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Dirty phone talk slut Marilyn

dirty phone talkI was having a sleepover with my bestie last night and caught her dad stealing my panties. He had them wrapped around his hard cock and was jerking it but forgot to lock the door so I walked in and caught him. He was so scared that I was going to tell, that I knew I could get him to do anything I wanted. This was all part of my plan. I’ve been teasing him for weeks now. Every time I come over, I wear tiny, mini skirts and make sure to bend over and spread my legs in front of him so that he can see up them. I knew that he wouldn’t be able to resist snatching my panties after he saw them pulled tight up against my little, bald cunnie earlier. I left them on my best friend’s floor and finally had him right where I wanted him! I made him lick my sweet, pink pussy until I was dripping wet and begging for his cock. He kept making me promise that I wouldn’t tell on him and I kept telling him that he was a dirty, old pervert! He was nervous but I finally got him to shove his hard dick into my tiny, wet pussy! His old p-cock couldn’t handle such a tight, hot hole and he shot his load the first time he thrusted deep into me. I went back to his daughter’s room and acted like nothing ever happened but I couldn’t stop rubbing my cummy cunnie all night!



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Dirty phone talk with a fat bitch

dirty phone talk

I’m Barbie the xxxl fuck doll and I love dirty phone talk with kinky guys! I hope you have something really nasty in mind for us because this freaky bitch is ready to get crazy! My big, jiggly titties are out and my hot, plump cunt is wet and ready to take your big cock! I’ve been horny as fuck since last night when my sister and her new boyfriend came over. They wanted to hang out and have some drinks with me. After a few, she passed out, leaving me to entertain him. I was tipsy and horny as fuck and I knew that my sister wasn’t going to wake up and catch us, so I started teasing him. I could see his big dick getting harder the more I rubbed my pussy in front of him. I ended up on my knees, with my tits out and his huge dick being rammed down my throat. My whore pussy was dripping while he was fucking my filthy mouth. I kept reaching down, rubbing my cunnie but before I could cum, his fat dick started to pump and pulse and he filled my mouth up! I swallowed it all  but what I really wanted was to bend over and let him destroy my asshole with his giant fuck rod! I’m still ready to be pounded like a fuck doll so what are you waiting for??


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Dirty phone talk with a kinky sub slut

dirty phone talk

My son saw me getting ready for tonight and he started asking me the usual questions. He knew that I was going out to a party and he wanted to know every detail of where I was going and why I was dressed like a cheap whore. I told him that I would be meeting some friends later but that answer wasn’t good enough for him. He knew the truth. He had been listening to me on a call earlier and knew from the dirty phone talk that I was about to go out and get dicked down. He pulled my skirt up and ran his fingers up and down my wet slit. He started teasing my cunt and asking me how I could go out and fuck strangers when he was sitting right there and would take better care of me than they ever would. My mistake was thinking that I had any options in the matter. I went to walk away and my son grabbed me by my hair. He shoved me down to my knees, rammed his cock in my mouth and started violently fucking my face. He pumped down my throat while he was telling me that he owned me and I didn’t ask permission to go out and be a slut. I was his and I wasn’t allowed to leave. I could feel his cock throbbing in my throat, so I knew when he was about to cum. I swallowed and sucked him stiff all over again. He bent me over, ripped a huge hole in my stockings and tore my panties off. He sunk his stiff cock into his slut Mommy’s hot fuck box and filled me with jizz. He passed out after Mommy milked his cock and took his cum so, I think it’s your turn to use me now…


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Dirty Talking Women Can Be Sexy Shemales Too

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women can be shemales too. Look at me? Can you tell I have a ten-inch cock hiding in my panties. No man guesses right away. At least not if they meet me in a place they are not looking for a sexy shemale. I met Bob in a Starbucks. I was gussied up in a skintight dress and high heels. I had my head and my makeup done up too. I was about to go clubbing, and I just wanted a latte to perk me up on a chilly night. I am not much of a booze drinker just because too much booze and I have drunk dick. I never want that to happen. Bob saw a pretty girl about to embark on a night out and struck up a conversation we me. He was so charming that he convinced me to ditch my friends and hang out with him. He took me to dinner, and we even had a romantic walk around downtown. Back at his apartment is when he discovered my panty surprise. It was a pleasant present for him because he is a fan of shemale phone sex sites. He just has never actually been with a sexy shemale like most of my callers. He was in for a treat though. He got a shemale with a ten-inch dick who fucked his virgin ass all night long. Sometimes, happy accidents happen in the most innocuous of places.

Sexy Shemale Carla

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Dirty Talking Women Corrupt!

Dirty Talking Women

You know as well as I do that dirty talking women love corrupting young teen daughters! I get off on being a kinky phone sex slut, anything goes when it comes to pleasing my man’s cock or my cum thirsty cunt. My last boyfriend was a wealthy older man with a hot teen daughter, he had no idea that I would expose her to girls talking dirty. The little slut was so fun to play with, I told her about all my filthy threesome sex stories. I could tell she was so turned on when I pulled out my vibrator and started masturbating while I was having taboo phone chat with her daddy. I showed her how to lick my cunt just right so she could do nasty teen phone sex with me after school. Dirty talking women like me can’t get enough daughter corrupting dirty phone talk!

Kinky Phone Sex


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Dirty phone talk mistress Remi

dirty phone talkMistress Remi is ready for a dirty phone talk session with a hot, little cum lover slut like you! Let’s get lost in a kinky fantasy where you’re my new neighbor. You knock on my door, interrupting what would have been a nasty gangbang between me and a bunch of hot guys that I paid to work on my house. You just wanted to say hi but now I have to punish you for bothering me. I’ll have your cute, little ass surrounded by sexy, muscular men with massive bbcs, in no time. Seeing the look on your face when they shove you to your knees and start fucking your mouth like a pussy, is going to be so hot! I want to finger fuck my soaked hole and watch them pass you around and use you like a little ghetto slut. Get ready to stay on your knees and take a fat fuck rod right up your puckered cum cave! I want to hear you gag on those giant dicks instead of whimpering about the ones that are already ramming your sissy fuck hole. I’ve already told these men not to take it easy on the little, sissy fag slut that interupted us! I could stop them at any time but we both know how much you love being held down and fucked by so many sexy men!


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Dirty phone talk with Remi

dirty phone talk

I’m Remi, the slut trainer and I’m looking for sissy bitch men to turn into sexy, cum dump sluts. I’m not just a dirty phone talk whore. I’m a real life, sissy bitch training slut who loves fat, hard dick! I know a sissy, twink fuck like you loves fat, hard dick too! So why don’t you let me transform you into the cum dump cutie we both know you are?! I’ll teach you everything you need to know about dressing like a whore and giving your cum hole to a fat dick Daddy! We’ll make sure Daddy’s little slut is dressed up really cute! Some sexy, lacey panties and a little bralette will look so sexy on you! Let me show you how to tuck your balls just right, so that when Daddy spreads your legs all he sees is that pretty, little clittie poking out! Miss Remi is going to reach over and tease your clittie while the big, round head of Daddy’s cock pops into that tight pussy hole for the first time. I know Daddy is going to love that cute, little whimper and moan when he starts to stretch you open and shoot his sticky cum shots into you! Don’t hesitate baby, Miss Remi is ready to train you now! 



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Dirty Talking Women Get Sexier with Age

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are popular with men of all ages. Dirty talking mature women, however, are extremely popular with younger guys. I am a sexy mommy and a sexy granny. I get older and the guys who want to fuck me just get younger. I was at Target recently picking some things up for a wedding shower. A teen boy was in the store and he could not get enough of me. He was following me around the store offering to help carry things. I appreciated him. I did, but I am capable of doing my own shopping. I was a little slow to pick up on the fact that he was hitting on me in his own way. He followed me to my car, and I just asked him his age. He responded with, “How old do you want me to be?” I was not pushing my luck. I knew he was a high school boy and I could be arrested for the naughty thoughts I was having, but I did not care in the moment. I drove him to my place and fucked his brains out. He was a stud. A horny stud with a big cock. Bigger than my ex-husband and my son, and this boy was still growing. This milf phone sex slut was very pleased that she realized the lad was hitting on her before it was too late. One of the best fucks this mature woman has ever had.

Sexy Mommy Victoria

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dirty talking women fuck so awesome

dirty talking women make that cock grow. I love to have my son in laws worship me. They know it keep secrets and dont mind that they need to fuck me. Ever had a hot momma like me want to suck your cock? I’m sure you havent thus far so why not enjoy this momma coming onto you and that big cock.

You will see how good i suck and how my mouth belongs on that mushroom cock. Watch me spready my ass cheeks open because i want to see what you can do to my bum bum. After you pound it i will make a choice if you deserve my cunt or not.

If you do good you get this pussy pie. if you dont then i move on to the next.


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dirty talking women like to fuck

dirty talking women

My pussy got wet during class. I am all about being classified as slut. I am the dirty talking women your mom warned you about all along. So you want to know who fucks her professor. Well, let me tell you, that girl is me. My wet cunt deserves the best cocks around, and I can’t deny myself that pleasure. Whenever I get horny, It’s for new dick. I’m a horny bitch and like variety. Call it the Latina in me, but I am hot and spicy and love to try different flavors. You want my cunt dripping wet and filling it up too. There’s no reason to blame you for wanting me so badly. Tell me you have a thing for me, and I am all over you like white on rice.


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