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Dirty phone talk whore Quinn

dirty phone talk

Being a dirty phone talk slut isn’t the only way I get freaky and nasty. I just got a job as a dancer in a club downtown. After work, I get to host private parties for extra cash. There are always lots of guys waiting to throw some Benjamins and some blow my way for some fun! I have the perfect life for a freaky, cum dump cutie like me. I get paid to get fucked up all night and take sticky creampies from random guys. Then, I come home to wind down and relax with some kinky phone play. Tonight, I had a private party with a few big shot basketball players. I snorted so many fat lines off of those bbcs before they slammed and pumped my dirty cunnie! They called the entire team in to use my hot, tight pussy. I’m still wired from partying and my cum holes are wrecked from getting fucked like a bbc cum whore. Let’s have some naughty fun talking about how that basketball team used my nasty cunnie!



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Dirty Talking Bbw Ashley

Dirty Talking WomenAs a dirty talking women with a hot, Bbw body, I require some extra love and attention from your body on mine and your cock in my fat pussy! You can watch as I stretch and spread my naked, chubby, fat legs and thick thighs for you to see my pretty bbw cunt! Come get lost in my fat pussy and shive your face between my fat cunt lips that are slick and wet with my horny pussy juices that crave your cocks inside of it! To drain your balls of all you sweet baby batter! 

Know I’m on my hands and knees for you as you take your tongue and use it to taste the rest of me, all of me! You love this thick, fat ass and just had to feel these ass cheeks on your face, get lost in my ass to taste and smell everything you have ever wanted from a dirty talking bbw! Once you’re flat on your back, you watch as I lower my bbw body down on your face ad use your face for my pleasure! I ride out two orgasms with your face! Your tongue and nose rubbing all over me until I’m squirting, almost drowning you in my horny, cunt juices!

Now I’m ready for you, and I think you are too! take that cock of yours and let me see it! I rub it, feel it and kiss the tip before bobbing my head on it up and down, hearing the sounds you make as I gag and choke on your cock only makes me want you more! So before you cum, you spread my legs and shove yourself into my bbw pussy! You make me scream your name! I get to squirt all over your dick one more time before you cream deep into my bbw pussy!

Dirty Talking Women Ashley

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Dirty Talking Women Love Anal

dirty talking women

I bet you’re in the mood to fuck my asshole, aren’t you?? Men always are because it’s just so fucking incredible to look at. Round, firm, and absolutely able to take your cock. Yes, even big black cocks. You know those are my fucking favorite. Having a thick dick sliding all the way inside my hot little shit hole. It might take a while since I’m so tight, but don’t worry. I like it when it hurts, so you can just go right ahead and plow me as deeply and as quickly as you want to. I will take every inch.

OMG and you know what really gets me going? If you fuck my asshole and then shove it down my throat for a while. Ass-to-mouth action really makes my cunt wet. There’s just something so naughty and some people consider it the not good kind of dirty. But I say if it involves my body or your body, how could it be bad? If you’re not up for ass action, then maybe we can come up with something else to stoke your fires. I am one of the internet’s most dirty talking women, after all. I’m ready for you.


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Dirty phone talk with Lucy

dirty phone talk

I know when you call my line, you’re expecting a quick, fun time with a dirty phone talk slut, but that’s not all you get with freaks like me. I’m a nasty, little bitch who will do anything to make you cum! I want to know what your dirtiest fantasy is so that I can make it happen for you. We can get naughty with some roleplay or you can listen while I rub my cunnie and cum for you. My pussy is always wet and ready for the next hard, throbbing pole to pump a hot load into it. You don’t have to be a pro at dirty talk to have fun with a slut like me. Just try to keep up with this nasty, no limits cum whore. I’m going to ride you until you give me every drop of cum. Your not finished with me until your creamy jizz is leaking out of my filthy fuck holes! I’m ready for that thick, stiff pole baby!



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Dirty Talking Women and Younger Boys

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are the best. We have no limits. Take me for example. I am in my 50s and most of my lovers are still in high school. I love young dick. My lovers are even younger than my sons. I had two weeks where young teen boys were out of school. Despite the nasty weather we had in New York City, young boys were in Central Park daily riding sleds, making snowmen and having snowball fights. I bundled up every day for two weeks and went to the park to score some young lovers. I had these elaborate seduction schemes planned out, but it turns out I did not need any of them. Dressed all cute in my ski bunny outfit, the boys hit on me. Sometimes, schoolgirls did too. The last day of school vacation, I played with a brother and a sister. It reminded me of my sons and daughter. We all played when they were young school age, and we still play. I love eating hairless pussy and smooth dick. Just my offspring are all grown up now and out of the house. This phone sex milf needs young cock and pussy. So, I make sure I get some daily. I have lots of stories of molesting young ones like that brother and sister from Central Park.

Sexy MILF Esmerelda

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Dirty Phone Talk With A Mistress

dirty talking womenDirty Talking women love to dominate you. Don’t lie, you love it too. I like to make you dress for me. Panties, thigh highs and heels. A hot sexy dress and butt plug is always fun too. I will be your mistress and you will be my sissy slut. You will do everything and anything that I ask of you. I will humiliate you and make you worship me. You will wear your panties and start at my feet. Licking and sucking your way to my beautiful perfect pussy.

With your panties still on I will push your face between my legs, and you will eat my pussy. I will grind against your face, using your nose to push against my clit. I will squirt on your face, and you will thank me. Then I will roll over on my stomach and you will spread my ass cheeks and rim my ass before eating it too. I want your tongue deep inside my ass as I reach back and rub my wet pussy. Pushing your fingers inside of me until I cum again. Then I will sit and laugh at your wet spot and have you pull your panties down and stroke your clitty. I am all excited now, ready for dirty phone talk?


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Dirty Talking Women Like Wet Wynona

Dirty Talking Women

When you can only get off to dirty talking women like me, you’re living the good life aren’t you baby? You know I’m wet and fucking wild just from the way I look at you – like I could and would make my ass cheeks clap against the side of your head while you licked my shit chute and my pussy hole clean! You’d better watch out though; that pussy gets pretty wet. I’d hate to super soaker your sexy little face and have you end up drowning because I was so wet. Do you think you’re man enough to handle all this ass? Or are you weakened from the sexy dirty phone talk, and you need me to dominate the ever loving shit out of you?

Wet & Wild Wynona

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Dirty phone talk with Lucy

dirty phone talk

I’m Lucy and I’m a wild and dirty phone talk freak. I’ve been waiting all day long to have some kinky playtime and I want to cum with you! I have my new vibrator that I got for Christmas and a big, fat dildo to bounce my sexy ass on while I tease my pussy for you! I’m home for a few weeks visiting and I’ve been partying non-stop! I’ve been waiting all day long for my parents to go to sleep so I can sneak into my brother’s room and get dicked down! For now, they’re still up, so I’m hiding in my room, pretending to be asleep. If they only knew that I’m really in here, teasing my hot pussy, watching porn and getting nasty on the phone. Call me so we can have some fun while I wait for them to fall asleep.



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Dirty Phone Talk With Audrey

dirty talking womenDirty talking women was what he was looking for but after our call he was hooked. I was his drug, he needed me, and I needed him. The hotness of our call was crazy. The sound of his wet cock in his hands and the feel of my fingers inside my soaking wet pussy was mesmerizing. He talked of kissing me from my toes to my thighs and then softly flicking my clit with his tongue before sucking on it. I though damn this man knows exactly what he is doing. I closed my eyes and imagined him here. He brought me to a trembling orgasm and of course this slut was quick to reciprocate.

I told him how I would lay him back. Lick his thighs and suck his balls. How I would open my throat wide and take that gigantic cock deep inside. I would hold him there too. So deep that my slutty mouth would gag, and choke and my eyes would water. I wouldn’t stop until my mouth was filled with his warm creamy goodness. Then I would climb up on his chest and grind my pussy in his face while leaning back stroking his wet cock. He was hard as a rock then and I turned and rode him reverse cowgirl, giving him an awesome view of my hot ass. Now baby, I bet you can get me off, too can’t you? This dirty phone talk whore will be waiting for you.


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Dirty Talking Women and No Limits

dirty talking women

There’s a new family in town and I cannot wait to have them over. The wife is just about my age and from what I hear, she is highly religious. Like, so religious that she didn’t even kiss her husband with tongue before they were married. I don’t know if that’s true, but what the fuck?! How could you marry a girl when you don’t even know if she’s a good kisser or not? He must really love her. But you know, I bet she’s really fucking boring in bed and that’s why I am going to seduce her husband.

Of course, when they initially come over, I’m going to serve them lemonade with my famous cumsicle ice cubes in them. But one day, I’m going to act really innocent when I see him out in the street and ask him if he can help me get something out of the attic because it’s too heavy for me to carry. When I get him alone, I’m going to corner him, drop down to my knees, and start sucking his cock. He won’t stop me because you KNOW his prude ass wife doesn’t do that. If you want to hear more from one of the sluttiest dirty talking women ever, call me!


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