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Dirty Talking Women Can be Sick Bitches Too

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are not all the same. That is the beauty of this kind of business. You can speak to a sweet mommy or a GFE babe or a sadistic bitch like me.  I am not for the vanilla guys. Consider yourself warned. My specialties involve pain and murder. Your pain or your murder. Not mine.

I am too sadistic and too dominant to let you do anything to me. Some men try, but they fail. And then they die. Take Brad for example. He hired me to help him kidnap some young brat he gets boners for. Since he paid me, I believed him. Turns out he thought he could get my services and flip the ending.

We kidnapped this brat, and I helped hold her down while he fucked her brains out. He killed her and I disposed of her body. I mean that is why he hired me. However, he wanted his money back. He never intended on really paying me. But he did in the end. He paid me in cash and with his life. Because if you try to renege on a deal with me, or if you try to force fuck me, you die. Plain and simple. I need to send a clear message that Brad fucked up. And I do not tolerate fuck ups.

I am Not Your Typical Woman, I am a Sick Bitch

My message appeared clear with Brad because I live streamed me torturing him before I snuffed him out. Taboo phone girls love violence and gore. So, I beheaded Brad live on the dark net, so no one would think twice about fucking with me. But I did castrate him first. That was just for fun.  He did not know how to use his dick properly, so I took the cock and the balls. Used a rusty old knife to make it hurt even more.

The only loser last night would be Brad. He lost his balls; he lost his cock and then he lost his life. But me? I got Brad’s money. And I got to kill and torture him sending a clear message to all my future clients. Don’t double cross me.

Sick Bitch Venus

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Dirty Talking Women Give the Best Head

dirty talking womenDirty talking women know how to give the best head. I am a seasoned cocksucker. All the young studs knock on my door for a blow job. Not only can I deep throat even the biggest dicks, but I also swallow. Spitting is for quitters. I love the taste of cum. But I do not suck small cocks. Nope. I am a dominant mature woman. And I understand that size matters most to my sexual pleasure. After two divorces, I decided no more small cocks and no more limp ones either.

I also decided younger men were better for me. No dick issues. And they take directions well. Men my age assume all women cum the same way. And they do not listen to me when I instruct them how to pleasure my pussy. But young men, they know to listen to a sexy milf phone sex slut because she has experience. I have not been with a man my age in over a decade.

My current stud is Samuel. He is a college boy in my class. But he does not need any extra help with his grades. He is an academic scholar. But what he does need help with is his huge cock. No coed can handle 11 inches yet. Hell, I don’t think I could have handled a cock that big when I was 20 either. But I am in my 50s. And all about draining big cocks.

Sexy MILF Farah

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Dirty talking women have secrets of incest and taboo flesh!

dirty talking womenDirty talking women have secrets of incest and taboo flesh! I never thought I would end up like this, but here I am, a cougar who breeds and fucks her own offspring. It all started when I was just a young girl, full of curiosity and lust. I would sneak into my parents’ bedroom and watch them in action, learning everything I could about the art of sex.

As I grew older, I couldn’t resist the temptation of my own flesh and blood. I started with my own Little ones, teaching them everything I knew and showing them the pleasure that comes with taboo desires. Soon, my boys and girls were all grown up and eager to experience more.

That’s when I became a cougar, seeking out younger men to join in on our family fun. I would seduce them with my dirty phone talk and my insatiable appetite for their hard cocks. And when they were spent, I would bring them to my bedroom, where my girls and boys were waiting, their fuckholes ready and willing to be filled with cum.

Dirty talking women have secrets of incest and taboo flesh!

But it didn’t stop there. I wanted more men to join us, to use us all for their pleasure. So I spread the love through my girls and boys and even their own offspring, teaching them the ways of our secret world.

Now, here I am, in granny’s bedroom, my sluts surrounded by my family and a stranger group of dirty men who are ready to fulfill our desires. My cunt is dripping with anticipation, craving to be filled by these strangers who have no idea of the naughty games we play.

As I look around at my family, I can’t help but smile. We may have our secrets, but we also have each other, and that’s all that matters. And as we all come together in a frenzy of lust and passion, I know that this is where I truly belong, with my dirty little sluts and our taboo desires.


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Dirty Talking Women Get Your Cock Hard

dirty talking womenDirty talking women get you off when you struggle to cum. Perhaps, your wife won’t suck your dick anymore. Or maybe you watch too much porn and now you cannot cum when jacking off. Whatever the reason, women like me can help. Sometimes mean need something extremely taboo and personalized to cum. Nothing hotter than fantasizing about me yelling your name as I cum on your cock.

But sometimes men need a taboo fantasy like fucking a tight boy ass or a sweet bald cunnie. And since I am a P mommy and aunt, I can help you make your taboo fantasy seem real. I understand as men age, they crave something younger, wilder, and tighter than what I have. And I crave tight holes and stiff dicks too. I share my family with men like you because I want every man to explore age play.

Never feel bad about your fantasies, even when they involve sweet young things. You would be surprised at how sexual young girls and boys are these days anyway. We can thank Internet porn for that. The likelihood of finding a virgin hot teen slut is rare. We might need to go younger if you want a virgin cunnie. And I have no problem with that. Age is just a number.

When I say we can have dirty phone sex, I mean it. Why jack off alone when we can explore your hot fantasies together?

Sexy Mommy MaryAnne

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Dirty phone talk breeder bitch Paisely

dirty phone talk

It’s going to be a long night for this breeder bitch mommy so why don’t we relax and have some dirty phone talk fun together? I want to talk about my little whores tonight and how I’ve been training them to be breeding brats just like me. They want cum so bad but we couldn’t find anyone to play with us so Mommy fucked them instead. They’re passed out right now because I fucked them to sleep with my big, fat strap-on cock. They’re in there with their tiny legs spread wide open because of how swollen their tiny, bald cunnies are. Mommy really tore them up after the way they were teasing me today. They kept pulling up their dresses and showing off their cute, little bodies. They were rubbing all over each other and trying to finger fuck each other all day long. I can tell how horny they are and how bad they want to be fucked. That’s why you should come play with us. Mommy can hold those little brats open for you and make them take your cock. Wait til you see how perfect and tight those little pink cunnies look when I have them opened up right in front of you. Mommy can’t wait to share her perfect, little fuck doll brats with you and then suck your big dick clean after. I love the taste of my brats’ sweet, young cunnies all over a big, hard p-cock!



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Dirty phone talk with Subby BBW Catherine.

Dirty phone talk with Sexy BBW Catherine. A hot BBW slut to confesse all your fetishes and fantasies to. It’s all up to you how sinful we are. Come along for a hot, nasty adventure. Imagine me as a helpless and submissive slave step daughter.

Dirty phone talk BBW Cat welcomes and awaits your cock

Dirty talking women

When we grind against each other, we become one tangled mess of hot flesh. We were sweating hard as we fuck the hell each other. A lustful relationship between two randy animals. I need to feel your big daddy pole thrusting inside me. I want to explore every inch of your cock all night long! Longing to feel every erotic sensation and pleasure with you, daddy. Let’s fuck like barnyard animals we are tonight.

 BBW sluts likes to fuck domme daddys!
See, I’m waiting for your big dick on fours. Daddy? Is there anything you would like to add to make it hotter? Do you want me to be your fat girl fuck slave? Was daddy’s gambling debt settled by giving me to you?

I must now give in to all your demands. I am all yours forever more! I have no choice but to follow your instructions. It’s like you own me now. Your wish is my wish. Your every command has power over me, and I am helpless. I will obey you and do anything you say. I belong to you now.

It doesn’t matter what position you put me in. Please take me wherever you want. Hours of fucking. I feel your burning desire inside of me. You can take my cherry cunt. I will use my body to please you. I will do whatever it takes to make you satisfied. As your BBW obedient slave you Me call me anything you want while you ride my Dirty Talking Women fat pussy!

BBW Sexy Sub Catherine

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Dirty Talking Women Need Spankings

dirty talking womenDirty talking women enjoy you spanking them. Well, some of us do at least. I am a submissive whore.  Although I hated getting spanked when I was younger, I now crave it. I guess for me, it all depends on who does the spanking. As a little girl, daddy spanked me. But not because I acted out or back talked or anything like that. But because he enjoyed it. Spanking my bottom gave daddy sexual pleasure which soon led to fucking my ass as a schoolgirl.

When I entered my teen years, he spanked me less, but he still forced his cock in my holes. Eventually, I ran away, but found my current master. He made me love bare bottom spankings again. Perhaps, I just grew to like it or maybe it is because master loves to spank me for our pleasure. It’s not about cruelty or hurting me. But more about our mutual pleasure.

Plus, nowadays I am more seasoned with pain and humiliation. But as far as masters go, master is the best one I have ever had. However, he is getting old and feeble. So, he wants me doing dirty phone sex so I can get a taste for what’s out there in the modern world.

Plus, I have an income when he retires. Currently, I am his paralegal and I have been for many years. Some of you men who call me for submissive phone fun scare the fuck out of me. I will not lie. But at the same time, you make my pussy very wet.

Submissive Whore Bernice

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Dirty phone talk sub slut Jessica

dirty phone talk

Dirty phone talk is the only way that this submissive mommy slut is allowed to cum when Master is away. That’s why I’m so desperate to tease my cunnie and talk dirty with you. I promise to be the best submissive you’ve ever had. I’ve been given strict orders not to touch my whore cunt but I can’t help it. My panties are drenched and all I can think about is the way Master snatched me up and force fucked my slut holes this morning. I woke up to his cock in my face and him telling me to open my glory hole of a mouth and to get to work draining his balls. I did as I was told but Master was extremely rough with me this morning. The harder he thrusted his dick down my throat and called me as nasty fuck hole, the more soaked my panties were getting. I wanted to rub my whore cunt so fucking bad but he kept smacking my hand away, every time I tried to. Master said that I didn’t deserve to cum because my only purpose is to make him cum and I hadn’t done that yet. I tried to keep up but he was fucking my mouth so fast that I started choking on his cock. Master shoved me down on it as a punishment and gagged me, causing me to puke all over his cock. This pissed him off so bad. He pulled me up by my hair, slapped me across the face and then told me to use my cum gutter mouth and clean up the mess that I made. I started slurping all over his cock and balls, trying to clean him up but he was very impatient with me at that point. He called me a stupid cum dumpster slut and then made me bend over the edge of the bed and beg to be fucked in my ass. He shoved his dick in, balls deep and fucked me as hard as he could. I got so turned on while he was taking his frustrations out on my shit hole but I couldn’t let him catch me rubbing my pussy so I just waited. Now, it’s been hours and I’m still horny as fuck and need to cum so bad!


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Dirty Talking Women Telling Filthy Phone Sex Stories

I may be one of those Dirty talking women your mama said to keep out of your pants, but I make it my job to get in them.  Nothing makes me happier than being a nasty little whore over the phone.  As I massage my wet cunt with the head of my huge black dildo, I am loving the sound of your panting into the phone on the other end.  I walk you through every detail of our encounter .

I’ll mention my big bouncing tits, my fat ass, and even my juicy pussy.  All the things I know men beg me to get their mouths on.  But it’s your mouth on this dirty whore’s body right now, it’s it lover? You are the one I want to feel licking me and slobbering on me.  I am the one who will slobber all over that cock as I let you get your cock sucked on our call.

Then, I’ll start in on the really dirty stuff. I’ll tell ’em how much I love gettin’ fucked in the ass and even how I love sucking cock after I get fucked in my shit hole. I’ll say something about how I wanna feel your huge cock stretchin’ me out.

I’ll moan and groan into the phone, as if it’s’ like I’m already gettin’ fucked by your big cock instead of my dildo pounding away at it.  I’ll tell you how much I wanna taste your cum, and how I’ll do anything to get it all overDirty talking women my face. I’ll tell you how I’ll even swallow that load you want to shoot all down my throat  they want. And let me tell ya, that’s one promise I’ve kept more than once.

I’ll beg on my hands and knees for their cum and tell them to squirt it all over my slutty face and body. Nothing is hotter than a whore covered in a mans jizz that he shot at her like a hose putting a fire out.



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Dirty talking women are sure to be dirty Moms.

Dirty talking womenDirty talking women are sure to be dirty Moms. Now add in the love of incest and we have a party happening. All night long taking my sons cocks in every fucking hole. Ass to mouth, mouth to cunt, cunt to ass and back again. Around the world with this Incest Mom whore who simply loves talking with the other dirty nasty moms to get more ideas.

Obviously we need to keep it on the down low. Wouldn’t want too many people to know that we are having incest sex with our sons and daughters. No matter the age. At the same time there are so many things to explore and expand our knowledge on. It must be remembered that sharing is caring.

Knowing that fucking in numerous positions, different styles, what will make those younger cocks that are long, hard, and filled with cum last even longer on us means many hours of Dirty phone talk. This is never a doubt.

In conclusion when one gets off we all get off and that is what we really do live for. Fucking our family and having numerous orgasms. Repeatedly.

Dirty Incest Mom Pamela

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