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Dirty Talking Women Have No Taboos

There isn’t a thing that I find taboo and that should be most Dirty Talking Women. I can’t speak for them but I personally love to be mean and humiliate perverts that lust after me. Hey, think about it, if I am giving you the time of day, even if you pay a pity penance just to have my time, then understand you are far luckier than you deserve. I am a Goddess and a Mistress with a cruel mind. I would rather fuck my pussy with an expensive French Bubbly than to have your pathetic dick in or near me. My pussy is fucking beautiful and so should the cock that gets to enter it. I do enjoy a well endowed and wealthy pervert. They spend enough on me and treat me right, and they get it. Well as long as he isn’t pathetic, and he must fucking eat pussy. Dick doesn’t get me off and so really your special if you get to put it in me. I enjoy a sweet fucking cunt to grind on than cock. I am only going to let you fuck me if you can get me to cum with that mouth of yours, or I take your young girlfriend or wife for my pleasure and we both gang up on you. I love that idea so fucking much. A naughty threesome where your wife and mistress are joining forces and both humiliating you and inviting some big cocks up to the Hotel room. We would fuck them and enjoy making you watch and play fluffer nut sucker. I bet you would be a good creampie eater and cock sucker if we told you to. I know your wife would love to cum for me and she would cum harder than your lame ass man stick could make her. I know that will just keep your head full masturbatory content for months with all that kinky phone sex imagery.

Dirty Talking Women

No Limits Dirty Gemini

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Dirty phone talk whore Quinn

dirty phone chatLast night, me and my mama went to the truck stop to meet some guys. We were supposed to be getting something to smoke but Mama didn’t have enough cash. The guys told Mama she could have however much she wanted if she let them take me for a few hours of kinky fun.She knows that I’m a dirty phone chat slut and I love to have fun and tease cocks. I knew that she would save me something to get high on and I would be helping both of us out, so I went with them. They took me to an abandoned warehouse in a bad part of town. As soon as they turned the lights on, I noticed a big barrel in the middle of the room. It had a dildo on a pole sticking out of one side. I wasn’t sure what it was at first but I realized that it was a fuck machine. I got so excited. I stripped down as fast as I could and got on my hands and knees. I took that fat didlo in my soaked kitty and turned to control knob all the way up. I rocked back on that big fuck stick as it slid in and out of my wet cunnie. The guys were so turned on watching me get fucked by the machine that I could see their hard cocks through their pants. My little whore pussy was squirting everywhere. The guys let me get my pussy pounded by that machine for hours as I sucked each of their cocks and swallowed their cum. They loved having fun with me so much that they ended up giving Mama a whole ounce of the best dope you can find and telling her they want me again next week for more wild, wet fun on the fuck machine!



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Dirty phone talk Tasha

dirty phone talk

I’ve been a bad little whore tonight. I took my step brother’s phone while he was asleep and went through his photos. I saw so many dick pix that he has been sending to his slutty girlfriend. I was so impressed with his cock that I sent the pictures to my phone so I could look at them later. I made sure to leave the messages on his phone so his girlfriend would see that the pictures had been sent to me. I went to my room and started to take hot and kinky calls. In the middle of some wild and dirty phone talk, I remembered the pictures. I opened them up so that I could play with my soaked kitty while I looked at my step brother’s fat, hard cock. Fuck, just the look of that dick gets my little pussy soaked! I ended up going back into my brother’s room and climbing into bed with him. I stroked his cock until he woke up, hard as a rock. He forced his way into me and fucked my tight little cunnie as hard and fast as he could. My cummy kitty squirted all over his cock as he pulled my hair and thrust into me. He filled my tight fuck hole with his thick milky cum. It was spilling out all into my panties as I walked back to my room to take more calls. I’m still sitting in my cum soaked panties right now waiting for a kinky stud to lick me clean!


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Dirty Talking Women Can be Shemales

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be trannies too. I love being a sexy shemale and a dirty talker. I have been a shemale phone  operator for almost a decade now. Once this virus hit, I was glad I worked from home. I could stay in place and make money. And masturbate all day long. I have tried traditional jobs, but they never worked out well. I was mocked or sexually harassed. I do not have that problem here. Men know what I am, and they want what I got. I was swamped on the phone yesterday. It was Mother’s Day, so that took me by surprise. I thought horny men would want to have mommy fantasies explored but many wanted my sexy tranny cock. I had a marathon masturbation session with this one guy who wanted so desperately to meet a shemale. He is a bottom bitch in need of a top. He is also a backdoor virgin. He has never even flicked a dick before. I was happy to help him feel like my sexy shemale cock was up his ass. I asked a bunch of questions and discovered he was married. A middle-age wife would have sex toys and I knew where to tell him to look. I waited on the line for a bout 5 minutes and he came back and told me he found two. One was a dildo and the other was a vibrator. I had my sexy toys ready too. He just needed some lube. He had to settle on some Jergen’s lotion. It would not hurt him. I helped him breathe and work the sex toys in his ass. It was a struggle for him. I heard a few yelps, but that is to be expected. In the end, he popped his ass cherry and got a taste for having a tranny cock up his ass. I love my job.

Sexy Tranny Carla

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Dirty Phone Talk Gangbang Whore Cum Bucket Hadley

dirty phone talk

I enjoy being your dirty phone talk whore while I snort Booger sugar up my nose and masturbate as I tell you my gangbang stories. Like when I got so fucked up after turning a trick I went into the biker bar to pee and was followed in my four big string sweaty men in leather. They took me and slapped me off the toilet and used me for a piss bucket. The drug me out of the bathroom and pulled me up by my hair and gave me facial abuse as they fucked my mouth.  Then I was picked up and used in my ass and pussy. They were brutal and gapped my ass until it prolapse and then called me a piggy slut. I almost ran home after that. But this whore finds herself going back for a gangbang once in a while. I love being one of these dirty talking women who will tell you every fucking thing about my whore adventures. I need cock, coke, and cum to fill these holes with loads and loads of hot creamy cum!

Hardcore Hadley


dirty Talking Women

Dirty Taling WomenSoon after he kicked me in my face and left me to die on the side of the road, telling me I was trash after using me all up I realized he was right, I soon would be nothing but a Dirty Talking Women whore. I never woke up from that nightmare, I had no choice but to continue to shoot up, he was more turned on when I was high for him. I also loved it because it numbed the pain just a little bit. He was spitting on my face, kicking me over and over and I could feel the bleed dripping all over my body. A lifetime of treating people like shit, a lifetime of not giving a damn about others, a lifetime of being a complete bitch to others had caught up with me. This was my Karma, this is what has become of me and as I lay there taking it there was nothing I could do about it. This is what I deserved! I’d rather do some Dirty phone talk instead of having my ass beat, be forced to clean the toilet with my tongue and be forced to also clean my shit off of their cocks. I am kept drugged up, I am kept being used and put in my place. He broke me, he showed me what I really am, he brought all my self-loathing to the surface and now all I crave is more junk in my veins, and more bruises on my flesh. Just like I’ve said before, this is what forever I say in my head. Over and over I repeat this to myself this is my life this is my karma. He is using his shoelaces to choke me now, I fade in and out of consciousness, I feel so weak, so worthless, so fucking powerless. I feel like a trash junky whore, and I am if you think about it.



2 Dirty Talking Women

Dirty Talking Women Mommy usually writes these blogs but tonight is my turn to tell you about mommy and me being Dirty Talking Women. Mommy is always saying what a good cunt licker I am and what a good little whore I am for taking cock in my three fuck holes as well as I do. But really mommy taught me everything I know I am just a reflection of her. The very first dick I remember having I was an itty bitty thing only knee high. My mommy came home with some guy she met earlier that night. He had some weed and mommy and he let me suck on what mommy called the supreme glass dick. That was my first time doing weed. I also had my first sips of beer that night. I remember feeling all funny and wired and when I turned around mommy and the guy was making out on the couch. I was watching him and mommy and her hand was around his dick. I had no idea at the time what she was doing. I walked over to them curious on what they were doing and mommy picked me up and sat me on his lap. She was holding me in place by my hips and he was grinding up on my little girl panties. I remember thinking his dick felt so funny against me. My mommy slid down my panties and I was a little nervous but mommy calmed me down saying all good little girls need to know how to fuck. Mommy told me to spread open my legs open as wide as I could and I did. Mommy took her fingers and spread open my little cunny lips. I felt the air hit the inside of my cunny and that was the first time I ever felt that. The man gasped and was stroking his dick as he was looking at the inside of my little itty bitty cunny. He took his big hand and was rubbing it against my cunny. It felt so good I started to moan in my little girl way. And then without warning, he stuck his big man finger in my little cunny making me bleed. I screamed and jerked and mommy pushed me back down on his finger also giving me a slap on my face for misbehaving. I wanted to please mommy so badly and make her proud. When mommy laid me down on the bed and guided that big cock into my little cunny I didn’t squirm as mommy pushed me down on his cock. He started to pump deep in me and I was loving the way he was starting to make my little cunny feel. My cunny clamped down on his dick and he exploded all inside of me. Mommy was so proud of me she wiped away my tears with her tongue. The night did not stop there but that is when I can remember me being mommies good little whore all started from. This was the beginning of my Dirty phone talk.



Dirty talking women love dares

cdirty talking womenDirty talking women can get in hot water. I boasted about how I could do it all and had no shame in my game. I mean, it was true. I have no filter and will do it all; I don’t mind. I like being used and fucked and doing naughty things. My cunt gets nice and wet thinking about all the nasty things I love. I enjoy being fucked and rammed the most. Whenever I fuck guys I am not supposed to it makes me climax harder. I was dared to hook up with my sister’s new boyfriend. I have always wanted his dick. Plus my sister is an uber bitch, and she thinks her shit doesn’t stink. It was the perfect timing. It was a family party, and my cousin dared me. She didn’t just dare shed double dared. I got the fucker right where I wanted him. I told him I wanted to show him something in the car. I did, I was going to show him my hot naked body. I knew he wasn’t going to resist. I giggled, and I went for the kill.



dirty talking women are so naughty

dirty talking womenhot phonesexDirty talking women like me get in trouble everywhere they go. I have been taking tennis lessons for a while, and I have been so attracted to the new instructor. My husband lets me do whatever I want, and I get to shop and spend time being a hot housewife. I get bored, so I take lessons and go out and buy and spend his money. I love that he earns it and I get to spend it as I want. My cunt craves new cock, and I like to cheat on him every chance I get. My asshole and cunny get a new visitor every week. This week I got to fuck the instructor. I liked that he was a college hottie and had sexy athletic physic. My cunt was aching to get him deep inside me. After a few rounds, I invited him over to my house for some water and a snack. To no surprise, I got my hands on him and started to tease him like the whore I am. I felt so good knowing I could get away with cheating on my husband and fucking my young hot tennis coach.

I couldn’t believe my eyes the young stud had a big cock and it was all mines. Yummy I had to suck him off and taste all the precum. My asshole was needing to be pounded. I was on all fours, and I heard someone come in, but I didn’t want to stop. I was cheating, and I was being caught red-handed. I wasn’t going to let that cum go to waste. Regardless this was all I thought about during hot phonesex, and I was happy it was becoming a reality with the tennis cutie.



Dirty talking women are sometimes a little mean

dirty talking womenDirty talking women like me are not always nice, sometimes we are mean as fuck and as for me… well, I am pretty much always mean. Why should I be nice to little sissy bitches or cucky boys with tiny little dicks? It’s not like they do anything for me. Like Bernard for instance, he is a little sissy boy with a tiny little clitty and an appetite for big cocks and I am never nice to him. He keeps coming back for more tho, he is a total glutton for punishment. Last night I was very harsh with him because he woke me up. He was supposed to be out searching for big black dicks to suck and instead he called me non stop until I finally picked up and he said that he couldn’t find any! Can you believe that nonsense? As if he couldn’t find a cock to suck, men are always wanting their dick sucked! I was so pissed that he woke me that I went on a rampage and now he is one sad sissy sitting in a coke dealers house sucking dick for $5 a pop. He can’t leave till he pays me $500 so he will be sucking dick for a while!

Sissy Trainer Rosemary


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