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Threesome sex stories settle in, pull out the dick.

Threesome sex stories                Threesome sex stories settle in, pull out the dick. To begin with I have been itching to tell this story. As shown above a threesome with three women is cum worthy all on its own. Still to have it with two women and yourself.  That is just as important.

                With this in mind. This is a true story about my first threesome with a man and woman. I was young, very young indeed. In fact, I was just barely legal drinking age. I met the bartender. He insisted he had a nine-inch dick. Even wore a shirt proclaiming it. I digress. I thought he was hot. He thought I was hot.

                We had a lot of fun teasing and flirting. Talking nasty. I quickly learned that he was taken and as that has never stopped me before, well I got to know his girlfriend. She was short, spunky, and killer body. For this reason, it wasn’t hard to get to like her. Next thing you knew we were making out in the bar. Let everyone watch.

                Until finally the day came when she invited me home with them. We did some candy at her place. Then we took the candy to bed with us. Taking it off his dick. He really did have a nine-inch dick. Kissing around his cock.

                Putting the candy on my clit and sitting down on his face. While she rode his cock and then we would switch and I would ride his cock a while. To point out that we fucked until the wee hours of the morning with no end insight was exhilarating.

                To be sure fun was had. Never came so hard in my life. We are some nasty Dirty talking women when we get together and rehash the old stories.

Sexy Jacking Mom Valentine

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Dirty Talking Women Should Never Have Limits

dirty talking womenDirty talking women love to show off their big tits. I have two jobs. I am a phone bone babe. And I also strip for a living. I’ve been doing the phone thing for a decade now. However, stripping I started when I turned 18. So, half my life I’ve been in the adult industry. And I would not want it any other way. Since I never even finished high school, this might be the best money I can ever make legally, LOL.

Although I still strip, I moved into management at the club. Currently, I hire the new talent and oversee the girls. Recently, I hired a barely legal girl. But she possessed too much sass to make money. Still, I wanted to give her a chance. Men love a tight, tiny teen girl. She could fulfill men’s schoolgirl fantasies. So, I paired her in the VIP room with a very rich daddy. One who would help her lose her princess attitude.

In the Adult Industry, Girls Cannot Have Limits to Make Bank

For a stripper, she has too many rules. Girls with limits will never make bank. However, taboo phone girls can get rich quickly. This daddy will tip her well, but she must do a lot of things on her no no list to get it. I train girls to be greedy whores. If they cannot make themselves money, they cannot make the club money. So, I tested her with a wealthy patron who would make her work for every dime.

And boy did he. She had to lick his ass. And he made her do more too. He came on her face. Pissed on her titties. And had her crawling around on the ground begging for his money and his nut. But she made $4,000 just from him alone. Sure, she lost a little bit of her dignity. But I don’t see it that way. You lose your dignity when you cannot pay your rent and you end up homeless. The club or phone sex, neither should employ girls with silly limits or standards. I train girls to be like me. Dirty, greedy whores.

Sexy Slut Cassandra

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Dirty Talking Women Like Rena Are The Best Whores Around

Dirty talking womenWhen it comes to dirty talking women, we all know they make the best whores, am I right?  Whether it’s meeting you and telling you they’d love to get that nice cock deep down your throat.  Or that they bet your dick fits nicely in their wet cunt.  Or maybe it’s during foreplay when they whisper all those nasty things in your ear “Baby, I want you to rip me open and make it hurt, promise?” as the whore licks your ear blowing into it at the same time, sending chills down your spine.

For me, Rena, I love all kinds of dirty talk. Nothing is off limits.  I may tell you I want you to “rape my pussy and don’t let me get away, be rough with me, I want it real rough!” Because who doesn’t love a cock inside you as your hands are being pinned down and you are acting like you want to squirm and get away. But really you know that when that cock has control of your pussy, it makes it super hard. When it’s super hard, it will make you want to start cumming uncontrollably on his cock

I especially love talking dirty when you are inside me.  The feeling after I tell you how nasty I want to get, it’s unreal. I want you more and more every time I feel you get harder as I talk those nasty words to you.  You want to fuck my brains out? You want my cum dripping down your cock? You want me to lick your balls after to clean both our cum off of your dripping balls and cocks, my mouth is your vacuum! Let me clean you up lover!

Want to get nasty with me and talk dirty? Give me, Rena a call and let’s get dirty together!


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Dirty Talking Women Control Cock Sucking Men

Dirty talking women are constantly making men horny. However my dirty talk is all about controlling cock sucking men like you. Do not deny the lure of a sexy babe making you her little cock sucking beta bitch.

Do I really control men and make them suck cock for me? That answer is yes. In fact that is why many guys call me. I find it so gratifying to hear a grown man beg for permission.

Now, I would like to know if you would really let a babe like me control you? My thoughts are this. First off it is a yes. Like after all to simply have my attention and being able to connect with me is going to drive you to cum instantly.

Next thing is how you address me as Mistress and confess to your doings. Tell me about your cravings of dick and how you will submit to me.

Dirty talking women

Dirty Godess Gemini

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Taboo phone girls who are into Mutual masturbation

Taboo phone girlsTaboo phone girls help perverts like you shake those stimulating thoughts. You need relief, I know sometimes it gets so overwhelming… Especially with it warming up outside you can’t help but eye all those sweet little eye candy sluts. I mean young girls nowadays dress in the most sleaziest things. They wear those cotton crop tops with no bra and you can see their hard nipples poking through… Oh, and those tight biker shorts how they contour their bald slits.

They are such a tease, aren’t they? You can’t help the filthy thoughts that stroll through your mind… But, of course, your guilty conscience helps you refrain from taking it too far. So, you call me for a safe space to indulge in those thoughts. You love knowing that Dirty Talking Women like myself exist… We are what helps ease that perverted mind of yours and get those big balls of yours to explode.

It’s almost like Phone therapy except these thoughts aren’t something you can tell your actual therapist.. So, you seek a phone whore that knows and understands you… After all, that is what we are here for! To be your getaway and used as your scapegoat… What turns you on even more is knowing that you aren’t masturbating alone… Your wife could never know what strolls through that mind of yours which is why you seek a mistress like myself to guide you through masturbation and relieve you of a massive load.

I’ve got so many Erotic sex stories that’ll have you constantly coming back for more.

Phone sex therapist Cleona

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Dirty Talking Women know how to use little fuck toys

Dirty Talking Women know how to use their sissy offspring boycunt. “Suck daddies cock” says your tick daddy of the night. Right away you get on your knees and suck his cock meat all down your throat. I have trained you so well that your sissy clitty gets hard whenever you suck dick. Therefore I bring your little sis in the room. “Open your mouth little slut” I say as I push her down to your sissy clitty.

Fantasy mom

“Suck it like grandma has taught you” I say sternly. Your cock keeps fucking my sissyboys mouth hard he starts choking. “That’s the sound that tells me you’re ready to get fucked” he moans out as he pops his cock out your sissy mouth. “Ride pdaddies cock like a good whore” he demands of you. Since you have been groomed well you get right on his cock. That sissy cunt can take all his dick, just like I have taught you.

“Keep sucking on your sissy brothers clitty” I demand of your little sister. She knows to not disobey me. Therefore she sucks you hard while you grind your sissy pussy on that pdaddy trick. Finally he starts to pump his sprem inside you. That makes you explode from your sissy clitty into your little sister’s mouth. This nasty bitch loves using her little fuck toys to milk your pdaddy cock. It’s the best way to make money. 


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Dirty Talking Women Like Deanna Like to Kiss And Tell

They call me another dirty talking women bragging about the good hookups and the bad.Dirty Fucking Womenra was still buzzing from getting fucked so hard. Then you called and wanted to know about the last big black cock I had gotten in my tight little fuck holes.  You wanted to talk dirty while you stroked your cock and hear all my nasty adventures. Oh there was a lot of cum worthy stories,  The operator, a man with a deep voice, asked me what I wanted.

I told him I just had the wildest sex with a big black cock. I described in detail how it felt to have my tight pussy stretched by such a thick cock. I moaned and groaned into the phone, making sure to emphasize how much I loved being a dirty slut.

The operator got more and more turned on by my stories. He started breathing heavily into the phone, and I could tell he was getting close to cumming. I continued to describe the dirty details of my encounter, telling him how I begged for more and how I came hard around his cock.

Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore. He moaned loudly into the phone and told me he was cumming. I could hear the pleasure in his voice as he shot his load, imagining it all happening to me.

As soon as he finished, I hung up the phone, satisfied with my dirty deed. I knew I was a bad whore, but I loved every second of it. I couldn’t wait for my next wild adventure.

Deanna Leaves Showing It All

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Dirty talking women talk about anything to make you cum

Dirty talking women all have one thing common between them. That is that we love catering to cum obsessed Jack off perverts! Listening to you jack your cock off for me as I get my lube bad insert a big black butt plug in my ass is so yummy! I want to know just how your going to use your blonde slut to get your big nuts off! Am I the sexy prostitute mommy who needs a lesson in pain and humiliation?
Or am I that cum filled cunt that has been taking loads at the gangbang all night long.

There are so many different ways for me to be your nasty Dirty phone talk whore! All This dirty hooker wants is to feel you inside me, so deep that I can feel every drop of cum you give me.Paint my womb with your semen before or after I go seeking more cock to do some blow and get creampied! Let me lap it all up so I can taste your juices on my tongue! Spray me down so I may feel it run down my hot stripper body.

dirty talking womenDirty talking women talk about anything to make you cum

We will cum so hard that we can’t move after.
Set us a scene and let me run away with it and make your cock so fucking happy thta you found a trashy whore. From gangbangs to cuckolding and all the fucked up delights you cna think of, Hadley is your dirty whore! I’ll make sure to make you cum so hard you’ll be coming back for more. I’m the dirtiest whore you’ve ever met and you won’t regret it.

Please, cum all over my tits and face! Let me feel it drip down my chin and onto my body.

Cum for my No taboo phone sex baby!

Harcore Hadley

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Dirty Talking Women Can be Sick Bitches Too

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are not all the same. That is the beauty of this kind of business. You can speak to a sweet mommy or a GFE babe or a sadistic bitch like me.  I am not for the vanilla guys. Consider yourself warned. My specialties involve pain and murder. Your pain or your murder. Not mine.

I am too sadistic and too dominant to let you do anything to me. Some men try, but they fail. And then they die. Take Brad for example. He hired me to help him kidnap some young brat he gets boners for. Since he paid me, I believed him. Turns out he thought he could get my services and flip the ending.

We kidnapped this brat, and I helped hold her down while he fucked her brains out. He killed her and I disposed of her body. I mean that is why he hired me. However, he wanted his money back. He never intended on really paying me. But he did in the end. He paid me in cash and with his life. Because if you try to renege on a deal with me, or if you try to force fuck me, you die. Plain and simple. I need to send a clear message that Brad fucked up. And I do not tolerate fuck ups.

I am Not Your Typical Woman, I am a Sick Bitch

My message appeared clear with Brad because I live streamed me torturing him before I snuffed him out. Taboo phone girls love violence and gore. So, I beheaded Brad live on the dark net, so no one would think twice about fucking with me. But I did castrate him first. That was just for fun.  He did not know how to use his dick properly, so I took the cock and the balls. Used a rusty old knife to make it hurt even more.

The only loser last night would be Brad. He lost his balls; he lost his cock and then he lost his life. But me? I got Brad’s money. And I got to kill and torture him sending a clear message to all my future clients. Don’t double cross me.

Sick Bitch Venus

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Dirty Talking Women love watching you use a little slut

Dirty Talking Women love seeing a little hole get fucked hard. That is why when you were Caught stroking your cock with our little sluts panties , I was all for it. We walk in and I take her blanket off. While I take her panties off I say “Stroke your cock to her little body”. You have been wanting this for so long and the way your cock is bouncing tells me you need it. Then you watch as I rub my fingers up and down her slit.

Dirty Talking Women

“Taste our daughter” I say as I stuff my fingers in your mouth. As you lick my fingers you stroke your cock even faster. “I want to taste her more ” you moan out. I take my panties off and start rubbing my cunt and say “lick your little sluts pussy”. Therefore you get your mouth right on her little bald pussy. After some licking I see her start to wiggle on your mouth. “She loves daddy licking her twat” I moan out.

My cunt was needing more. That is when I grab her little hand and push it up my cunt. She wiggled her fingers a bit as I started humping her. I slide my pussy more and more on her pushing her elbow deep inside me. That’s when I fuck her hard. As soon as her eyes open my pussy squirts all over her. “Open your mouth up for daddy” you say as your cock starts to explode. Finally you got what you wanted and I helped you get it. That is  part of Dirty phone talk, we get to be as nasty as we want.



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