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Dirty Talking Women With Pretty Feet!

Dirty Talking Women

Hi I’m Amber, your cock loving bratty phone sex princess with perfect feet! I’m a phone sex slut who loves talking dirty all night long, especially about getting fucked or getting my pretty toes sucked and played with. I can’t wait for the next time we talk and you tell me how much you adore my feet pics, it gets me so fucking wet! The first time I gave a foot job I felt so sexy, sliding my freshly pedicured feet up and down a rock hard shaft, letting the head of the cock slid between my arches and feeling that hard dick pulsate between my soft feet. When that cock shot a hot load of cum all over my toes, my cunny got soaking wet!


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Dirty Talking Women Like Wet Wynona

Dirty Talking Women

When you can only get off to dirty talking women like me, you’re living the good life aren’t you baby? You know I’m wet and fucking wild just from the way I look at you – like I could and would make my ass cheeks clap against the side of your head while you licked my shit chute and my pussy hole clean! You’d better watch out though; that pussy gets pretty wet. I’d hate to super soaker your sexy little face and have you end up drowning because I was so wet. Do you think you’re man enough to handle all this ass? Or are you weakened from the sexy dirty phone talk, and you need me to dominate the ever loving shit out of you?

Wet & Wild Wynona

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Dirty Talking Women and No Limits

dirty talking women

There’s a new family in town and I cannot wait to have them over. The wife is just about my age and from what I hear, she is highly religious. Like, so religious that she didn’t even kiss her husband with tongue before they were married. I don’t know if that’s true, but what the fuck?! How could you marry a girl when you don’t even know if she’s a good kisser or not? He must really love her. But you know, I bet she’s really fucking boring in bed and that’s why I am going to seduce her husband.

Of course, when they initially come over, I’m going to serve them lemonade with my famous cumsicle ice cubes in them. But one day, I’m going to act really innocent when I see him out in the street and ask him if he can help me get something out of the attic because it’s too heavy for me to carry. When I get him alone, I’m going to corner him, drop down to my knees, and start sucking his cock. He won’t stop me because you KNOW his prude ass wife doesn’t do that. If you want to hear more from one of the sluttiest dirty talking women ever, call me!


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Dirty Talking Women Are Toilet Whores!

Dirty Talking Women

Hi! I’m Blossom, I’m a slutty little piss whore who can’t get enough cum in her gaping asshole! If I’m not stripping or bar tending I’m hanging out in the men’s bathroom by the gloryhole hoping to get my holes stuffed and filled with cum or piss. I love being a filthy anything goes slut, I’m known around town for holding wild nasty orgies where I get cock ruined and cum dumped. If you see me in the men’s room with my mouth open, you know why I’m there, to be used as a human toilet for all your filthy fluids! Nothing is more refreshing to me than swallowing a huge mouth full of piss and getting my ass filled with a hot load of cum.


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dirty talking women are the life of the party

Dirty talking women

dirty talking women are the life of the party! My friend Daisy and I ended up having a scissor fest right in front of all the college boys. They are older with an appetite for hot sex, and we are younger with a need for older guys who can fuck us silly. You know we would not leave the party without making a lasting impression. We had all the guys with their rock-hard cocks ready to burst out of their pants. We wanted them to know we were not too young to hang. They knew we meant business when we stripped down for them and let them all watch us get all handsy.

They looked at us and couldn’t stop watching us be nasty whores. I cant blame any man who wants to see too hot, barely legal sluts kissing and caressing each other. My supple young breast in her hands, my mouth on hers, and we kept it going to till we ended up fucking in front of each of them. They all wanted our numbers and some of our time.


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dirty talking women want to be fucked hard

dirty talking women

I am so sick of not getting dicked down right. I want to be the true dirty talking women who don’t fear voicing her feelings. I want to be fucked like a slut and be used as a cum fuck.

Im sick of these prim and proper men putting on a show and only trying to get to bed and fuck me like some simple girl. Im a slut who wants to be wine and dined but wants to be fucked like a rockstar.

I’m all in for some entertaining dirty adventures. I want to be a bukkake slut and have a couple of guys fuck me and run a train on me. I am too sophisticated for that, but sometimes a lady wants to be a slut. I’m in that kind of mood tonight and won’t be accepting anything but the best cocks deep inside me.

I do not want anyone minute, man. Give me cock like my life depended on it, and im going to be ready to climax all over the place.


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Dirty Talking Women Share Cock with You

Dirty Talking Women share their boyfriend’s cock with you. I know how much you secretly want a cock in your mouth. I have seen you watch as my boyfriend grabs my ass and tits. So, we invited you over to come and get some of his big man meat. We can suck my boyfriend’s cock together; you suck his balls as I swallow his cock. When his cock starts leaking, I want him to stick it in deep. You can keep sucking on his balls as he fucks me. When I cum all over his cock I want you to suck my juices off of him.

Dirty Talking Women

Then it is your turn bend over like a good slut and take his cock in you man cunt like a good whore. You know you have been wanting that for a while and now you can get it. He fucks hard and deep so you need to take it as he stretches you out. As soon as he cums deep in you I know you will explode. It feels so good when he fills me up, I love it. 


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Dirty Talking Women for Christmas

dirty talking womenDirty talking women have just what you need for the holidays. Why? Because we can give you the filthy fantasies you cannot even share with your wife. Take me for example, I am a naughty mommy whore. I love boys and girls when they are young, especially boys. I have two mother fuckers who can never get enough of my wet mommy pussy. I do not deny them. I enjoy talking to men about their family experiences and fantasies. I also enjoy sharing mine. I like to party on calls too. Like I will do long calls where we talk about incest and age play fantasies and do lines of coke together. I had a party call last night. We did lines of coke for 4 hours. I know you are wondering what we did for four hours. A lot of sharing real experiences about incest. I was raised by a mother who fucked her son, my brother. This caller had a mom like mine, but no sister. It was just the two of them. I got so worked up talking to him that after my call, I went into my sons’ rooms and molested them. They did not mind. They love fucking mommy.  My callers are good for my sex life. Maybe I can be good for yours?

Taboo Whore Blair

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Dirty Talkin Women Are Milf Whores

Dirty talking women are Milf whores. I’m the one you jackoff to at night. The Milf whore of your dreams. I see you watching me as I come visit your dad. Remember the first time I caught you jacking off with my panties, I made you lick my wet creampie cunt until it was clean. It made you cum so hard all over your hand.

Dirty Talking Women

The second time I caught you, you were moaning how you wanted to fuck me like your daddy does. I let you fuck me that night. You lick my cunt until it was wet and then you stuck your young cock in me pumping me like a jack rabbit. Your balls got tight and then you started pumping all your cum in me. After I squirted all over your dick, I made you lick me clean. You now do not have to masturbate thinking about my cunt because you get to fuck me and when I am not around you can have Dirty phone talk with me.  


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Dirty Phone Talk Slut Karen

dirty talking womenAre you looking for dirty talking women to have hot fun with? A dirty nasty slut to get you off. How about a horny big tit girl whose pussy is always soaking wet and ready to play? I have my dildo’s ready. That’s right I said dildos. Like plural. I have many. Suction, vibrating, curved, heated and all kinds in between. You see I need it. Just like you need it. I am addicted. My fingers naturally migrate to my pussy. Always rubbing and stroking as you tell me what you want to do with me. Getting off with you is so hot. Your wet hard cock being stroked, and my pussy being pounded by my dildo and stroked by my hand. The hotter the roleplay the louder we get. Your moans and my moans louder and louder as both cum. Me licking myself off my fingers as you listen, getting turned on again. Getting hard again you are ready for round two of our dirty phone talk. I moan as I spread my legs and push my dildo inside of me again. So, if you want to have some hot fun with a dirty slut, give me a call babe.


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