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Dirty Talking Women Blossom The Stripper!

Dirty Talking WomenI’m a big dick sucking stripper whore and I’m proud of it! I need to talk dirty all night long while I play with my slippery wet cunt to feel alive. I want to hear all your nastiest fantasies, the things you are afraid to say made you cum hard. I can tell you all about my days as a stripper and a down and dirty prostitute. I love talking about all the orgies I’ve been to; it makes me so wet to know you are jacking your cock while I tell you about all the nasty fun I have as a stripper and phone slut. I want to cum with you, make my fill my pussy with my biggest toys, tell me how hard you want to pound my cunt while I squirt all over my bed.


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Dirty Talking Women Are Teachers!

Dirty Talking Women

I love being the hot teachers aid who takes lots of student cock! My job as a teacher’s aid makes my pussy so wet all day, by the time school is over I’m desperate to get my soaking wet panties pulled down around my ankles and hard student cock forced in my pussy. Often times I’ll linger in the halls after school hoping to find some hard young stud to pound me over my desk. This afternoon I actually walked in on two students fucking a girl in the student lounge, they were obviously scared I’d get them in trouble but all I had to do was take off my top and show of my big juicy jugs for them to understand what I wanted. It only took a minute before I was down on my knees sucking cock with a hot student slut. I showed her a thing or two about polishing a knob and got my tits covered in two hot loads of cum while she licked my cunny!


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Dirty Talking Women Are Strippers!

Dirty Talking Women

If there is one thing I love talking about all the time it is hot kinky sex! As a stripper I hear lots of wild freaky sex stories and I love sharing them with all the horny guys who call me. I like to know that men with hard cocks are jacking off thinking about all the filthy things I tell them about. Like the time I was working late and had a few regulars from the strip club come back to my place for a drink or two, which turned into too many drinks to count and lots of hard cocks trying to fuck my holes. Of course I never disappoint, I let all five of those horny men from my workplace try out my cunny! They were so happy to suck my pussy and stick their dicks in any of my sloppy wet holes! I love being a stripper slut who makes guys cum so fucking hard!


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Dirty Talking Women Will Let You Fuck Them Any Where

Dirty Talking women let you fuck them in the library. I was trying to be quiet as he fucked my asshole hard while rubbing on my clit. My professor had been fucking my asshole for a while now. He loved watching his cock disappear into my ass. I could hear people walking by us, but he kept fucking me edging me with his fingers. He was able to finger fuck my cunt while pumping into my ass. Right before he was about cum, he pulled his cock out to be able to spray my pretty face with cum. His load was so big his nut was dripping down to my tits and on my shirt. He wasn’t done. He wanted me to lick his cock clean

Dirty Talking Women

. Making out with me right after is something he does every time. Dirty phone talk is such a fun treat when i am horny and need to get fucked by a kinky professor who wants to fuck my asshole until it is open.


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Dirty talking women will sensually dominate you

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women know the way to your cock. I can say some nasty things that will be so hot to make you nice and horny. I will be the best fuck slut for you and tell you precisely what you want to hear. It will make your cock so hard and will make it explode with lots of jizz everywhere. Im all for making things hot and heavy. I want to blast porn and set the mood. I thrive on sensuality and keeping you so hot and bothered and teasing you as you have never had before. I’m going to drive you insane. My mouth on your cock, and then I stop. It will be a frustration that is so good it is going to make you want to fuck me so bad.

Don’t get too worried. I want to cum too, so I’m going to tease you till I meet my needs, and when I’m ready, I will let you fuck the shit out of me. First and foremost, I will make you feel so teased that you start to give in to my sensual domination.


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dirty talking women are nasty and fun

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women are nasty and fun. You will see exactly what I mean when you get your hands on me. I talk a lot of shit and love to be put in my place. I’m always craving a dirty daddy to come over and fuck me senseless. You can best bet I will be put in my area with a man who knows how to take control. Not every man out there knows how to handle a slut like me, so it is hard to find, but I don’t want to let go when I see it. Im forever committed and true to a mean daddy.

I want you to mark my holes as yours, brand me, and make me never forget I belong to you. Every inch of my body is your playground. I will let you ruin my holes and paint them all you want. Drench me and knock me up and turn my asshole inside out. Whatever daddy wants, daddy will get. I know you will go full force when I feel you in me. Even if I beg you to stop, you keep it going. I love when you own me in that way.


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Dirty Phone Talk Ten Inch Tranny

Dirty Phone Talk

I’m Madame Raina, and I’ve got a ten inch cock and an addiction to dirty phone talk. I love to hire little lady boy hookers and sissify them so I can feel some satisfaction when I fuck them with my big fat cock! Wis, and make up, I drug those little fuckable sluts until they’re malleable as putty in my hands. I’m going to make them into what their wives never could – pathetic little fuck toys.

The wives didn’t understand their need to be dominated by a ten inch tranny cock and made into sissy little bitches who needed to be used and abused by huge dick! These were cum dumpster sissy whores – there was nothing manly about them! Complete and total trash, these little sluts follow me home from the bar. They’re so turned on by such a tall and strong woman, but somehow those dumb fucks never suspect that I have a cock bigger than theirs hiding in my panty line!

It doesn’t take them long to find out because I get so horny when I’m drunk. And when I’m horny, I get rough. This is more than the taboo phone girls, baby. This is where I make you my special little pet. Why aren’t you dialing yet?


Taboo Phone Girls

Madame Raina

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Dirty Talking Women Like Mommy

dirty talking women

Hey baby! I know it can be hard to find the right fit for you when you go online looking for dirty talking women. But I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised that I’m the kind of woman who will make your fantasies come to life in a way that you’ll feel like I am really there with you. Do you have taboo fantasies that nobody wants to talk to you about? That won’t happen with me. I prefer those kinds of topics since it’s the kind of sex I have in real life. You should ask me about the people I’ve fucked. It’s scandalous.

But in addition to being scandalous, I’m also very open-minded. If you want to force yourself on me, I’m up for that. If you want me to wear a pair of sneakers on a run and then force you to clean my feet with your tongue, I’m the woman for you. And if you have kinky, extreme fantasies that would cause your mama to pray for you, then I definitely want to hear about those. So, give me a call and tell me everything that turns you on and I just might tell you mine, too.


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Dirty Talking Women Are Incest Sluts!

Dirty Talking Women

Hi! I’m Claire! Your favorite little family fuck slut! I just got a special gift from my daddy this week and my cunt is so sore from trying it out! Daddy picked out the perfect gift to give me in his absence; a brand new fucking machine with a cock attachment shaped just like his 11 inch dick! As soon as it arrived I took it out of the box, grabbed some lube and started fucking it all day long. I came so hard thinking about all the times we have had hot family orgies that ended with my daddy and brother filling me, my sister and my mom up with cum. I couldn’t believe how much I squirted and came just from getting fucked by this machine!


Dirty Phone Talk


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Dirty Talking Women Are Toilet Whores!

Dirty Talking Women

Hi! I’m Blossom, I’m a slutty little piss whore who can’t get enough cum in her gaping asshole! If I’m not stripping or bar tending I’m hanging out in the men’s bathroom by the gloryhole hoping to get my holes stuffed and filled with cum or piss. I love being a filthy anything goes slut, I’m known around town for holding wild nasty orgies where I get cock ruined and cum dumped. If you see me in the men’s room with my mouth open, you know why I’m there, to be used as a human toilet for all your filthy fluids! Nothing is more refreshing to me than swallowing a huge mouth full of piss and getting my ass filled with a hot load of cum.


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