been having an incestuous affair with her father for years, but still found it exciting every time they talked dirty on the phone. She loved hearing him call her his naughty little slut and describe all the naughty things he wanted to do to her. It made her heart race and her palms sweat.

Tonight, they started with a little banter about what they’d do when they finally got together. Her daddy described how he would undress her slowly, caressing her body as he went. She moaned in anticipation, imagining the sensations.

He then went go down on her, licking her from head to toe. She gasped, her arousal growing with every stroke of his tongue.

Finally, he moved to the main event. He said he wanted to fuck her. He said he wanted her to feel every inch of him inside her. His voice was deep and commanding, and it made her shiver with anticipation.

As the conversation continued, their dirty talk increased in intensity. They both knew it was wrong, but the taboo nature of their relationship made it even more thrilling. In the end, they both reached a fever pitch of pleasure, coming together in a blissful orgasm.

Collette lay in bed afterwards, feeling satisfied and aroused. She knew that this had to stay a secret, but it was something she would always cherish.


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Dirty Talking Women is Something to Be Thankful For

dirty talking women

Be thankful this year for dirty talking women. We help make your life great. A woman like me knows how to get you to explore your hottest taboo fantasies too. When David called me, he wanted a mommy call. But I could sense he wanted more of a family call. However, he seemed shy to tell me he had age play fantasies too. I can tell when a guy has an interest in my offspring. It’s in the questions that they ask.

So, I asked the right questions. And before long David’s dream came true. His real dream. He may have said he wanted to be my mother fucker. But I knew mommy phone sex was not all he wanted. So, I let him explore something kinkier than mommy son sex. I let him fuck his daughter we had from incest. When I told him he knocked up mommy and now we had a daughter who needed his cock too, I could hear him slapping his meat even harder.

He even asked me, “How did I know.” I told him it is my job to pick up the cues and innuendo. Many guys are afraid to say what they want, but there is no need to be afraid or embarrassed. I am a no taboos phone mommy. Nothing will ever be off limits with me.

Dirty Mom Lilibeth

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Dirty phone talk with a teen whore family fucker

Dirty phone talk from a daddy and brother fucking teen slut! It’s my job to make sure Daddy gets his cock sucked regularly and often.

Since he works so hard and has so much stress, the least I can do is make sure he’s taken care of. He comes into my room every morning before work and sucks his big Daddy’s cock. He makes me promise not to tell anyone, but I can’t help it.

I want him to know how much I love him and how much I take care of him. I love him so much.dirty phone talk

There’s nothing better than dumping a nice big load into the mouth of a sexy teen slut to start the day off right! My full-time job is making sure that he and my brothers are all being sexually serviced!

Daddy is tired after work, so he likes to lay on the bed and bounce on his hard cock while I climb on top of him. His favorite way to unwind after work is by giving me a thick cream pie.

I must then move on to my brothers teen cock! Dirty talking women are sexy teen whores like me!

Dirty phone talk teen family fucker gets the cum!!!!

We all take turns pleasuring each other, and daddy loves to watch us fuck. He enjoys the pleasure we give him, and the pleasure we share with each other. He loves to watch us cum together.
🍆 👠 💞 💞
It’s hard to be a good girl but I absolutely love it though. It gives me the best feeling when I go to sleep at night knowing that they’re both satisfied and will be ready to start a new day of teen pussy fucking tomorrow! He always cums in my face and tells me he loves me. I feel so special and loved.

I can’t wait for him to come home so I can show him how much I love him.

Teen Slut Trudy

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Dirty Talking Women are nasty mommies who will help you jackoff

Dirty Talking Women know how to get a young cock off. I woke him up with my hands sliding up his leg. First I pull my tits out, “wake up, mommy needs you to give her what she wants” I say as you open your eyes. Mommy needs you to stroke that dick for her and lick this mommy cunt. “Yes ma’am” my son says as he slides down to my spread legs.

Dirty Talking Women

“Eat me like you are hungry” is what I moan out as I spread my pussy lips. Therefore you start slurping away at my wet cunt. “Start stroking your cock slowly” I instruct him to do. I could feel how he was spending up his stroke, because he was speeding up his licking. “That’s it, you know what mommy likes”. “Don’t stop until you feel mommy’s pussy tighten up. “Mommy knows you love licking her”.

“Ever since you were little” I moan out as my mommy pussy squeezes hard. Finally I squirt all in your young hungry mouth. Then you squirted hard all over your hands. I could see you had a big load you needed to explode from. Mommy gets what she wants and you get Dirty phone talk while eating my cunt. Plus a big load of jizz milked out your balls.


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Dirty phone talk with nasty naughty p-mommy, Melinda.

          Dirty phone talk with nasty naughty p-mommy, Melinda. Now, I am going to tell you that there is nothing I won’t tell you about my own little brats when we are in a call. I will be candid and very frank about some of the nasty bits I have done.Dirty phone talk

          At the same time if you want me to pretend that I have done much worse then I shall. I get off on hearing stories of your exploits and what I have done. There are so many stories I could tell you about. What I intend to do and this p-mommy has had dirty talking women over and we swap stories. If you are of a mind to join and hear some kinky naughty stories hit me up and I will share all of them. As long as you are in a call with me.  


P-Mommy Melinda

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Dirty Talking Women are Submissive Whores in Need of Cock

Dirty Talking Women are also very Submissive. I am a Submissive Whore named Eliana and I love getting used. Seriously just do whatever you want with all three of my holes. My face hole, my cunt hole and my asshole, are all for your use.

Obviously as a girl of taller stature, at nearly 6 feet tall, guys can feel weak. And of course I am also very dominant, mostly. But when I was forced into submitting and exploring the submissive side of domination… I could not resist!

Often times I like the idea of just not being the one in control. Many guys expect that from a tall chick. My expectations from shorter Masters are that they better just enjoy using a taller whore. Let’s be honest a woman hovering over you makes you instantly small.

Finally you should really revel in this height difference. That is if you are a shorter guy. And really make me the small one. I hope you are up for the challenge, little man!

Dirty Talking Women

Submissive Kinky Eliana

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Dirty Talking Women Can Be Sexy T-Girls Too

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be transexuals too. I talk like a sailor. And I fuck like one too. Perhaps it is my 10-inch cock, LOL. Although I have a big cock, I am feminine. I enjoy looking good and perfecting my femininity. When I met Marc, I was honest about my special nature. Panty surprises seem risky in today’s climate.

However, Marc did not know what a T-girl really was. He thought I just dressed up like a girl. Many men make that mistake. That is a drag queen or a transvestite. A shemale lives her life as a woman. But with one glaring exception, I am all woman. I have breasts and long hair. I wear make-up too. But Marc was confused. He tried to pull my hair off because he thought I was a transvestite. This is no wig.

I brought him home. Even though I knew it was risky, I wanted to give him a proper education on shemales. An education that included a hardcore ass fucking. Marc deserved it. Some of the questions he asked me were just ignorant. Not that I am a politically correct person. Not by a long shot. But he questioned my dick. He assumed I must have a tiny limp one.

Most Men Want My Big She-Cock

And I felt the need to show him that I possess a ten-inch hard cock. As I figured, my cock was bigger than his. Way bigger too. My dick can handle any ass too. Marc found out. Now, this hot phonesex babe knows not all men want a ten-inch cock in their assholes, but I do not always care.

 Although I used lube, he still screamed like a bitch. Perhaps I gave it to him harder than I would you, but he questioned my cock’s ability to work. I had to show him. And show him I did. I fucked his ass for hours. Now, Marc will think twice before he questions a shemale again.

Sexy Shemale Carla

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