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Dirty Talking Women have big cocks too

Dirty Talking Women have big juicy cocks. I love sissy whores who drool over my cock. “Get on your knees bitch and open your mouth!” As you open your mouth I tease you with the head of my cock. Your mouth is hungry and you suck my hard cock into your mouth like a vacuum. “What a hungry slut you are” is what you hear as I start pounding your slutty mouth. Then you start to choke and i keep fucking you. When you pass out I laugh and lube my tranny cock up.

Then I wake you up by shoving my cock in your sissy pussy. “Wake up and milk my cock slut”. After you feel me deep inside your whore hole you start bouncing your sissy pussy back at me. I grab you by the back of the neck and use you to jack my dick off. “Keep going whore I want you to get every drop of semen out of my big she-balls”. With every nasty word that comes out my mouth you bounce your pussy harder.

Dirty Talking Women

You love hearing me treat you like my nasty cum slut. The words coming out my mouth makes you think more and more about my semen spraying out my cock into your manpussy. Finally my cock starts pumping my thick lady nut juice inside you.”take all my nut you cum rag” i moan out and you love Dirty phone talk, so you can help but let your clitty leak all over. “Good job, now clean up my the nut mess bitch”


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Dirty Talking Women know how to be submissive sluts

Dirty Talking Women love being submissive for their master. They will always be ready to eat a big master cock. I know after days of not being fed and being thirsty, I look forward to my master taking me out of my cage. Yesterday he finally decided to let me free, but to use me as his toilet. After I crawled out of my cage I beg my master to please feed. With his back hand to my face I get back in line and just open my mouth.

“You worthless whore, you know not to speak out of term and to never ask anything of me”. “ I apologize, master, please forgive me” is all I could say before he slapped my stupid mouth. Then I opened it right back up and my master pulled his cock out and started pissing. I was so dehydrated that I swallowed every drop of his piss. But the hunger pains were making my body weak. He told me to get up and bend over and as soon as I did, his paddle hit my ass.

Dirty Talking Women

First it was feeling good, but then the pain got so bad I couldn’t feel my hunger pains anymore. All I could think about was my ass hurting. When I was about to fall over, he stuffed his cock in my mouth again and fed me a cock meat sandwich. I was so hungry as soon as I tasted his pre-cum I started sucking his cock even harder. Finally, his hard dick was started to pump his semen into my mouth. Since my master had not fed me I ate every single drop like it would be my last meal. Who knows when my master would remember to feed me again.  


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Dirty Phone Talk with Dirty Talking Women is Therapeutic

Dirty Phone Talk with Dirty Talking Women is Therapeutic. That is the truth. Why?, is what you may be asking yourself. Honestly the answer is quite simple.

Let me outline the reasons for you. First off this is a rather discrete way to confess to something. These confessions vary so wildly and turn into total jerk off sessions. Think about this: A sensual voice whispering things in your ear that drive you wild.

What are the kinks that you hide in the back of your brain? These are the very things you can tell your kinky phone sex girl. Seriously when you utter the words “I want to suck cock” to a dirty talking babe, things transcend.

Maybe you are Bi curious and would never openly admit that to your real girlfriend or wife. That is exactly why girls like me are here. We *Dirty talking babes* are here for exploring all things with you that you rather be discrete about.

Ok, maybe you are just a pervert and need to express that fully.

Dirty Phone Talk

Dirty Phone Mistress Gemini

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Dirty Talking Women are Mothers, Wives and Sisters Too

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are mothers, wives, sisters, daughters and aunts too. Most of us are the madonna and the whore all rolled up into one.  I know I am. Although, I do look like a slut and I have fake tits, I am a normal woman too. I know when to be a whore and when to be a soccer mom. Yesterday, I picked my sons up from a friend’s house. The parents were not around. Apparently, the parents went out of town, and my sons failed to mention that they were sleeping over at a home with no adult present.

My boys smelled like pot. They did not think I knew the smell. Please. I smoke sometimes too. The boy whose house it was pulled out his cock in front of me and my boys. His boldness startled me. I wondered if my boys said something about our incest fun. The boy appeared stoned out of his mind. But he was in lust. His words. My youngest said, “dude, that’s our mom.” They boy had a nice cock.

Dirty Sexy Phone Sex MILF

Since no parental units were around, I blew him. I can be a fantasy mom. I love young boys. I just was not expecting to give a blowjob a teenage boy in his home with my boys watching. The boy was too stoned to remember it likely. I took my boys home to fuck. It was only fair. I mean it was not very motherly of me to blow their school friend in front of them. But then they know I am a mommy whore.


Sexy Mommy MaryAnne

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Dirty Phone talk hooker whore

dirty phone talkDirty Phone talk hooker whore knows how to get free dance classes. All it takes is bartering my well used cunt. A whore always knows what she has between her legs. and my pussy is golden. take that how ever you want, but I’m that super do it all freak that loves kinky sex. But I had thought this mother fucker was queer. Turns out he has a dirty secret.

He loves porking bitches behind his husbands back. I guess you could say he was gay for pay. His man is a very powerful business man who has set him up with his own dance studio. Its not that my instructor was bad at what he did, he just needed a and out. And I guess a place to pick up hot strippers who dance for a living.

Dirty talking women like me have side jobs where we still have to dance and fuck in the back rooms for coke money. And if I can get some strange cock i have more stories to tell my cuckolded husband.  The thing I didn’t know was my Husband and his husband had grew up together. and My man was pissed his friend was being used like this!

So we set up our very pwn gang bang with some big black dicks to help My dance teacher get used to getting fucked in the ass more! Oh you shoud have seen his face when three huge football players of African decent descended upon his little faggot ass. The way he screamed out and begged for them to stop made my cunt soaked. 

I just had to suck some ass off a cock and get porked myself! I don’t think we cured him, but he will be getting weekly sessions until he confesses his crimes to his man! I might be a kinky phone sex whore but I’m an ally and i hate people getting used. Use my body all you like my man knows what I do for a living!


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Dirty Talking Women Can Be Sissy Trainers

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women can be sissy trainers too. I have been a dominant woman all my life. Just who I am. A confident, sexy woman who takes no shit from any guy. Most men want to be my sissy. Some, however, become a sissy unwillingly. It is not my nature to force a guy into doing anything he does not want, but I will never let a man force himself on me or treat me with disrespect. Not who I am. When I met Matt on Tinder, he agreed to not get rough with me. I was clear that I am a dominant woman. I can be equal with a man, but never submissive. He was just looking for a sexy woman to fuck. I just wanted a big cock. This guy lied. Not only did he lie about having a big cock, but he also lied about just wanting to fuck. He wanted to make me his bitch. He was a misogynistic asshole, and I did not take kindly to his attempts to own me. I gave him some cock and ball torture. I am stronger than I look. I told him I am a professional dominatrix and a sissy trainer, but he did not believe he had messed with the wrong woman until I texted for backup. I brought over a black bull to show my Tinder date some proper manners. He fucked his ass so hard that my Tinder date might never walk straight again. I told him I was a woman not to be messed with.

Sissy Trainer Coraline

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Dirty Talking Women like aunty teach you things

Dirty Talking Women know how to introduce you to family fun. Aunty is the best one to show you how to make a woman feel good. Your parents found you jacking off to my stockings and they thought I could help. I walked into your room and just like they said you were wanking your young peepee to aunties stockings. You jumped up with cock in hand when you saw me there. I walked over and sat on your bed. I took my clothes off and spread my legs for you. I pointed to my aunty cunt and told you to give aunty sloppy wet kisses. You did as I asked and started kissing my aunty cunt. I wanted more and grab your head and just started face fucking your mouth with my milf pussy. He kept stroking his dick and rubbing it on aunties thighs and stockings. When aunty sprayed your face you sprayed aunty with your cum all over her fishnets.

Dirty Talking Women

You got happy when heard aunty giving you Dirty phone talk and telling you she was going to where your semen stockings around.


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dirty talking women keep you coming back

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women, keep you coming back for more. You can’t escape what you crave. The pleasure you get when you get off with me supersedes any fucking your boring wife does. It’s time she starts putting a pep in her step and fucking you like she is dead. The missionary position gets a bad rap because the starfishes go to a sex position. The truth is no one wants to fuck someone who is lifeless. So I don’t believe it’s my fault your significant other is charmed by how I rock that cock with my spinner body. You know I am always down to fuck as my life depended on it, and I’m never going to stop feeling that cock go balls deep inside me, baby. There’s something about fucking like a good slut that has me wanting to be better than ever.


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Dirty Talking Women Whore Their Offspring for Rent

Dirty talking women have it all for perverts like you. We are the nasty hot women that feed your kink and sickness. Be sick and get into some filthy hot fun.

I’m a young mommy of 3 brats. I have two pageant whore daughters and my youngest girl has a twin brother. It has come around that he is a ladyboy and loves dressing like his sisters. So really I have three little fuck dolls for perverts.

As a nasty fucking milf that loves to get into some filthy taboos my brats have become my bread and butter. They make my rent and other bills. I just whore them out as a mommy pimp. Men love the little princesses and their bald cunts and assholes.

Tight holes for violating and gaping. What could be better, seriously test out some filthy kink with this naughty mama.

Dirty talking women

Kinky Milf Rita

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Dirty talking women know their whore place

Dirty Talking Women know how to stay in their place and know they are worthless whores. I am lucky if my master decides to use me. I love when he climbs on top of me and starts face fucking me. He will be using my throat hard and I just wish I could play with my cunt, but it is only about my master’s pleasure. When he starts rubbing his asshole on my worthless mouth I know I will be getting cum shot all over me. It is my favorite thing from my master. I stick my tongue out and he mounts it like I would his cock.

Dirty Talking Women

He doesn’t care if I can’t breathe, neither do I as long as I please my master. I try my best to tongue fuck you until you i cant feel my tongue any more. When I finally feel your balls tighten up I know you are about to spray this worthless bitch all over with your thick load of semen. I feel lucky especially when I hear you giving me the Dirty phone talk you used when you first lured me.


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