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Dirty Talking Women are Full of Dirty Stories

dirty talking womenDirty talking women drain your balls. I am a dirty MILF. I have been in the adult industry for decades. And I love it. As I have matured, I don’t strip or do porn like I use to, so being a phone whore was a logical choice for me. Honestly, it was the only job in the adult sector I had not tried yet.

Talk dirty to men, masturbate all day long, and get paid? It seemed like the perfect job for a former porn star and a stay-at-home mom. The other day, one of my callers knew me from my featured dancer days. I toured strip clubs all over the world. Made good money, met interesting people and garnered a lot of hot stories to fuel my phone sex career. And this caller fucked me in Detroit in the early 2000s when he was a rookie for the Detroit Lions.

As a Former Porn Star I Have Lots of Dirty Stories

Back in my porn days and stripping tours, I did a lot of coke. And although I was a mom, my husband took care of the little ones while I toured strip clubs. I was in Detroit for a week at a gentlemen’s club. Nice place even though it looked to be in the seedy part of town. And that is where I met my caller. Took a bit to jog my memory, but I remembered him.

One night, a group of pro athletes came into the club celebrating a bachelor party. And they liked me. So, they rented me for the night. I hung out with them in the limo and the VIP lounge of the club. We did coke and drank a lot of whisky. Did I mention these sexy athletes were black? Although I was not a virgin, I lacked BBC experience yet.

I wanted to fuck them, they wanted to fuck me. And they paid me well. I didn’t care about their pro athlete status. All I cared about were those huge cocks. We went to a swank hotel, got trashed and fucked. That night made me a fan of BBC. This occurred about 20 years ago. My life is not much different now. But I am a widow, and my offspring are teens and in their 20s now. I still strip. However, I rarely tour.

But I am full of wild stories with my family and random dudes I have met doing porn and feature dancing. Let’s have hot phonesex and I can share some of my taboo tales.

Dirty Mommy Gianna

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Who Doesn’t Love Dirty Talking Women Like Lacey Getting It In All Holes

Last night was a blur of hard cocks and dirty talking women, but one thing stands out clearly – the pounding I took from my partner. He was relentless in his pursuit of filling every inch of me with his thick girth. As he thrust into my tight asshole, it felt like he was trying to reach something deep inside me that only he could touch. His hips slapped against my ass cheeks as if they were begging for more while his hands held onto those huge tits of mine, squeezing them roughly as if they were just another part of this twisted game we were playing.

His cock throbbed against my G-spot again and again until I couldn’t take anymore; then he’d pull out only to shove it back in even deeper than before! It felt like being taken by force – which is exactly what I needed at that moment because let’s face it when you want it rough and nasty, there’s no better way than having someone who doesn’t care about your feelings fuck you senseless! The pain mixed with pleasure made me cum harder than ever before; hot sticky juices dri ping down my thighs as he continued to pound away at both holes. By the end of it all, I was a sweaty mess covered in his cum and spit – but strangely enough, that only turned me on more. He left me aching for more which is why when morning came around, I found myself searching for another cock to satisfy this newfound craving within me.

I’m not sure what happened last night or who this person was that took control over my body but one thing’s for certain they made an anal sex queen whore out of me!Dirty talking women

Lacey Rough and Nasty Perfect Slut

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Dirty Talking Women like to discuss Sissy bitches.

              Dirty Talking Women like to discuss Sissy bitches.  Next thing you know going to be making you, my bitch. That little slut bag that can take a cock of any size. We all sit and fuck our dildo and decide who has the biggest and then who is the trainer who can make our Sissy bitch into the loosest bitch among all the others. I won! Hands down, taking you through the paces. Showing what I made you into.

                Laughing. To point out that I won means that I am the one that will be tying up any one of the women. Tell you all about it in a Dirty phone talk session that will tell you exactly what I will be doing to you as well. As long as you are the Sissy fucking bitch, and I am the one in control you are going to be taking the huge fucking cocks. Going to be talking them into doing all sorts of nasty things to you.

                All in all, you are going to be fucked like no sissy bitch whore has ever been fucked before. To point out that you are going to be pulled apart, stretched, and completely screwed in every which way possible. That is until you have finally succumbed and willing to be the little sissy whore forever more. Going to be talking to all the other Dirty women about you and what a good Sissy bitch whore you have become.Dirty Talking Women

Nasty Hot Trainer Francine

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Dirty Phone Talk with Me While Your Wife’s Asleep

dirty phone talkI Love Dirty Phone Talk with Married Men

Dirty phone talk is perfect for two married people who want to have a little fun on the side. You get tired of fucking the same pussy over and over again. And there are so many sexy, slutty women who love to fuck. Women like me that love doing all the nasty things you have to beg your wife for. It’s the same for me. I love my husband, but thinking about a strangers cock makes my slutty mouth water. Thinking about this new dick in my face, pressing against my lips and in my mouth. Fuck, I’m already getting horny.

Married Phone Sex with Anal Whore Trisha

Your wife is still home, but you call me anyway. It makes your cock hard knowing that she could walk in on you stroking your cock to married phone sex. I can hear how horny you are when you call me and it makes my pussy drip like a fountain. Tonight you’re craving a sloppy throat fuck and a tight asshole. And mine need to be slutted out. I take one of my thick ass dildos and slide it into my mouth. You can hear me spitting and slurping on it to get it lubed up. Then the moan when I slide it inside of my ass.

Your balls fill up with cum while you hear me fuck my asshole for you. I keep slamming that thick cock in my ass and begging you to fuck me. My tight asshole stretching and squeezing around that cock. My tight fuck hole wants to milk that dick and you can hear how badly I need a cock inside of me. Your wife would never say the things I do. My mouth gets nastier the harder I fuck my ass. you can hear the dildo slamming into my slutty shithole. Nut in my ass while your wife’s sleeping.


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Dirty Talking Women To Chose Which Slut Gets Your Cock Harder


Dirty talking women who make your cock start throbbing the minute they start talking are what you like alright!

My heart raced wildly as i opened revealing none other than Mr Dirty Talk himself standing there looking just as hot if not even more so now that reality had set in! \\dddddhey needed them most: skin against sweaty skin under dim lighting cast by only one lamp.

You grabbed fistfuls of my hair and pulled back hard while forcing my head down onto your massive cock, grunting with pleasure as he felt it slide down my throat. I loved the way his cockhead brushed against the back of my mouth; it sent shivers up and down my spine. He slapped me hard on that round ass of mine which only made me want more – damn did this guy know how to handle a pain slut like me!

Your hands roamed freely over my body, tracing every curve and dipping into every crevice theory could find while his lips trailed hot kisses down my neck towards even more sensitive part below . I couldn’t help but moan louder than ever before as you found just the right spot between clit and entrance making me wet myself instantly!  I could hear the sloshing of your cock inside my

dirty talking women“Fuck yeah baby,”tou growled against skin causing goosebumps to rise up on arms.”You like that dirty talk with my nasty cunt, huh?” enter my dripping wet cunt hearing the juices mingling already of spit and cum. It went slowly at first then faster until we were both in rhythm thrusting deeper with every pje together in perfect harmony under sheets now soaked through with our combined sweat .


Lillian- Can't Go Without Your Dick

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Phone sex stories lead to acting them out in dirty fashion.

Phone sex stories                Phone sex stories lead to acting them out in dirty fashion. The dirtier the better. That or it is going to be the gaggle of us women discussing the dirty things we have done and will be doing. Next thing you know you are going to be playing out those dirty stories with me. Now some of these stories are nasty. Better like it nasty and freaky.

                To begin with always did have an eye for the really freaky fun things. Like fucking up in a tree. Looking down on the people below. Wondering if they would wonder if it was rain or look up to see me squirting on them as my partner cums in my cunt. In other words, buckle up for the ride of a lifetime.

                Climbing the tree while making out, sucking face. Groping one another. Down the pants. His fingers delving into my bald tight pussy, up my mini skirt. No panties. Pulling his cock out. Slamming me into the tree trunk. Legs wrapping around him. Cock going right into the cunt. Riding on him.

                Pumping into me. Harder and deeper. Groaning as he bites my neck. Immediately drawing a groan from me. Nipping his ear. Tugging on him. Grabbing for the nearest branch. Hanging on. Anchored to him and the tree. Shaking it.

                All of sudden screaming out as I feel him cum inside of. Squirting. Hearing the shouts that they were getting wet. Hoping they look up to see as my pussy is squirting. His cum dripping down.

                Telling even more Erotic sex stories to all the women when we meet. Which one would you like to play with me?

Secy Fuckalicious Freak Harriett

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Dirty phone talk perverted mistress Pam loves to fuck.

Dirty phone talk               Dirty phone talk perverted mistress Pam loves to fuck. Telling the stories of what I have done and what I fantasize about doing is all part and partial to the whole mistress gig. Most compelling evidence is that I have made it thing long and avoided the ring of marriage. Without delay the rules are set. No marriage. Everything else is a go.

                You are paying for the perverted nasty mistress and that means that you won’t need a condom. Fuck me anal and you never need to worry about breeding me. Never going to tell anyone, that is one of the most important things to remember.

Some of the Girls talking dirty is sure to give us even more ideas of what we can do to please our men. New technique in giving a blowjob. How to be flexible. Do the splits down onto a cock. Talk dirty with you on the phone. Scat and piss are two of the dirtiest things that we can talk about. Eat it out of my ass as I am eating it out of yours.

It is time to get dirty and perverted with mistress Pam. Fuck me in the ass with my dildo. Let me give you a rim job. Stimulate that ass. Fuck like bunnies. You ready to play?


Perverted Mistress Pam

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Dirty Talking Women Tell You How To Please Them

dirty talking womenDirty talking women know how to make men cum. When men I date find out what I do for a living, they become more turned on. Although most of my lovers have wives, I date single men too. But they both love how graphic I talk in the bedroom. For some reason, wives are not very vocal. I will never be quiet in bed. I love to tell men to eat my pussy and fuck my cunt. Plus, I am a moaner too.

The bedroom is the place to explore our fetishes and enjoy ourselves. And I want to tell men just how to please me. Because I want to cum too. Plus, I just love to talk dirty. I have the mouth of a sailor and a body built for sin. And trust me, that is the combination you want. Who wants to fuck a woman who lays there dead and quiet like a fish? No man I know. However, most men will settle for any pussy, I know they prefer a vocal woman.

When I first fucked Andy, he told me no woman ever told him what to do to make her cum. And he just had to assume he knew what she wanted. Women do themselves a disservice not telling men what they want. No two women cum the same way. So, when you and I hookup on a phone sex call, I promise to get loud and tell you how to pleasure me.

Sexy BBW Glenda

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Dirty Talking Women Control Cock Sucking Men

Dirty talking women are constantly making men horny. However my dirty talk is all about controlling cock sucking men like you. Do not deny the lure of a sexy babe making you her little cock sucking beta bitch.

Do I really control men and make them suck cock for me? That answer is yes. In fact that is why many guys call me. I find it so gratifying to hear a grown man beg for permission.

Now, I would like to know if you would really let a babe like me control you? My thoughts are this. First off it is a yes. Like after all to simply have my attention and being able to connect with me is going to drive you to cum instantly.

Next thing is how you address me as Mistress and confess to your doings. Tell me about your cravings of dick and how you will submit to me.

Dirty talking women

Dirty Godess Gemini

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Dirty Talking Women Like Deanna Like to Kiss And Tell

They call me another dirty talking women bragging about the good hookups and the bad.Dirty Fucking Womenra was still buzzing from getting fucked so hard. Then you called and wanted to know about the last big black cock I had gotten in my tight little fuck holes.  You wanted to talk dirty while you stroked your cock and hear all my nasty adventures. Oh there was a lot of cum worthy stories,  The operator, a man with a deep voice, asked me what I wanted.

I told him I just had the wildest sex with a big black cock. I described in detail how it felt to have my tight pussy stretched by such a thick cock. I moaned and groaned into the phone, making sure to emphasize how much I loved being a dirty slut.

The operator got more and more turned on by my stories. He started breathing heavily into the phone, and I could tell he was getting close to cumming. I continued to describe the dirty details of my encounter, telling him how I begged for more and how I came hard around his cock.

Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore. He moaned loudly into the phone and told me he was cumming. I could hear the pleasure in his voice as he shot his load, imagining it all happening to me.

As soon as he finished, I hung up the phone, satisfied with my dirty deed. I knew I was a bad whore, but I loved every second of it. I couldn’t wait for my next wild adventure.

Deanna Leaves Showing It All

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