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Dirty Talking Women Who Feminize

Once you’ve been feminized on the outside, you will need to have the same done on the inside. You need one of the best dirty talking women in existence to help you transform your mind. Sure, bring a wet hole for a man to fuck is part of what you’ll need to do.  But they almost always want to hear some kind of filth coming out of your whore mouth while they pound the shit out of your pussy. Tell them how good their cock feels as it stretches you out. Tell them how you want to feel their dick shoot a hot load deep inside you.  Maybe you can even watch it drip out of you later. 

But maybe you’d rather have him lie back while you tell him all of the ways you’re going to seduce him. Tell him how you would wrap your mouth around his monster cock and start sucking it and playing with his balls. Tell him how he can sit on your face while you tongue his asshole. There are so many things you can say and do to a man and I’m ready to help you figure it all out, so give me a call.

dirty talking women


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Dirty Phone Talk Mistress Gemini

Dirty phone talk Mistress Gemini is here to weave your dirty fantasies of perv-dom. It’s like your favorite food, it’s a craving that fulfils your most desire. That’s how finding the right phone sex girl with a dirty mind is. You connect with me on a filthy need level. Feed the need machine. I want to own you and dominate your dirty mind into being trained by the sound of my voice. You understand what will happen when you call me, and so does that dick. It’s an essential service and I service a few wonderful pets.

A good pet requires Dirty Talking Women to control and rule over them. I bet you are still trying to find that perfect Mistress that can train your cock. The voice that seeds the desire and ooze of precum at the moment she answers the phone. You anticipated it a few moments and the mere thought that yes, I will call Gemini had you growing hard. I love to control the cumming of your cock. It will be hypnotized in a way by the sound of my voice and uttering those simple words you crave.

Dirty phone talk

You are a cock sucker. You crave cock and semen. You are my cum eater and it takes a No limits phone sex goddess like to to control you and feed your desires. I want nothing more than to hear your excitement. You should repeat after me ” I am Mistress Gemini’s cock sucking faggot and I crave big black cocks”. It may not be those exact words that work you up, it may be that you want to beg a big bull cock for his cum. These fundamental’s do not matter. What matters most is that I, Gemini am to own you and you are my good boy.

Dirty Chat Mistress Gemini

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Dirty Stripper Stories

Dirty Talking WomenEver since I was a little tyke, I loved dancing around and taking my clothes off for men!

The power I had when I could make their cocks get so hard so fast would make my pussy drip!

So it is only natural that I would become the hottest dirty talking women at my strip club!

I can wrap my legs around that long hard pole better than any whore on the block, spinning and sliding and whipping my tight wet lips around so fast that you swear you can feel my pussy twisting the head on that cock!

And I never say no! There isn’t a cock I won’t spread my legs for and with this tight body, there is not a move I can’t do!

I love spinning on that pole and spraying all the men with my exploding pussy juices!

Just last week, I slide down this mans cock like it was a pole at the fire station…and my pussy juices could have put out any raging fire his cock was starting!

And when I am with a man and he starts doing that dirty chat in my ear…I can’t control myself! I get super frisky and start doing all kinds of things just to feel that cock inside my tight cumdumpster fuck holes!

I love giving men lap dances and feeling those cocks start to bulge when I do cartwheels and land my tight ass on their throbbing cum shooting fuck rods!

And nothing feels better then having sweet salty cock spit dripping from my fucked cunt and stretched ass!

How do you think we slip and slide around that pole so easy!



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Dirty Talking Women and MILFS

dirty talking womenDirty talking women have dirty lives too. I love being a slut wife in New York City. I have access to all kinds of men, even during a health crisis. I live in a brownstone across from part of Central Park. Not a day goes by that the park is not full of hunky horny men. Some are boys. If you have a hard cock to fuck me with, I do not care about your age. I fuck my sons, but they are not so young anymore. Not that I still do not fuck them. Of course, I do. I need cock. I want cum. Plus I like taboo fucks.  Yesterday, I was taking a walk through the park getting some sunshine and exercise. I saw plenty of people, many in masks. It was cold, so I was walking briskly. I needed to get laid though, so when some young teens started cat calling, I paused in my step to engage in some flirty banter. Banter turned into coming back home with me to fuck. Damn, I took home three teen boys and I loved every moment of it too. Beautiful hard teen cocks for all my fuck holes. One for my mouth, ass and pussy. I can multitask. I do love New York because men are always down to fuck a sexy phone sex milf like me.

Phone Sex MILF Esmerelda

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Dirty Talking Women Love Castration

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be bad ass bitches. Look at me? I am a Goth bitch. I am no one’s bitch. I have this job because I need a creative outlet for my dark desires. I love castration and snuff. I have castrated many men in life too. It is not that hard to castrate a man. Not a man who is willing to get castrated. I accept money from men too weak to chop their own nuts off. I have made quite the living doing this too. I have a castration chamber in my house complete with a castration chair. The chair is an old death row chair I inherited when my grandfather’s small prison was shut down in the 60s. I was not born yet, but he had all sorts of things in storage to sell off or keep. When I was 18, he gave me the death row chair as a birthday present. I converted it for my own sick pleasures. I added a plank in the middle so when a man sat in the chair, his legs were on other side of the plank. I carved a hole in the plank to separate the cock from the balls. The idea was that with the cock and balls separated, I could tie off the balls with a zip tie or a castration band. I had a small belt attached to the plank to keep the cock restrained in case I wanted to take that too. Restraints were built in for their ankles, wrists and forehead. In my chamber, I have a variety of restraints and blades. Lots of different kinds of sharp instruments, some clean and some rusty. I have soldering devices too to cauterize wounds. I have a ball collection in formaldehyde too. I have amassed a collection of 319 balls in a jar since I was 18. Shall we make it 320?

Taboo Bitch Venus

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2 Incest Dirty Talking Women

dirty talking women

Whore mommy and submissive slut daughter are the dirty talking women to make you blow!  

Now you should know my submissive slave teen is actually my  lover, we do share cocks from time to time. I Dominate her young body and give her up to men who like to hurt her. I do enjoy strap-on and double ended dildos with her quite frequently. I also like putting her through her positions with my pussy in her face and making her give me multiple orgasms. Quite the hurricane tongue! Makes sense because I have made her my pussy slave since she was young. And it only took me a hot second to figure out she enjoyed watching men use me in the back room. Yes, I sold my body to get through the young part of being a single mom. Her daddy only came back after I had turned her out! Dirty phone talk with us is just me telling you how to use a mommy and daughter who enjoy our incest life.

Two hot whores on your cock…

We can be sensual, or brutal. My darling knows she is just fuck meat and i serve cock well. SO if you looking for a raunchy fun time. These two whores are waiting for you! My daughter will submit and if your cock is big enough and you are a Master, this BSDM mommy will take all of you as well! 

Always willing to do daughter, sister and auntie roleplays. We have been around the block but my Daisy can be your young virgin, and I can be the mom who decides to rent out her cunt! There really are no limits to us. Last week my daughter had mutt play and was turned into a breeding cow! That just shows you this mommy and daughter duo are freaky fun for your cock! 


Jan and Daisy Dirty Mommy and Daughter

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Dirty Phone Talk Can Be Blasphemous

Dirty phone talk is the filthy goodness that can make you cum the hardest. I find getting into blasphemous things that other’s won’t get into are the best ways to enforce my devilish control over that cock. I am just the kind of woman to give you your pathway to sinning and enjoying the most hottest kind of Blasphemy. I am a heathen and hope that you will join me in upholding the pillars of satanism with the filthiest blasphemy fun we can have. It’s what makes me wet. The sole idea of selling your soul to the devil with your torrid filthy desires is extremely exciting to me. I am the conjurer of demonic little sluts that p daddy types need to get off with. It’s a filthy crazed kind of pizza gate when you play with me. We get into the most profound taboo topics that will make you ache for more. You will beg me to perform this ritualistic nastiness with you. I will make you understand the sexuality of yours that has been hidden. Maybe these taboo things are exactly what you have enticed in already and need a filthy whore p – mommy to enjoy getting off with you as we get into your ridiculously filthy fucking ways. I am a filthy little pageant whore mom. I may look like a soccer mom but baby I am anything but. I make soccer moms kneel down and suck off their own 4 legged furry cock and beg for it in the ass.

Dirty Phone Talk

Dirty Chat Whore Rita

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Dirty Talking Women Are Exciting

Dirty Talking Women

  Exciting and adventurous are why you need and crave Dirty talking women. I am one of the dirty girls that make men build those loads up to be big, thick and gooey. It’s the naughty sluts like me that made our professors squirm and become slaves. Their married and always got their eyes on tight young women that strut around for them. Those cocks are often neglected by wifey and the good ole crew of Coed sluts are always about and ready to pounce on that prick for the passing grade. By passing grade that would be an A+++ because that is exactly the kind of blow job he will get from me. I have made so many extraordinarily +’s in my grades thanks to my skills. But don’t get me wrong. I am not all looks, I have the brains and the braun. Hahah…

Dirty Fantasy Slut Gemini

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Dirty Talking Women Are Teen MILFs

Dirty talking women are also teen mommy’s or MILFs, and we love cock as much as any cock whore. I’m a young mommy and I enjoy the idea of sharing a big bad daddy dick with my offspring. I like to call my daughter Emily Jasmine a slutkin. What is a slutkin? Well it’s a sweet innocent (seeming) little girl that is absolutely loving the cock. She is a cum slut. I have so many male friends that really love to play with her. The very day she tasted her first bit of cum was an amazing day for all involved. It was delightful to talk dirty and make my boyfriend put his dick head in her little breast suckling mouth. She, my daughter, sucked on it. My sweet innocent little daughter sucked a big daddy dick head and took to sucking it really good. She drained his balls with her little lips sucking at it like she wanted mommy milk. She got a yummy fix of daddy cream and it was awesome. Her little face and mouth had so cum cum on it I had to lick it up and kiss it into her tiny little mouth.

Dirty Talking women

Dirty Chat Slut Haley

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Dirty Talking Women Are Horny Grandmas

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women are not just young dumb little sluts. Some of us are grandmas with pretty little things that we give up to P-men like you. Raunchy, a little trashy and partying as you get off to sweet little sluts in training. Are you going to be the one to train them right baby? 

I learned a long time ago that men can not resist the lure of sweet bald and fat cunny or sometimes bald pink cockettes! I am a smart woman in the sense that I know how to use my hot older milf body to seduce the younger men and my Sweet little grandbrats to please PDaddies!

It’s more than just dirty phone talk for this older sexy momma. My way of life has always been extreme. 

I swear songs have been written about how filthy a bona fide cougar can get. Some teen boys are addicted to my big tits and ass and my cock sucking skills. That doesn’t mean that I don’t covertly use my sexy slave grand brats for some money on the side… It just means I love teen cock and young.. I mean young pussy. Just think of it as them supporting themselves and part of grandma’s carmen’s cocaine habit. I get off on the very same things you do if you have read this far. I love to eat and finger girls and have my ass and pussy fucked by boys. And I am always accommodating to perverts and pansies as well. Just think of yourself in a candy store when you are with me.  Nothing is too extreme for you Grandma who still rocks a curvy hot body! Let me get you off tonight! It’s my very own pervert haven and cock paradise. You won’t be left unsatisfied I guarantee!

Older P-mom Carmen

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