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Dirty Phone Talk with Lot Lizard Deanna

dirty phone talkI love some dirty phone talk and I’m I’m not just some loose pussy lot lizard either; I make good money off being a whore too! Married men can’t resist stopping by for a quick fuck session when they see this trailer trash with her tits hanging out and ass wiggling in front of them. They cum inside me while their wives are in the gas station buying snacks without any care for who might find out about their dirty little secret. And let me tell you, there have been plenty of times where word got back to those poor unsuspecting women about what happened to their “faithful” husbands while they were gone.

The best part is that no matter how much cum ends up inside or all over my body, I always come back wanting more. My cunts are so dam nasty and addicted to cock that they ache for it constantly. And let’s not forget about my ass – it’s always begging for some good pounding action too!
So yeah, I’m the definition of a nasty cum slut. I’ll talk dirty to you and make you cream your pants without even trying.

My mouth isn’t just dirty because I suck a lot of cock, it stays dirty with those dirty dicks I suck at the truck stops.  They love when I come up to them and ask the boys to let me suck some cock for some quick cash.  Those boys can’t throw money at me fast enough.  Before I know it, they are lining up and showing me the money.  I tell each one in their truck how much bigger and better they are than the last guy, Blowing their loads before I even get a chance to puke on their cocks.  Too easy!

I live to serve men and take their filth without any hesitation or shame. If you need a place to drain your balls, come find me; I promise you won’t be disappointed by this old granny whore who craves nothing but cock and cum… especially from her own family members!

Deanna Leaves Showing It All

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Dirty Talking Women Telling Filthy Phone Sex Stories

I may be one of those Dirty talking women your mama said to keep out of your pants, but I make it my job to get in them.  Nothing makes me happier than being a nasty little whore over the phone.  As I massage my wet cunt with the head of my huge black dildo, I am loving the sound of your panting into the phone on the other end.  I walk you through every detail of our encounter .

I’ll mention my big bouncing tits, my fat ass, and even my juicy pussy.  All the things I know men beg me to get their mouths on.  But it’s your mouth on this dirty whore’s body right now, it’s it lover? You are the one I want to feel licking me and slobbering on me.  I am the one who will slobber all over that cock as I let you get your cock sucked on our call.

Then, I’ll start in on the really dirty stuff. I’ll tell ’em how much I love gettin’ fucked in the ass and even how I love sucking cock after I get fucked in my shit hole. I’ll say something about how I wanna feel your huge cock stretchin’ me out.

I’ll moan and groan into the phone, as if it’s’ like I’m already gettin’ fucked by your big cock instead of my dildo pounding away at it.  I’ll tell you how much I wanna taste your cum, and how I’ll do anything to get it all overDirty talking women my face. I’ll tell you how I’ll even swallow that load you want to shoot all down my throat  they want. And let me tell ya, that’s one promise I’ve kept more than once.

I’ll beg on my hands and knees for their cum and tell them to squirt it all over my slutty face and body. Nothing is hotter than a whore covered in a mans jizz that he shot at her like a hose putting a fire out.



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Dirty talking women are sure to be dirty Moms.

Dirty talking womenDirty talking women are sure to be dirty Moms. Now add in the love of incest and we have a party happening. All night long taking my sons cocks in every fucking hole. Ass to mouth, mouth to cunt, cunt to ass and back again. Around the world with this Incest Mom whore who simply loves talking with the other dirty nasty moms to get more ideas.

Obviously we need to keep it on the down low. Wouldn’t want too many people to know that we are having incest sex with our sons and daughters. No matter the age. At the same time there are so many things to explore and expand our knowledge on. It must be remembered that sharing is caring.

Knowing that fucking in numerous positions, different styles, what will make those younger cocks that are long, hard, and filled with cum last even longer on us means many hours of Dirty phone talk. This is never a doubt.

In conclusion when one gets off we all get off and that is what we really do live for. Fucking our family and having numerous orgasms. Repeatedly.

Dirty Incest Mom Pamela

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Dirty Phone Talk Sluts Cut To The Chase

Dirty phone talk when your pussy is getting pounded is about the best you can ask for.  I get really crazy, or so they say. Butd on’t worry babe; if things get too intense or loud, my neighbors won’t hear a thing over the sound of our moans and groans. Trust me, they’re used to it by now. I love when you treat me like a dirty little slut and I love acting like one even more.  Taking your cock out, already rock hard and getting to work on this cunt that needs fucked, atta boy!

Oh yeah, that’s it! Stick that right in my slut hole and treat me like a bad whore in church.

You know just how much I love it when you take charge. Toss me around I don’t give fuck, it makes my cunt feel even better.  Slap a bitch if it makes your cock hard, that’s what I’m here for.  Use and abuse the fuck out of my body and I’ll do the same our Fuck that tight pussy and treat me like a little whore on Christmas! Don’t stop now…I need more of your cock inside me. It feels so good sliding in and out of my tight pussy. This sloshing from my cum making it like your are swimming in there, but oh it’s so good!. Fucking hell yes! That spot right there – keep hitting it again and again until I can’t think straight anymore. Let’s take fuck my brains out to a whole new level baby!

Pound my ass like you do my pussy. I need every slut hole treated like the slut I am.  Stretch my ass out and make me bleed, I don’t want to be able to walk tomorrow because your cock filled me up so good today.

Oh the hot phonesex we will have, give this slut a ring sooner rather than later!

Dirty phone talk

Bobbie- Dirty Skank

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Dirty phone talk Dr. G wants more than talk, she wants dick.

Dirty phone talk          Dirty phone talk Dr. G wants more than talk, she wants dick. I’m just a girl who can’t say no. I sure am in a fix. I always get turned on and horny with naughty talk. This Doc likes to play with her patients. What are you going to do when your specialist comes up behind you. Pulling your head down into her fucking large breasts. Smothering you.

          Straddle you. Riding on that cock through your pants. It’s just not enough for the no limits phone sex doctor. Wanting no needing to feel your hard length as far up into this pussy as what it can get. Not later but NOW! Pulling it out, your head entering the hot tight cavern. You cock immediately engorged. Quivering.

          Knowing it won’t take long for either of us. As long as we both cum it will be great. Your quivering member filling, stretching, and finally fucking me into oblivion. That is until your next appointment with you therapist, Dr. G.

Sexy Busty Sophisticated Dr. Ginger

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Dirty talking women like Mommy Susan Need Cocks in Their Mouths

It’s always the dirty talking women like myself who get in trouble but my solution is to put a cock in my mouth to shut me up.  Otherwise I have this thing when I get horny, I can’t stop talking about the nasty dirty taboo things that no one should be discussing. Those are my favorite topics. If it makes your cock hard, I don’t care how taboo it may be.  I love talking to men about the nasty things they want to do with my little brats in particular.  I love telling them about my son’s huge cock and how many times I’ve had it shoot it’s load straight down my mommy throat.  I love my boys cum squirting down my throat as I scream,

“Give me all that cum son, mommy wants it all!” or maybe it’s more like

“Shove that huge cock down mommy’s throat” and of course who wouldn’t oblige to that request.

I love telling you to shove that cock in my ass as we are messing around.  Then tell you how much I want to suck you off to clean it off after it’s been deep in the parts of my asshole that you didn’t dare think you could get to.  I’ll lick that ass off you in no time baby, then make you kiss me like a dirty whore that I am.

Give me that load in every slut hole you want, you choose, I’m just your little cum dumpster mommy whore that wants to drain those thick full balls like no one has ever done to you before. That’s what dirty cum whores do to their boys, men, fuck boys, etc.

So come talk dirty to me and let’s have some fun together..dirty talking women

Mommy Susan- Nasty Milf

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Dirty Talking Women Compare Threesome sex stories

Dirty Talking WomenYou love when your wifey has those Dirty talking women over.  You sit outside the living room stroking your sausage while you listen to these whores chat about random men pounding their slut holes until they fall over unable to move anymore from the amount of thrusts inside their little cum dumpy holes.  They love the orgy and threesome stories as if their little holes were competing for most cum in a week or since last time these whores were in the same room together.

These slutty milfs were pulling their skirts up and pants down for each other.  Overhearing one needed to have someone look at her cunt after the plumber who is apparently a nice large black man took the plumbing job very seriously and did some damage to your wifes friend.  You peaked closer from my hiding spot in the room and sure enough, her chubby mommy cunt was bruised, swollen and you could tell her little hole had a rough fuck recently. That may be the biggest pussy I had ever seen seen.

She talks in detail about how the BBC had her in the toilet with toilet water all over from the leak, which is why he was over in the first place. He told her once she bent over the pick up some towels to drop her drawers and she just sort of fell in line to his demands from there. Next thing she knew she was bent over the front porch getting rammed by the plumber and neighbors watching and he had he her in such trance.

These women were having no shortages of stories to tell as you hid in almost plain sight playing with that cock as you listened to the story of what dirty little whores were right there among you.

Deanna Leaves Showing It All

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Dirty talking women, comparing cocks and clucking.

Dirty talking women          Dirty talking women, comparing cocks and clucking. It’s important to remember that when you get a bunch of women together we’ll cluck like chickens. Sharing stories and gossiping. Now, when we’re all together we love to play with ourselves. Pussies and boobies all out on display.

          Reaching across and pinching a nipple as a particular story catches our fancy. Laughing about how the tape measure is a valuable tool that women know how to use much better than any man. The most compelling evidence is the fish stories. Those fish keep getting bigger.

          Now, lay your cock out to watch us measure your length. Listen to exchange stories of all the erotic sex stories that we have had and of which we intend to have. In conclusion if you are looking for a bunch of horny nasty women then look no further than a bunch you younger milf moms who like being a p-mom.

Goddess Melinda

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Dirty phone talk Slut Reesa Loves To Get Down

Dirty phone talkHey there, stud. I couldn’t help but notice your pants getting a little full from across the room. You’ve got that look in your eyes that tells me you’re up for a wild ride tonight. And let me tell ya, I’m all about giving it to you just the way you like it.

First things first, when we get back to my place, I’ll make sure to give those lips of yours a taste they won’t forget. My tongue will be exploring every inch of your body while my hands roam freely over your hard muscles. I love feeling a guys hard body, every inch of it.  Not just that six pack but that hard cock packed with cum is a good feel too.

Once we’re nice and heated up, I’ll take control and show you what this party girl is capable of. We can start off slow with some teasing kisses and gentle nibbles on your neck before moving down south where things really heat up.

I want to feel every part of you against me as our bodies explore what’s unknown to them, but it won’t be unknown for long, will it baby? Let’s explore each other’s desires without holding anything back – no limits or boundaries here. We can get as dirty as we want on the phone, no limits phone sex is the only way to go. From incest to sissy sluts to cuckolding, to BDSM, I want it all!

I want it dirty, raunchy, gross, hot, taboo, trashy, slutty, name calling, and so much more!

You know what gets me going? A little bit of role play action! How about pretending we’re two strangers meeting at a bar? We can act out all those dirty fantasies that have been running through our minds since we locked eyes earlier tonight.

And don’t worry babe; if things get too intense or loud, my neighbors won’t hear a thing over the sound of our moans and groans. I have ball gags to ensure we will be quiet, I’m always prepared.

Reesa - Fucked My Way Up

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Colleen’s a Dirty Talking Women

Dirty talking womenColleen had been married for 20 years and had thought she had it all until her teenage daughter left home for college. All of a sudden she had too much time on her hands and began feeling neglected and lonely. She was a spirited woman in her 40’s and had always had a strong libido. She decided to dive into the online dating scene hoping to find what she was missing.

At first Colleen was just looking for someone to talk to, but it quickly became clear that she was in search of something more. She could sense a familiar excitement stirring deep within her as she flirted with the men she met in the chat rooms. They wanted to take things slowly, but Colleen was not content with that; she wanted more and craved the thrill of a new sexual conquest.

One night, she found herself in bed with a man she had just met online. They had both been drinking and their inhibitions were low. Colleen found herself completely caught up in the moment and didn’t even worry about the consequences of sleeping with a stranger.

The next morning she awoke feeling embarrassed and regretful, but she also couldn’t deny that she had enjoyed herself. She made a decision then and there to not let her loneliness and loneliness lead her astray again.

From then on, she limited herself to meeting people only in person and always insisting on getting to know them first before taking things any further. She may not have been able to keep all her hormones in check, but she was committed to not repeating the same mistake she had made that night.


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